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At Pittsburgh SW We Love Our Campers

Featured Campers

We LOVE our Campers! Check out our featured Campers at Camp Bow Wow Pittsburgh SW. These pups love to play all day in our fun, safe and social environment, and receive lots of love and attention from our Certified Camp Counselors® whether they’re in for day care or boarding.

  • Dudley

    May Camper of the Month


    Dudley is a 6-month-old Labrador Retriever who loves to play with pups of all shapes and sizes at Camp! This rambunctious pup is full of love and energy, and can always be found in the center of any play group! This little cutie pie has already made his mark and Camp wouldn’t be the same without him! Congratulations to our Camper of the Month, Dudley!

  • Ellie

    May Member of the Month


    Ellie is an Australian Cattle Dog who just recently celebrated her first birthday! While this little sweetheart is known to be a little bit shy around new people, she always has a blast at Camp with her Counselor buds and her four-legged friends, especially with her favorite Counselor, Jess! Count yourself lucky if you receive one of her sneak attack kisses, this pup is a charmer! Congratulations to Ellie for being our Member of the Month!

  • Ava

    April Camper of the Month


    Ava is our Camper of the Month for April! Ava is a beautiful silver and white Pit Bull Terrier, who just celebrated her first birthday in March! Ava is such a love bug! All she wants to do all day at Camp is play with her friends and get hugs from our counselors! Congratulations on being our camper of the month, Ava!

  • Zeke

    April Member of the Month


    Zeke is our Member of the Month for April! Zeke is a 2-year=old German Shepherd who has been coming to camp for almost a year now! He is one big fluffy sweetheart and one of the calmest Shepherds here at Camp! Zeke was a little shy at first, but now he'll come up to ask for pets from his favorite counselors in the play yard! Congratulations on being our member of the month, Zeke!

  • Finn

    March Camper of the Month


    Finn is an 11-month-old Aussiepoo (Australian Shepherd/Poodle). He comes to camp a few times a week and loves getting scratches from the counselors while he's not chasing his friends around the play yard! You will frequently see him doing "zoomies" on the camper cams trying to get the other dogs to chase him. He definitely has a lot of energy! Congrats on being our Camper of the Month, Finn!

  • Joey

    March Member of the Month


    Joey is a 2-year-old Papillon with a lot of spunk! He loves coming to camp a few times a week to play with his friends in the small dog area. Joey particularly loves when it snows so he can go outside and bury his face in it! What a funny guy! All of the counselors’ love snuggling him because he is so cuddly! We are so glad Joey loves coming to camp because we love having him here!

  • Tyson

    February Camper of the Month


    Hi, I'm Tyson the Boxer! I'll be three years old this March. I started coming to Camp in 2019 and I've really grown to love it! I know what days are my Camp days and let my parents know I'm ready to go! I've made so many friends that I get excited to see. Griffin is my best friend and we'll play all day long. I used to be shy and reserved, but not anymore. I'm the life of the party!

  • Finnegan

    February Member of the Month


    Hi, my name is Finnegan! I'm a Beagle and Basset hound mix! I'm about three years old and have been going to Camp Bow Wow for a couple years now. I love playing with all my friends at Camp! I'm a great player with people and dogs alike! My best friend is an Aussiedoodle also named Finn! Isn't that funny?

  • Roxy

    January Camper of the Month


    Hi, I’m Roxy! I’m a Chihuahua mix and I’m 3 years old, almost 4! I’ve been a member at Camp Bow Wow for as long as I can remember. I love coming to see my Counselor friends. I like them more than the other pups. My favorite thing to do is stand between their feet! It keeps me nice and warm and guarantees I get lots of attention. I love Camp Bow Wow!

  • Trixie

    January Member of the Month


    I’m Trixie! I’m a year and a half old mixed breed. I haven’t been going to Camp Bow Wow for long, but boy do I LOVE it! I’ve never had so much fun. I love to run around all day, only stopping to demand some pets from the Counselors. I have a ton of friends at Camp, human and canine. They tell me I’m impossible not to love!

  • Bella

    December Camper of the Month


    Our Camper of the Month is Bella! Bella is a 9-month-old Lagotto Romagnolo that has been coming to Camp since she was just a baby; 4 months old! She loves playing with her friends Sandy & Lady Bird. They have fun chasing each other inside and out until they are finally exhausted and passed out on the bridge! Bella loves to play but also loves attention from the counselors, too. She’s always up for a scratch behind the ear or a belly rub! Congratulations on being our Camper of the Month, Bella!

  • Winston

    December Member of the Month


    Our Camp Member of the Month for December is Winston! Winston is an 11-month-old Labrador Retriever. His first birthday is actually coming up later this month! Winston has been coming to camp since August and has loved every minute of it! He is always super excited when he walks through the door and can’t wait to play with his friends. Aside from playing with his best buds, Winston loves to try and “swim” in the drinking buckets. There is always a trail of water that follows him wherever he goes (haha!) We are glad he loves coming to camp so much and congratulate him on being our Camp Member of the month!

  • Louie

    November Camper of the Month


    Hi! My name is Louie and I’m a Labrador mix! This December I’ll be a whole year old! I’ve been coming to camp since April and I absolutely love it. Not only do I enjoy playing with my dog friends, I absolutely love all my Camp Counselor friends. I ask them for pets all day! They’re the best! I think I’d come to Camp every day if I could!

  • Enzo

    November Member of the Month


    My name is Enzo! I am a 1-and-a-half-year-old Goldendoodle. I’ve been romping around Camp for the last year. I love all my fellow doodle friends, especially Otis! I could run around with them all day. All the Camp Counselors tell me that I give the best hugs. I’m pretty sure my mom and dad would agree!

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