The Benefits of Don’t Do It Yourself Dog Bathing

There is no one more into the “DIY” (Do it yourself) craze than I am. I think I’m a plumber, an architect, a chef and the next Martha Stewart. I’m also under the delusion that I’m an in-home dog groomer for my own two small dogs. If you’re like me, you’re slowly learning that bathing your dogs at home is a much bigger task than it seems, and the cleanup process is even worse!

Keep your DIY for other projects that offer instant gratification instead of an hour of clean up and a miserable pet! So why should you not DIY when it comes to dog bathing?

Bathing your dog at home is messy!

Regardless of whether your dog fits in your tub, a utility tub or the kitchen sink there is still a big element of cleaning that comes with bathing your dog at home. The place you’re going to bathe your dog most likely serves multiple other purposes, so preparing for the bath is a process that’s usually longer than the bath itself. And let’s not even talk about the shaking and the clean up process, as well as the laundry that comes post bath.

Bathing your dog at home isn’t efficient.

Time is money and when your dog looks at you with those big puppy dog eyes you give in to his every whim. You might cut the bath short, avoid spots he doesn’t want touched or let him shake all over you. When all is said and done you end up with an angry half clean dog, a messy house and yourself soaked and covered in dog hair. We all love dogs, but the smell of wet dog? Not so much.

Bathing your dog at home hurts!

Yes, you heard me correctly. It hurts! Unless you have professional grooming and bathing set up in your home, you’re most likely kneeling at your tub, hunched over trying to scrub your dog. Your knees ache, your back aches, your dog is mad at you and your house is a mess. Why are you doing this at home again?

Camp Bow Wow Bathing Services

We offer “Camper showers” as well as nail trim services, so next time you smell your stinky dog, think twice before you throw him in your own tub and let him have a bath while he’s at Camp!

You don’t have to make reservations for grooming, just let us know at check-in if you’d like to add a bath or nail trim and what time you’ll be picking up and we’ll make sure they are fresh and clean by the time you pick up.

  • Basic baths are $25 and we use a sensitive skin oatmeal formula shampoo that’s great for all sizes and breeds. It’s hypoallergenic and helps with itchy skin or dogs prone to allergies. We also have a medicated bath that’s great to ward off fleas.

  • The Hydro bath is our most popular bath and is great for breeds that shed or have a thick undercoating. The hydro-bath is a 30 to 40 minute recirculating bath that provides a deep conditioning treatment and loosens the undercoat. It also leaves your dog with a protective coat, almost like a scotch guard. Hydro-baths are $50 for most breeds, there is a small up-charge for exceptionally large dogs.

  • Nail trims are done with the Dremel so it files them down nice and smooth as opposed to the razor sharp edge you get from clipping. Nail trims are $10 and can be done as a walk-in or upon request at drop off.

If you’d like to schedule a bath or find out more about our services give us a call at Camp at 417-882-9247 or ask a Camp Counselor about it next time you are in.