Elmwood Park Reservations

All campers must wear a Quick Release collar with

a name tag attached while at Camp.

Our reservation and cancellation policy:

All overnight and holiday reservations with 2 (two) or more nights, require a 2 (two) night stay deposit. Single night stays will require a payment as reservations are made. All reservations must be cancelled 3 (three) calendar days prior to check in date or your deposit will be lost. If you book extra night(s) and pick up early, you will be charged through the end of your reservation. For the following holidays we require a 2 (two) nights minimum stay:

  • New Years Eve
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve / Day

If cabins are still available, we will offer a single night reservation with an additional charge of $20.00/night for the above holidays.

We do not offer DAY CARE services on Sundays and these major holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving day & Christmas Day.

All campers must be picked up by 6:45 pm every day.

Remember that you are responsible to get your dogs vaccines updated in a timely manner to comply with our entrance requirements, or campers will not be allowed to stay with us. We will send out reminders to your email when vaccines are expiring, if you are on our newsletter subscriber list


Injection or Nasal vaccines must be updated annually. Oral version remains valid for 6 (six) month. This is our requirement, regardless of what your veterinarian or other boarding facilities may require.

If the vaccine is less that 2 (two) weeks past due date, There is NO wait period after booster vaccines as long as they are given within the coverage period of the previous vaccine. .

If the vaccine is more that 2 (two) weeks past expiration date, there is a 4 calendar days wait for nasal and oral version, and 10 calendar days wait for injection, before a camper is allowed to visit our location.


1 or 3 year expiration as required by your veterinarian. Must be up to date, no wait time after vaccine is administered. Recent Titers tests are accepted for this vaccination, and must be repeated annually.


1 or 3 year expiration as required by your veterinarian. All campers Must be current with this vaccine, no wait time after vaccine is administered

Canine Influenza Vaccine:

It is highly recommended for both strains of this virus; we recommend that you get a bivalent version for your camper(s). Ask your veterinarian about the benefits of the CIV bivalent vaccine. All clients residing outside of New Jersey are required to have it done before coming for any services. All campers must have both boosters and annual revaccination.

Reminder about your campers food and medications:

Please pack extra food and medications (if your camper is on medications) for a few days, just in case you get delayed or your return plans change due to circumstances beyond your control. Some campers do not do well on our house food, and may not eat or get upset tummy. If you want your camper to eat our house food, you must sign a waiver and release form for us to feed your camper house food. All medications and supplements , regardless of what they are MUST be in original bottles/vials with name of the medication and campers name and dosages clearly written on them and a veterinarians note what they are for. Medications and supplements with out original vials will not be administered, this is OSHA regulation. Prescription medications can only be dispensed by your vet, please make sure your camper has enough medications while they stay with us.


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All-Inclusive Pricing

Get more play in your stay at Camp! We offer premier care with no hidden fees. Whether your dog is here for the day or overnight, they'll play all day with furry friends and get lots of TLC from our Camp Counselors. With Camp Bow Wow, you get the best care at the best value:

What's Included:
  • Day Camp included in overnight stays
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  • Individual cozy cabin and nightly Campfire TreatTM for Overnight Campers
  • No charge for medication administration and other special requests
  • Lots of individual attention and TLC from Camp Counselors

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