Keep Your Pooch in Mind During Spring Cleaning

We have compiled a list of things to consider to keep your dog happy, safe and healthy through the summer. Print it off and check them off when completed! Comment with any other suggestions or cleaning tactics you have concerning your pooch.

  • Go through your dog’s pantry and check for expired treats, food, and medication. Clean up any extra kibble so it doesn’t attract mice or ants.
  • Clean their bed and toys. Most beds can go through the wash but check the tag for cleaning instructions and use a detergent that’s dog safe. Soft toys can usually go through the wash as well. Soak hard toys in the sink and throw out old or damaged toys and bones that attract germs easily.
  • Clean the area in your car where they sit. Make sure their car seat or kennel is secure.
  • Buy a new flea and tick collar and stock up on shampoo, conditioner and ear cleaner. Check to see if their brush needs replacing as well.
  • Update their tag info and make sure contact information isn’t wore off or outdated. If your dog is a swimmer, think about investing in an all-weather collar.
  • Clean your floors! Vacuum up hair, wash the hardwood and rent a carpet cleaner. This will benefit you and your dog!
  • Run their bowls and food storage containers through the dishwasher. Washing them quick in the sink won’t kill all the bacteria.
  • Clean up your backyard. After all the snow melts, some presents may be left behind from the long winter…pick up poop, clear left over leaves and just do a general yard check to make sure it’s safe and ready for your dog to run around in. Secure gardening tools and supplies such as fertilizers and any traps you set for rodents or insects so your dog can’t get into them. Be aware of toxic plants such as tulips, daffodils and mushrooms. List of toxic and non-toxic plants
  • Schedule a grooming appointment to trim their winter coat and make sure the hair in your pup’s paws gets trimmed every couple weeks to avoid clumping of mud in their fur.