The Benefits of In-Home Pet Care

While Camp might not be for everyone, Camp Bow Wow has something for everyone. One of our services includes our Premier In-Home Pet Care service.

You may think you’d never have need for in-home pet care, but you’d be surprised what we can do with a low all-inclusive rate. This pet sitting service has many benefits and allows us to accommodate your whole furry (or not furry) family while you’re out of town:

  • Service for ALL pets-While Camp only accommodates canines, Home Buddies allows us to take our Premier service to your other pets…cats, fish, ferrets, and yes…even reptiles.
  • Canines who aren’t Campers-Senior dogs who prefer the comforts of home can still get attention, feeding and love while you’re out of town. Dogs who prefer a routine can enjoy the comforts of home as we join them with the best butt scratches in town.
  • We provide the care you request-We offer care in blocks of time, and whatever you want us to do during that time, is up to you. We understand that different pets have different needs and we provide care for them as if they were our own while you’re away. If you want them to go for a walk, be fed, be loved, grab the mail, throw the ball in the backyard…whatever you need is what we provide.
  • Multiple pets, one price-A quality 30-minute home visit is $25 and a $50 visit is $40. We provide care for multiple pets, all for the same price. We can grab the mail, feed the fish, scratch the cats and play with the dog…all for the same price.
  • Flexibility for Campers during busy boarding season-If your dog is a Camper but your schedule needs more flexibility, or if our cabins are booked, we can do a split of Home Buddies and Camp, we can provide care at home until a cabin becomes available and then transport your dog(s) to Camp for their overnight stay. We can also pick up and drop off for daycare and let them play the day away and spend their evenings snoozing at home.

Feeling weird about someone coming into your house? The good news is, chances are you’ve already met them. All of our professional Pet Sitters are Camp Counselors and we offer complimentary meet and greets for all new pet sitting customers. This gives us the chance to meet the pets (and you) and receive instructions on how you want us to care for them while you’re away.

What else do we need? Two copies of your house key (we can make one for a nominal fee if necessary). This allows our primary pet sitter to retain a key during your scheduled service and a backup key to remain in our off site storage locker, on a coded system.

If you’re interested in our In-Home Pet Care service, give us a call 586-445-9663 or email