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From the individualized care our canine-loving staff provides to playtime with other four-legged friends, your dog has never had this much fun! Our team understands the key elements to a happy pup and we find great joy in incorporating them into our daily activities. We believe every single one of our Campers deserves premier treatment, which is why you'll receive all of the great benefits of Camp at one upfront cost.

  • Photo of Patrick
    Patrick Owner See Full Bio
    Photo of Patrick
    Patrick Owner

    Fun Facts

    Patrick is an avid golfer, guitar player, and dog lover. He is also our owner! A longtime customer, he decided in 2016 that it was time to bring Camp Bow Wow to the KC Metro area. So he left his day job and started work on the Westport Camp!

    Previously, Patrick had worked in executive and management roles in both corporate and small business settings. He is a graduate of Belmont University with a BA in Organizational and Corporate Communications. Patrick is also on the Board of Directors of two Kansas City based charities.

    His main interest is spending time with his family: his daughter Milena son James, his wife Brianne, his dogs Lyla (Golden Retriever) and Bowie (German Spitz), and his two cats Buddha and Phoenix.

  • Photo of Jeff
    Jeff Camp Assistant Manager See Full Bio
    Photo of Jeff
    Jeff Camp Assistant Manager

    Fun Facts

    Jeff has been a Kansas City native since birth. He has always been passionate about animals! Raised by his animal-loving mother, he grew up alongside all kinds of animals - from snakes and lizards, to chickens, and even a pig named Peppa.

    Jeff plans to become an expert in animal education and conservation, and travel the globe teaching people of all ages about exotic wildlife and preserving our natural world.

    Jeff rescued his dog, Ana Leigh, when he was a freshman in high school. When asked about their bond he said "I don't like to say I own her, we're just best buds!".

  • Photo of Jordyn
    Jordyn Camp Director See Full Bio
    Photo of Jordyn
    Jordyn Camp Director

    Fun Facts

    Jordyn is a proud midwesterner, coffee addict, and dog enthusiast.

    As Camp Director, she is focused on building an all-star team, dedicated to maintaining the health, safety, and happiness of all dogs at Camp.

    Her fur-baby, Luke Skywalker, is a 9-year-old Basset/Lab Mix and Jedi Master. His likes are hikes, lightsabers, and naps. But he also dislikes Tupperware and the Sith.

    Prior to joining the pack, Jordyn worked as a Project Coordinator for GPS Impact. She graduated from the University of Missouri on 2014 with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology and Sociology. She has been a proud resident of Kansas City since 2016!

  • Photo of Brittany
    Brittany Camp Scout / Social Media / Website / Events See Full Bio
    Photo of Brittany
    Brittany Camp Scout / Social Media / Website / Events

    Fun Facts

    From the south-central location of Kansas near Wichita, Brittany has always been a huge fan of Kansas City. Her fur-baby, Aspen, is a 4-year-old Pug! She's a small and mighty Pug, but loves having the life of a Pug.

    She has always loved dogs; ironically, her first job was pet sitting. Brittany is a brew venturer, self-taught graphic designer,
    obsessed organized, music festival love and sports fanatic, and has an affinity for pun-worthy things in life.

    Before Camp Bow Wow, Brittany worked as a graphic designer for a printing company. While earning her BS
    in Strategic Communications at the University of Kansas in 2015; she worked in various roles expanding and honing her marketing skills.

  • Photo of Maureen
    Maureen Certified Dog Trainer See Full Bio
    Photo of Maureen
    Maureen Certified Dog Trainer

    From Temcula, CA, Maureen has always enjoyed the energy of dogs. Being raised with dogs, She has always had a best friend in her fur siblings and they taught her a lot. She's enjoyed watching and learning from them dogs; then she began trying to learn on a deeper level how to truly know them and then ignited the flame to begin to train.

    She enjoys spending time with her family and their little fur man, Cash. Also watching her daughter learn and grow, reading, and taking Cash to the dog park and working on nosework plus agility classes.

    She has worked as a lead trainer at the Laundered Mutt and Training Center in Temecula. Taught classes from puppy and basic obedience to advanced classes, such as; therapy dog and service dog training, tricks classes, and outdoor adventure classes.

    One of her favorite things about becoming a dog trainer has been improving the relationship between pet parents and their fur babies. Helping parents see and understand what their dogs are telling them and the dynamics of their relationship flourishing because of it. She loves to watch dogs as they begin to learn new things, the spark in their eyes as they are determined to perform the correct behavior. Dogs truly bring joy into her life every day.

  • “Great staff, professional, friendly and welcoming. Immaculate environment and expert care for your Camper.”

    - Joanne C.

  • “I love how comfortable the staff made us feel leaving our Duke there for the first time!! Everyone is so friendly, I know he's in great care when at Camp Bow Wow!! Duke is always excited now before we even get into the parking lot!! I also LOVE the pet cameras!! They really are addicting to watch, but it's so fun seeing him running around and having fun!! We love Camp Bow Wow & can't wait to come back!”

    - Kelly R.

  • “A very kind and caring staff! I always feel secure knowing that the staff truly love my dog and that they will make sure he is happy and comfortable during his stay. They are the best!”

    - Su-Kim C.

  • “I absolutely love this place. They take incredible care of my dog. They make her welcome and I feel comfortable knowing she is well taken care of. Recommend to anyone who has a dog.”

    - Kimberly S.

  • “Staff is always very friendly and knows my dog, facilities are always clean, the webcams allow us to check our dog's activity, and hours cover my work day. Most importantly, my dog LOVES going to Camp! When she hears us on the phone making reservations for play, or hears us say "Camp", she grabs her leash with such excitement she moves furniture in her path as she heads for the door!”

    - Terri S.

  • “Super friendly team of staff! Very kind, caring, accommodating, flexible. They loved my dog and treated her like their own. I will be back!”

    - Holly H.

  • “The staff is always helpful and kind. I know when I leave my dogs at Camp Bow Wow they will be taken care of, have a great time and come home worn out from playing all day. I love the Camper Cams so I can check in on them!”

    - Hayley L.

  • “Camp Bow Wow is fabulous...they are passionate about their work, always happy to see our pup, and take great care of it for day Camp or overnight. We love Camp Bow Wow!”

    - Angelica M.

  • “We know our dogs are in trusted hands at Camp Bow Wow. They always have fun playing with their "friends" and we love being able to check in on them throughout the day”

    - Nicole J.

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