Carmel Reservations

Dog Day Care Reservations

Reservation Requirements

  • We require all expired vaccines to be updated prior to scheduling any Day or Overnight Camp stays. We are unable to book any stays without current vaccines in our system.
  • If it is the Pet Parents desire to have us procure vaccines on their behalf, there is a charge of $10.
  • We understand that some clients may go to the Low-Cost Clinic to obtain their vaccination records.
  • These clinics are not staffed like a traditional veterinary clinic, which is part of how they remain low cost, and it can be hard to call in to get that information over the phone. It is very important to maintain a relationship with a veterinarian so that this important information doesn't fall through the cracks, but also so that your pet can have the option of care in an emergency situation. Especially now with the nationwide shortage of available vet appointments, this will not only help the veterinarians in caring for your pet, but also makes it easier to get into grooming salons, dog parks, boarding facilities, etc. We have several clients who choose to use Low-Cost Clinics, however there is a higher level of responsibility that falls upon the pet parent to keep impeccable records of their pet's care or submit those records to a vet of their choice. This is why we highly encourage establishing a relationship with a formal veterinarian, even if you continue to use low-cost clinics in the future.
  • In addition to the basic requirements, we also highly recommend: Canine Influenza Vaccine, Year-round Flea/Tick & Heartworm Preventative, and Yearly negative fecal float.
  • There is a mandatory re-evaluation for those Campers that we have not seen in over 365 days or the Camper hasn't attended Camp at our location.


  • All overnight camp stays require a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time you make your boarding reservation.
  • All campers must have visited in the past 8 weeks to qualify for overnight camp.
  • Deposits are required to secure your reservation. Many times we are full and have to turn pet parents away and then people do not show up for their reservation.
  • If you are no longer planning to board your camper, cancellations must take place 24 hours in advance. If cancellation takes place within 24 hours, payment for that day will be required (3 or more no-shows will require pre-payment).
  • Any changes to the reservation must be made no later that 72 hours in advance of the check-in date.
  • Deposits cannot be used as credit toward other services.
  • Payment for the balance of the full boarding stay will be collected at check-in.
  • All walk-ins (reservations made within 24 hours) will be subject to a $10 surcharge fee.
  • All pricing and policies are subject to change without notice.
  • Any positive balance on your account is not valid for deposits.


  • A 3-night minimum stay is required at holidays to better accommodate all our furry guests.
  • Holiday reservations require a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time you make your boarding reservation and full payment is due at check-in.
  • A holiday period is considered 3 days before and 3 days after the actual holiday.
  • Cancellations within the 7 day period prior to the holiday reservation and "no-shows" forfeit their 50% deposit.
  • Deposits cannot be used as credit toward other services.
  • All pricing and policies are subject to change without notice.

Day Care and Boarding Reservations

  • Convivence Surcharge: Walk-ins will subject to a $10 surcharge fee (reservations made within less than 24 hours).
  • Day Camp reservations must be canceled 24 hours in advance, or you will still be charged for the day (3 or more no-shows will require pre-payment).
  • All overnight camp reservations require a non-refundable 50% deposit. Payment is due upon check-in and any changes to the reservation must be made no later than 72 hours in advance of the check-in date. Payments are required for each reservation.
  • A positive balance on your account is not valid for deposits.
  • VIP Boarding pricing is priority pricing per dog per night. Must attend 5 days of camp or 45 nights annually to be eligible.
  • The balance of the Overnight Camp visit is due upon check-in (a non-refundable deposit is required to book any Overnight Camp visit). The balance due upon check-in for the scheduled visit is non-refundable. 
  • Boarding Checkout Time: The checkout time for boarders is 11:00am. While pups are welcome to stay and play longer at no additional cost, we appreciate you picking up your Camper by 11:00am so we can prepare for incoming overnight Campers. Checkout time may vary on Sundays and holidays.

Day Care & Boarding Packages

  • All packages are non-refundable.
  • Day Care packages expire one (1) year from purchase date any days not used will be forfeited.
  • Dog Boarding packages expire one (1) year after date of purchase and any nights not used will be forfeited.
  • All pricing and policies are subject to change without notice.
  • Boarding package owners subject to the same policies concerning cancellations or no-shows.

Importance of Consistent Attendance

We have found here at CBW Carmel that the most successful Campers attend Day Camp consistently, as they are acclimated to our environment, including the daily routine, the Camp Counselors, and the other Campers.  

Because of this, we recommend that all Campers attend a minimum of 5 Days of Camp annually (bi-monthly is recommended). Our goal is to ensure that ALL Campers who attend Day OR Overnight are properly acclimated to the facility.  

If you cannot or will not be having your Camper attend Day Camp consistently, we will need you to acknowledge the following: 

Campers who are not properly acclimated may be more susceptible to contracting communicable illnesses, such as Canine Cough or Canine Influenza, as anxiety tends to weaken the immune system. 

Campers who are not properly acclimated may be more susceptible to Stress Colitis and other Gastrointestinal distress. They may also exhibit anxiety that causes them to change their eating habits, as Campers who are properly acclimated to the environment typically eat according to their normal schedule. Keep in mind that the Camp environment is both mentally and physically stimulating, so you may want to pack extra food to account for increased calories burnt.  

Campers who are not properly acclimated may also require more frequent rest breaks, as they are not use to the “hustle and bustle” of the Camp environment. If you do not see your Camper on the Camper Cams, they are resting in their Cabin. If you would like to give your Camper more individualized attention, please sign up for a Snuggle Time, Sniff n’ Seek, or Play Pals Session.  

We strongly recommend that you allow your Camper to properly acclimate to our structured, enrichment-based Day and Overnight Camp program with consistent attendance, as this will ensure that your Camper is comfortable when they are Camping with us. Our goal is to make Camp a treat and not a stressor.  

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All-Inclusive Pricing

Get more play in your stay at Camp! We offer premier care with no hidden fees. Whether your dog is here for the day or overnight, they'll play all day with furry friends and get lots of TLC from our Camp Counselors. With Camp Bow Wow, you get the best care at the best value:

What's Included:
  • Day Camp included in overnight stays
  • All-day play in indoor and outdoor play yards
  • Individual cozy cabin and nightly Campfire TreatTM for Overnight Campers
  • No charge for medication administration and other special requests
  • Lots of individual attention and TLC from Camp Counselors

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