24/7 Monitoring At Camp

Some of the most frequent questions we get asked at Camp are about our overnight monitoring. Rest assured, we have a very strong security system watching over your Campers 24/7!

We used to have Camp Counselors stay overnight with the pups, but we found that the dogs didn’t sleep well. We were not a good distraction, and it led to grumpy dogs the next day – kind of like toddlers! Dogs need sleep just as much as humans. Monday through Friday we leave at 7 PM, and weekends we leave at 6 PM. We come back first thing in the morning and get their day of play started bright and early!

Our security system is top-notch! We have heat sensors that notify us if it gets too hot or too cold, they can dispatch the police and fire department in the case of an emergency, and our cameras are recording at all times. In short, your Camper is well protected while they are snoozing the night away!