New Bordetella Policy Effective May 1, 2017

Please read regarding details of our change in Bordetella vaccination policy.

Dear Pet Parents,

We are changing our Bordetella policy starting May 1. Previously, we required all campers to receive Bordetella every 6 months as recommended to us for the best way to protect our campers in this environment. However new independent scientific research has shown that both Intransal and Injectable Bordetella are good for a year. Therefore Camp Bow Wow will now require Bordetella vaccine to be updated annually as long as it is given Intranasal (spray in the nose) or Injectable. 

Unfortunately, there is not as much evidence supporting Oral Bordetella.  We will still require it to be updated every 6 months.  We strongly urge all our clients to choose the intranasal or injectable option for the best protection.  Please discuss with your veterinarian which other method is best for your camper. Most veterinarians offer more than one the Bordetella vaccine type. 

We are also changing the grace period and wait period for Bordetella vaccinations. If your dog’s Bordetella is renewed within 10 days of expiration, no wait period is necessary and your dog can return to camp immediately. If your dog’s Bordetella vaccination is renewed after the 10-day grace period, a wait period is required. For Intranasal Bordetella, the wait period is 3 days. For the Injectable Bordetella, the wait period is 14 days. 

To recap:

  • Starting May 1, Camp Bow Wow will require Intranasal and Injectable Bordetella annually (not every 6 months).
  • Oral Bordetella will only be accepted if given every 6 months. 

Changes like this can be challenging and inconvenient. This plan has received careful consideration from various experts within our organization at the Corporate Support Center and beyond. We are making these changes to provide the best care we can for your pet. We are communicating these changes to local area veterinarians. 

We appreciate your cooperation with this policy change. Please contact us if you have any questions.