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Why Do Dogs Make Such Great Pets?

Why Do Dogs Make Such Great Pets?

Dogs make the best pets — it’s a statement you know is true, but do you know why it’s true? While their wet noses and beautiful fur are adorable, the benefits of being a dog owner go far beyond having something cute by your side. When it comes to the title of man’s best friend, dogs have more than earned it!

13 Ways Dog Ownership Changes Your Life for the Better

  1. Dog owners tend to have lower blood pressure and cholesterol than non-dog owners.
  2. A dog can help you recover from a physical trauma faster.
  3. People who have had a heart attack have a better chance of long-term survival if they have a dog.
  4. According to the American Heart Association, owning a dog may even protect you from heart disease.
  5. A furry companion can help ease anxiety, especially after an emotionally traumatic incident.
  6. Dogs are so good at naturally relieving stress, some employers are beginning to allow dog owners to bring their pets to work — and Camp Bow Wow is one of them! If you ever visit our headquarters, you’ll find pups running and playing throughout the office.
  7. Walking a dog several times a day can improve your physical health by boosting your daily activity levels.
  8. Speaking of walking, daily walks can also ease anxiety and depression.
  9. Dog ownership is good for your mental health.
  10. Children who live with a furry friend report fewer absences in school.
  11. Owning a dog can also help children learn about care and responsibility.
  12. According to an article in the New York Times, owning a dog can help prevent you and your children from developing allergies.
  13. A dog can boost your social life, as they’re a great conversation starter when you’re out for a walk and run into other dog owners.

But before you run out and adopt a dog, remember that they are also a big responsibility. While they may come with a full list of benefits, they also have emotional, physical, and financial needs that have to be met.

Being a dog owner is one way to improve your mental and physical health. Another way it to be a dog franchise owner! If you’re interested in learning more about what it takes to join the Camp Bow Wow Pack and invest in a bright future and doggone good time, dial (870) 600-2713 or request your free executive summary here!