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At El Cajon We Love Our Campers

Featured Campers

We LOVE our Campers! Check out our featured Campers at Camp Bow Wow El Cajon. These pups love to play all day in our fun, safe and social environment, and receive lots of love and attention from our Certified Camp Counselors® whether they’re in for day care or boarding.

  • Rosie

    October Camper of the Month


    Meet Rosie! Rosie is a two year old Golden Retriever. She loves to play with all of her friends here at Camp & enjoys meeting new pals along the way. Rosie is such a sweet girl that she is great with everyone she meets. She has been coming to Camp since 2017 for half days of play, although I am sure EVERYONE wishes it was full days. Rosie loves greeting the Camp Counselors with big hugs and enjoys a good head scratch when she is not playing. If you are ever on the Cameras and see Rosie you will either see her playing with her friends or recharging her energy with a nice long nap on the play structure! We are very glad to have her apart of our pack and look forward to many memories! Congrats Rosie!

  • Bradshaw

    September Camper of the Month


    Meet Bradshaw! Bradshaw is a 2 year old Australian Cattle Dog mix that started attending Camp early this year! Bradshaw is a Club Bow Wow Member & loves to come and play with all of his fur-ends! He is full of spunk and energy & makes everyday a good one! Bradshaw loves the attention and love he gets from his Camp Counselors and is always eager to please! We adore having Bradshaw at Camp & look forward to many memories! Congratulations!

  • Hana

    August Camper of the Month


    Meet Hana! Hana is a Mini Golden doodle that is 4 years old. Hana has been attending Camp since June of 2015. Hana loves to come and play with her friends and loves to be loved on by our Camp Counselors. She loves to sing her way into Camp to let everyone know she has arrived and the fun can begin! Although she is high energy, Hana loves to take naps throughout the day to get that energy powered up! Hana loves having sleepovers here at Camp as well! As long as you feed her, give her snuggles and play time, she is in her best comfort zone! Congratulation Hana!

  • Hurley

    July Camper of the Month


    Meet Hurley! Hurley has been attending Camp since September 2018. He is a 13 year old Parson Russell Terrier. This handsome fella’ enjoys coming to Camp for the company of his fur-iends and Camp Counselors. Hurley loves the attention he gets and enjoys his back scratches the most! Don't let his age fool you, Hurley has a lot of spunk and is always eager to meet new friends. Hurley comes to Camp for play dates and even sleepovers! He takes pride in singing all of his favorite Camp Songs, and is very enthusiastic when it comes to treats! Hurley is sure to warm your heart the moment you meet him! Congratulations Hurley!

  • Jeanu

    June Camper of the Month


    Meet Juneau! Juneau is an 8 year old Sibrerian Husky with gorgeous blue eyes. She started attending Camp in 2016 with her brother Nutmeg (Rest in Peace handsome man)! She loves to have sleepovers with us and we love having her! When she has spa days, her favorite thing to do is shake off all the water! Juneau is a sassy lady who loves playing with her friends but there is nothing that she loves more than getting love! Juneau has this face (as pictured) that she gives you when she just wants her head rubbed and she has those eyes that allow her to get what she wants. Congratulations Juneau!

  • Dakota & Samiya

    May Campers of the Month

    Dakota & Samiya

    Meet our spunky full of energy girls, Dakota & Samiya! These Boxer sisters have been attending Camp since 2017! Their infamous butt wiggles always make our day knowing how excited they are to be here! Whenever Dakota & Samiya are here, there is never a dull moment. Dakota (to the right) is the sister who loves to be snuggled and loved on. She gives lots of kisses and hugs to our Camp Counselors. Samiya (to the left) is the life of the party and is always happy to meet new friends! We all enjoy our sleepovers and play dates with the girls! Congratulations Dakota & Samiya!

