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  • Cooper

    May Camper of the Month

    Cooper C.

    Cooper started coming to Camp shortly after we opened. He has been a part of Day Camp and has boarded with us. We watched him grow, literally. His first birthday was just last month. Cooper is quiet a ball of energy always running around the play yard and making new friends. One of his best friends at Camp is Remi, our black lab. All our Camp Counselors must agree, that one of their favorite things he does is, try to stick his head in the water bucket as they are filling it up. We all are going to miss Cooper tremendously as him and his family when they move. Do not forget you will always have a friend at Camp

  • Gizmo

    April Camper of the Month

    Gizmo D.

    Gizmo is a friend to all! Some of his besties at Camp include Ruby, Lexi, Cassie, Sully Bear (we miss you), Buster, and Camp Counselor Sean. One of Gizmo's favorite things to do is give love bites to the counselors. He also enjoys playing hide-and-seek by running under the red play equipment. Our counselors absolutely love it when they see Gizmo either sitting or standing up sleeping in the play yard after a long day of play. Additionally, we love how structured Gizmo's routine is and how he knows his way around Camp.

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