Camp Sleepovers

Most folks know we offer overnight stays for our Campers. Camp is a great place for your dog to have a sleepover! But do you know the reasons why it’s good for your pooch? Not only do boarding dogs have their own spacious Cabins to sleep in at night but they still get to socialize and play with all the other Campers during the day too. Socializing with other pets at Camp prepares them for meeting new fur-iends any time! Campers are in their cabins for meals, and rest breaks, and sleepy-time. Here are a few more fun and safe advantages to consider about overnight Camp:

  • We recommend boarding your dog over safe days such as July 4th and Halloween as dogs are more likely to run away from home those nights with the loud noises and front doors being opened. Have them stay safe at Camp!
  • We find that many Campers stay the same night each week so they see the same fur-iends when they come – it’s a good time!
  • All breaks are 90 minutes to prevent bloat but the rest of the time they’re out playing. They get lots of play even with a one-night stay. This makes for a Happy Camper and also a Happy Parent when their pup is tired for a while after they get back home. Many Campers fall asleep on the ride home!

After you drop your dog off we set up their Cabin all comfy and cozy while they say “hi”to their buddies in the play yards. Each cabin includes a bed, fleece blanket, water and anything you bring from home such as a favorite toy or blanket, or sometimes even a shirt or shoe that smells like you! Even though your furry friend will be having a blast, you are always welcome to check on them on our webcams. Caution: Webcams are addicting!