  • Belle

    April Camper of the Month


    Meet Belle! Belle is a 15 year old Belgian Malinois mix. Don't let her age fool you, Belle is still very much filled with spunk! This pretty girl is full of happiness and is always a joy to have at Camp! Although she does not play as much or as hard as the other Campers, Belle will play just the right amount to show her inner puppy! Belle is always up for a good snuggling session with our Camp Counselors! She sure loves her back scratches and head rubs! It's never a dull moment with her! Congratulations Belle!

  • Sammy

    March Camper of the Month


    Meet Sammy! Sammy is a 13 year old Lab mix who loves to use his nose to its fullest potential. He loves coming into Camp and relaxing with his pals in the yard. Once in a while, he will find a friend that he will run around with and his inner puppy will come to light. Although Sammy enjoys Camp, there is nothing more than his enjoyment towards his dad, Gary. These two are the ultimate pair. We are so happy to have Sammy as a Camper and to have Gary as a loyal customer. Thank you for allowing us to be apart of Sammy's life! Congratulations!

  • Duke

    February Camper of the Month


    Meet Duke! Duke is a two year old Labrador Retriever! It is never a dull moment with Duke around, he is the life of the paw-ty. Duke is the definition of FUN and has the time of his life here playing with his pals!! He has been coming to Camp Bow Wow since 2017 and spends his stay-cations, play dates, and spa days with us! When Duke is at Camp he ensures to always leave a memory with our Camp Counselors. There was that time he bounced off the wall and jumped over his husky friend and had the zoomies afterwards. Or the moments he poses for the camera in a flawless matter! Duke is a fun pup to have around and we are grateful to have him! Thank you Duke for always making us smile and laugh!

  • Shel

    January Camper of the Month


    Meet Shel! This handsome love bug has been attending Camp since July 2018. When they say love at first sight, they weren't kidding, I mean, look at him! Shel started off as a shy man who only wanted the attention from the Counselors. As he continued coming he has blossomed into a social butterfly! Shel loves to play with his friends and still enjoys getting RUV from his two-legged crew! We are happy to have him apart of our Camp Bow Wow pack! Congratulations Shel!

  • Lola

    December Camper of the Month


    Meet Lola! Lola is a spunky two year old Lab mix who loves coming to Camp to play with all of her friends! Lola has been a Camper here sine June 2018 and since then has wiggled her butt into everyone's hearts! She is such a sweet girl who is not only great with the other Campers but is amazing with every person she comes in contact with. She greets our Camp Counselors with the warmest of hugs and kisses! We are so happy to have Lola apart of our Camp Bow Wow family and enjoy seeing her play with all of her furry pals!

  • Astro

    November Camper of the Month


    Meet Astro! Astro is a spunky two year old Bluetick Coonhound who loves to play! Astro has so many friends here at Camp, it's hard to count them all. He gets along great with all the other Campers and looks forward to his back scratches from his Camp Counselors! Astro not only like to play with his friends, he loves playing tag with his Counselors! We all adore Astro and are all so glad to have him as our Camper of the Month. Congratulations Astro!

  • Shadow October Camper of the Month

    October Camper of the Month


    Age: 1 Year
    Breed: Lab Mix

    Meet Shadow, a One year old Lab mix. You would think that for a young pup he would be very energetic. Truth be told, Shadow is the most mellow dog there is. He walks into Camp on his own time and makes kiss stops along the way. Shadow is very loveable and loves to cuddle and sleep. He loves to play with his bestfriend Maci-Lou and enjoys napping on the play structure. We all adore Shadow and are so happy to call him our October Camper of the Month. Congratulations Shadow!Congratulations!

  • Flash

    September Camper of the Month


    Age: 11 Years
    Breed: Bassett Hound

    Flash loves to get lots of attention! Flash, also known as, Flash Flash 100 Yard Dash, comes to Camp for all of his stay-cations and get aways! He is a very mellow fellow who just likes to relax in the play yards and on his comfy bed. He loves to sing along side of the Camp fire and tells us all of his amazing stories! We adore you Flash and can't wait to see you again! Congratulations!

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