Meet Camp Counselor, Megan!

We are so thankful to have her as part of our East Pack - her love for the pups is incredible! Megan takes great pride in caring for the dogs and making sure each and every one of them gets attention and affection, extra treats, and eats all their food. When asked why she wanted to work at Camp, Megan said, "I had previously worked at a doggy boarding facility and wanted to work in that kind of environment again. I had heard CBW went above and beyond with boarding services and wanted to be a part of a great organization where I knew everyone truly cared about about the dogs." ❤

At home, Megan has one dog a two cats. Her dog's name is Chip and he's her baby. He's a one-year-old Dachshund. He was a bit shy, but has definitely come out of his shell since he started coming to Camp! Megan also has a male cat named Ichabod and a female cat named Brute. Megan says Ichabod is kind of naughty. He's about seven-years-old and still acts like he's a kitten. Brute is nearly eight-years-old. She's very shy and calm.

In Megan's free time she's usually doing something with her pets, like going hiking with Chip or taking him to the park. Megan also have multiple aquariums that she keeps up with on my days off and one terrarium. Megan mostly enjoying relaxing and reading and spending time with my boyfriend. Next time you're at Camp and you see Megan, be sure to tell her hello!