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We LOVE our Campers! Check out our featured Campers at Camp Bow Wow Boise. These pups love to play all day in our fun, safe and social environment, and receive lots of love and attention from our Certified Camp Counselors® whether they’re in for day care or boarding.

  • July 2024 Camper of the Month


    Congratulations to our July Camper of the Month - Harper! Harper is a 1-and-a-half-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier and is the sweetest girl! She joined our pack in March of this year and has become a regular day Camper - and we are so glad to see her each week! She loves to play with fellow terrier Briar Rose, as well as her doodle pal Laddoo, and hound mix buddy Cookie! Her absolute best furiend is Tofu the pit bull! They love to romp and play together! Harper loves to give hugs and get lots of pets from her Camp Counselor buddies! She also loves participating in our fun specialty activities and crafts, like artsy pupcassos and delicious pup cups! Harper is a precious, happy soul and we adore seeing her smiling face at Camp! Thank you, Amy and Mark, for sharing your good girl with us, we are so happy she’s joined our pack!!

  • June 2024 Camper of the Month


    Congratulations to our June Camper of the Month - Oakley! Oakley is an adorable little pomsky that just turned 1 year old last month! He joined our pack at just 6 months old and has enjoyed visiting both our Boise and Meridian Camps! When Oakley is in the yard, it’s always a party! His favorite pals are Pops the frenchie, Bingo the beagle, and Chibi the dachshund! He also loves to participate in all of our fun activities like our toy play parties, Camp crafts, and pup cup snacks! He’s such a smart boy - he knows when it’s lunch time and he’s always ready to devour the delicious home-cooked meal his mom makes him! We’ve loved getting to know Oakley’s spunky personality and are looking forward to watching him grow and thrive! Thank you Dianne for sharing your fluffy boy with us, we are so happy he has joined our pack!!

  • May 2024 Camper of the Month


    Congratulations to our May Camper of the Month - Laddoo! Laddoo is a beautiful Goldendoodle just shy of 1 year old! She started at Camp in October of last year and has become a regular day Camper - and boy are we happy about that! Laddoo is a sweet girl who is always excited to come to Camp to play with her furiends, and join in on our weekly activities and enrichments! Her BFFs include Midge the Bernedoodle and Jack White the Lab! She also loves to participate in Camp’s fun activities like themed group play pals, sniff and seek scavenger hunts, and fun with a flirt pole! Laddoo knows how to have fun, and we’re so glad we get to see her often! Thank you Bavani for sharing your sweet gal with us, we are so happy she has joined our pack!!

  • April 2024 Camper of the Month


    Congratulations to our April Camper of the Month - Richard! Richard is a long-haired miniature dachshund at 6 months old and boy was it love at first sight! Everyone who meets Richard instantly adores him and his sweet face!! His fur is as soft as silk and he has the most adorable little feets!! He joined our pack in February this year and has very quickly become a fan favorite, amongst the Counselors and fellow Campers! Despite his small size, he loves to romp and wrestle with his beagle buddy Bingo and heeler friend Squid! Along with playing, he loves a good snuggle from the Camp Counselors! After a long day of play, you can find him relaxing on the sidelines, practically falling asleep sitting up!! Thank you Kalani for sharing your itty bitty baby boy with us, we are so happy he has joined our pack!!

  • March 2024 Camper of the Month


    Congratulations to our March Camper of the Month - Pearl! Pearl is a black lab at a little over 1 year old and joined our pack in January of last year! She was a bit shy at first, but soon blossomed and showed us her big personality! Pearl is such a sweet girl and loves getting lots of attention from all the Camp Counselors! She’s a friendly lab lady, so she’s ready to play with any pup who’s ready to romp! She enjoys a good wrestling match with her blue lab pal Jack White and twin lab lady Puddin! One of her besties is a German Shepherd mix Boone! They love to romp and play together! She’s always ready to try new things and participate in all of Camp’s super fun enrichments, like group play parties and anything food-related! Thank you to the Jansen family for sharing your super sweet gal with us!

  • February 2024 Camper of the Month

    Peter Barker

    Congratulations to our February Camper of the Month - Peter Barker! Peter Barker is a 2-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who joined our pack in September of 2022, at a wee 8 months old! His big brown eyes captured the hearts of the counselors and fellow Campers alike! He soon became best furiends with his “doggelganger” Gino! They look just like twins, and have such a fun time playing together! Peter Barker also adores his little malti-poo girlfriend Luna! They always romp and wrestle together and have a blast! Peter Barker is such an adorable little bundle of joy, and we are so happy that he is a member of our pack! Thank you to the Barrera family for sharing your sweet little man with us!

  • January 2024 Camper of the Month


    Congratulations┬áto our January Camper of the Month - Bert! Bert is a 1-year-old Lab/Malinois mix who joined us in August of this 2023! He’s only been at Camp for a short while, but he has quickly become a counselor favorite, and has made tons of new furiends! He loves his cousin Miss Maggie the Hound (their pet parents are family!), and he enjoys romping with his look-alike Pearl the Lab! Fellow speedy boy Milo the Lab mix loves to wrestle and play tag with Bert - when they get together it’s wrestlemania! Bert also has a favorite Camp Counselor pal Hannah! When he comes into Camp, they get so excited to see each other, it’s absolutely precious! We have loved having Bert at Camp and are so glad he is a part of our pack! Thank you Christine for sharing your good boy with us!

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