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Henderson Upcoming Events

At Camp Bow Wow

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    Become a Camp Bow Wow Brand Ambassador!

    Check out our new referral program! Fetch just two of your friends who have pups that would like Camp. Send them our way, and once their pups join our pack, you get 5 Full days of Camp for Free! There's no limit to the amount of folks you can refer, or the amount of free days you can collect!

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    Puppy Socialization Class!

    Join us for our Puppy Socialization Class! - 4-week meet-up. (5/19, 5/26, 6/2, 6/9) - Puppies 10-20 weeks old. - Socialize with other dogs and humans. - Topics covered: crate training, housebreaking, bite inhibition and more. Training for basic manners and behavioral issues. - Commands covered: Charging the Clicker, Watch me, Sit, Leave It, Red Light/Green Light, Leash Walking, Down, Sit/Stay, Drop It, Coming when Called, Sit for Petting, Wait and Lure Walking.