Meet Our Campers of the Month, Bingo & Quinny!

We got to "meet" Bingo when he was first born through pictures and phone calls, but when we finally scooped up the tiny black and white pup, we were instantly in love. He was named Bingo for two reasons, the first was that our son was a toddler and we figured it would be easy for him to learn to say and spell! The second was that Holger had a boxer growing up named Bingo and he wanted to honor that pup! Bingo just turned 6 a few months ago, but it is awesome and a bit of a miracle he's made it this long as he was diagnosed with a brain tumor back on New Year's 2019. They didn't expect him to live more than a few months, but he's feeling well and we're loving every minute of him! He is the warmest and kindest gentle giant ever, and is loved by all who meet him. Quinny was rescued via Animal Welfare Association from that terrible Shamong dog-hoarding case back in November of 2018. She didn't trust humans at all (for obvious reasons) and was very nervous for quite some time. Bingo has helped tremendously in modeling to Quinny good behavior, as well as how to trust humans, and we are so thankful that you guys at Camp Bow Wow invited her to be with you as well, when she probably wasn't so easy with the staff at the start. Now, after nearly two years, Quinny LOVES the staff at Camp Bow Wow, and shows maybe even more affection than Bingo! They absolutely adore each other and we always find them sleeping together, which makes us so happy that they have one another!