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At Boise We Love Our Campers

Featured Campers

We LOVE our Campers! Check out our featured Campers at Camp Bow Wow Boise. These pups love to play all day in our fun, safe and social environment, and receive lots of love and attention from our Certified Camp Counselors® whether they’re in for day care or boarding.

  • Storm

    June Camper of the Month


    Introducing our HANDSOME Camper of the Month, Storm! This big guy is not even a year old yet! June is his birthday month, he turns 1 year old on 6/19. What better way to celebrate Storm's first birthday than to honor him in our monthly article! Storm is a goofy giant Alaskan Malamute boy who loves everyone he meets! He has been visiting Camp since 11/2/18 when he was just 5 months old. His regular day care visits and playful attitude have quickly made him an all around CBW favorite. The Camp Counselors cannot get enough of his beautiful white fluffy fur and sweet personality, and the other Campers cannot get enough of his fun loving play style. He loves to wrestle with anyone that’s willing to play, a few of his favorite furiends are Sloopy, JJ, and Suzu. He also has found himself a pretty little girlfuriend at Camp that he adores, Polly the pocket pit! Those two kids are playing non-stop when they are in the same yard. Whether he’s having a blast playing with his buddies, squeezing his huge body under the toy, or pausing for some human affection, Storm is always the life of the pawty! Camp sure is glad to be a part of this good boy’s life. Thank you Ruth & Dustin for sharing your awesome pup with us, and for refurring CBW to your neighbors/friends!

  • Torri

    June Camp Counselor of the Month


    CBW is excited to honor Torri as our Camp Counselor of the Month! Torri is a Camp Counselor who just celebrated her 1 year employment anniversary on 4/27. Torri's positivity and adoration for all the dogs in Camp is contagious. She is the type of person that loves everyone with all of her heart, animals or humans alike, which makes her an easy choice for this award. Torri is passionate about all dogs, people, and just life in general. Not only does Torri work hard daily, she tends to go above and beyond the regular call of duty. Whether it is spending time in a cabin snuggling with a dog that needs some extra TLC, or cleaning up the outside yards, Torri oozes enthusiasm on a daily basis. When she sees her favorite Campers, like Rori, it brings actual tears to her eyes because she is just that excited to be in the dog's presence. Torri has an unprecedented amount of compassion and love for everyone, consistently setting a great example to her peers. We are so grateful to have her as a part of the CBW team!

  • Payton & Jordan

    May Campers of the Month

    Payton & Jordan

    Who doesn't love a family affair? Here at Camp Bow Wow there are two “sister” Miniature Aussies who are always greeted with squeals of delight and cheers as the Camp Counselors call out, “The puffballs are here!” Payton and Jordan are those same wiggly puffballs, and our Campers of the Month! They love to have fun here at Camp Bow Wow, whether boarding or stopping in for daycare. Payton is the oldest sister at 5 years old, with a birthday coming up in September. Her little sister Jordan is 2 years younger, and after her birthday in March she just turned 4. They have been coming to Camp Bow Wow since September of 2015 and in that time, we have had the pleasure of learning lots about these lovable ladies. They may be mini misses, but they are big on love and play! When their parents Joe and Cerissa go out of town, they love their campfire treats before bed! They trot from their Cozy Cabin they share to the play yard in the morning and bend and wiggle with glee when they see their fur-iends! Though they love snuggling next to each other for naps, they also play with Joey the Shih Tzu and Kuma the Havanese. When it’s time to say good-bye, they yip yip hooray and race to the door together! Though we are sad to see them leave, especially after being able to cuddle and love on them day and night, it's impossible to not join in their delight as they race towards their family and fall over each other in excitement! Whether it's a few hours of daycare, or a quick or long boarding stay, they never hold back on their celebration upon seeing their family! We are so happy and lucky to have Payton and Jordan as members of our Camp Bow Wow family. Thank you so much Joe and Cerissa for sharing them with us so often!

  • Ace

    April Camper of the Month


    What’s not to love about Ace, our April camper of the month! Ace is a sweetheart of a 3-year-old black lab who has been a regular and looked forward to presence at camp since he started coming almost two years ago. He’s got a face that will melt your heart and it’s impossible to resist the happy wiggles and play bows he does upon entering camp before heading into the play yards. Ace loves to get snuggles from the counselors and if you get him on the right day, he might just catch a case of the “ZOOMIES” after a good snuggle session! We are so lucky to have been able to witness all the positive changes that have come from the steady work Ace’s parents have done and continue to do to make sure Ace is the best dog he can be. Thank you so much Charles and Alison for sharing your wonderful Ace boy with us and letting us be part of his life!

  • Joey

    March Camper of the Month


    Age: 1 Years Old
    Breed: Shih Tzu

    Congratulations to the Camper of the Month Joey Davis the Shih Tzu! Joey has this look in his eyes when he gets to camp that truly melts our hearts. He is so sweet at greeting all his furry friends but never forgets to show some love to the camp counselors! Joey is 1 year young and will also turn 2 this month! His parents Cydni and John have shared little Joey with us since July of 2017 for a dog gone good time at daycare. Since coming to Camp Bow Wow Joey has made an abundance of little Fur-iends like Kona, Chloe, Mishka, Teddy, the list could go on and on. Joey has the most gentle friendly soul in the world, he can play with any breed, any shape, any size. Whether it’s playing hard through the yard or lounging on the play toy Joey is the pup everyone wishes they had and we are truly LUCKY to have Joey as a camper! That is why we would love to nominate Joey for March camper of the month! Thank you so much Cydni and John for sharing your charming little boy with us! Joey is family now and will forever be in our camp bow wow hearts!

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