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Extra Care Services

During group play at Camp Bow Wow©, Camp Counselors provide attention for each Camper as part of their Play Yard Management routine. Extra Care Services allow individualized attention for Campers that is customized to their needs.

Benefits of Extra Care Services

All Campers can benefit from Extra Care Services because it allows the Camper to get one on one time with a Camp Counselor that is catered to their individual needs.

Campers that may benefit from Extra Care Services include:

  • Campers who are frequent Day Campers
  • Campers who are boarding
  • First-timers
  • Extended time frame
  • High energy, or younger Campers
  • Senior Campers who may tire in the yards easily

Play Pals

A Play Pals Extra Care Service allows one-on-one time with a Camp Counselor and promotes play, mental stimulation, and other activities that can help burn additional energy. This is a 15 minute, add on service. While all of our Campers receive the highest levels of care and attention, if you’d like your pup to have more one-on-one time or participate in other activities such as interactive treat puzzle games or a good ole’ game of fetch, we’re happy to provide it! Our new one-on-one sessions provide added stimulation and customized play during your pup’s stay

Snuggle Time

A Snuggle Time Extra Care Service allows one-on-one time with a Camp Counselor and promotes soothing, hands-on attention, and other calming activities that can help a Camper relax. This is a 15 minute, add-on service. If your pup would love a little extra one-on-one time, we are happy to provide it! We’re now offering Snuggle Time sessions for added TLC and enrichment during your pup’s stay.

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Pricing Information

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Please contact Camp Bow Wow Bridgewater at (732) 805-0888 for specific details.

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