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Bridgewater Team

From the individualized care our canine-loving staff provides to playtime with other four-legged friends, your dog has never had this much fun! Our team understands the key elements to a happy pup and we find great joy in incorporating them into our daily activities. We believe every single one of our Campers deserves premier treatment, which is why you'll receive all of the great benefits of Camp at one upfront cost.

  • Photo of Elaine & Annette
    Elaine & Annette Camp Counselor See Full Bio
    Photo of Elaine & Annette
    Elaine & Annette Camp Counselor

    Elaine & Annette have been with us almost since the beginning.

    They take special pride in ensuring that the camp is in tip-top shape and they do a great job doing so.

  • Photo of Randy & Sherri
    Randy & Sherri Owner See Full Bio
    Photo of Randy & Sherri
    Randy & Sherri Owner

    We opened our doors in June 2005 with our own dogs, Jessie (Golden Retriever) and Liberty (Border collie mix), as our first campers. Having spent our careers in the corporate environment, we were excited about our new endeavor. With our passion for dogs, our commitment to outstanding customer service, and our premiere franchise behind us, we were ready to roll.

    Over the past 14 years we have had the opportunity to see lots and lots of sweet, wonderful dogs who have come to camp in every possible size, shape, breed, mix, and personality. We have had the opportunity to foster over 100 dogs and help them find their forever homes as well as to support numerous dedicated rescue organizations. In addition we have been able to form wonderful relationships with our human clients and employees who have provided such good care to our campers.

    We continue to be excited about meeting each new dog and person who comes to camp. We are so glad you visited our site and look forward to welcoming you to our pack!

    Randy & Sherri

    Owners, Camp Bow Wow Bridgewater

  • Photo of Kurt
    Kurt Camp Gumby See Full Bio
    Photo of Kurt
    Kurt Camp Gumby

    Kurt is our Camp Gumby and can handle any task at the drop of a hat.

    His calmness is a great influence on people and dogs alike

  • Photo of Connor
    Connor Marketing Director See Full Bio
    Photo of Connor
    Connor Marketing Director

    Connor joined Camp in October 2016 as a part time Social Media Coordinator. He quickly adapted and learned the ins and outs, while also taking over all of the Marketing tasks. He has not stopped learning since Day 1 and continues to take on more and more reponsibilities at Camp in addition to the marketing efforts.

  • Photo of Trish
    Trish Front Desk Manager See Full Bio
    Photo of Trish
    Trish Front Desk Manager

    Trish is responsible for many of the front desk, operational, and administrative items.

    One of her most important and enjoyable roles is showing some extra attention to those campers who are very shy and need some TLC to feel better about being away from home.

  • “A very caring staff, exceptional services and an incredible trainer for all of your pet needs!”

    - Sai Veruva

  • “Kurt is the best!”

    - MoJo's Mom

  • “You cannot do better than Camp Bow Wow of Bridgewater!”

    - Connie Wright

  • “Reggie really looks forward to going to Camp! Great care both at day camp and over night. Special thank you to Connor!”

    - Brian C.

  • “it’s nice to have somewhere I can leave my dogs and feel confident they will be taken care of.”

    - Kevin L.

  • “Training at Camp Bow Wow is a priceless investment!”

    - Shannon and Mark

  • “The staff are incredibly friendly and professional. And the facility is so clean. I used to take our other dog to a different daycare and she always came home a bit ...”

    - Karla C.

  • “...makes the experience fun for both parent and pooch!”


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