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Brighton Township Team

From the individualized care our canine-loving staff provides to playtime with other four-legged friends, your dog has never had this much fun! Our team understands the key elements to a happy pup and we find great joy in incorporating them into our daily activities. We believe every single one of our Campers deserves premier treatment, which is why you'll receive all of the great benefits of Camp at one upfront cost.

  • Photo of Tony & Jamie
    Tony & Jamie Owners See Full Bio
    Photo of Tony & Jamie
    Tony & Jamie Owners

    Meet the Carusos!

    Have you met our pack leaders? Husband and wife team, Tony and Jamie Caruso are the proud owners of four Camp Bow Wow Franchises, two in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan and two in Springfield, Missouri.

    A Man and His Dog

    The Caruso family Camp Bow Wow story all started in April of 2007. Tony’s Hungarian Vizsla, Abby, ignited Tony’s passion for dogs and drove his entrepreneurial spirit to invest in a Camp Bow Wow. As Tony worked to grow the Camp business, his personal pack also grew…by four.

    Abby's relationship with Tony crossed the "Man's best friend" boundary into what he refers to as "jealous ex-girlfriend" territory. However, Abby has graciously learned to share the man in her life with the other family in his: his wife Jamie, their daughter Ella (born in 2011), and their son Enzo (born 2016). And don't forget about the fur-family members; Bella, a Mastiff that thinks she is a lap dog that the family adopted in 2012, and an Abyssinian cat (born in 2007), that thinks he's a dog named Louie. He is Ella's partner in crime and often the victim to her fashion prowess. When Louie isn't causing trouble with the dogs or meowing for attention, he can usually be seen in the season's latest fashions (i.e. Ella's accessories). Ella and Enzo are clearly the pride of the pack (shh, don't tell Abby!) and have grown up in a house full of animals.

    Growing Camp!

    As dog lovers, the Caruso family love what they do. They were excited to grow their pack even more when the opportunity arose to take on a second location in Springfield, Missouri in March of 2015 . With a great team of Camp Counselors at both locations, they were able to make this expansion and bring their passion for dogs to Springfield! And the pack keeps growing with the opening of their third location in January, 2016 - their first ever Lil' Campers location in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan.

    They feel right at home in the Camp Bow Wow Franchise as they are both pet owners themselves. Being able to fetch peace of mind for pet parents is something they understand from both sides of the fence. The opportunity that Camp Bow Wow brings to foster and further the relationship between man and his best friend, is an opportunity that’s just too good to pass up.

    Community Outreach

    The family cares and loves being involved in their camp local communities. Tony and Jamie’s passion for animals allows them to help with charity fundraising and participation with multiple rescue groups in Saint Clair Shores and Springfield. They host bite prevention readings with the “Scout Says, Dogs Get Nervous Too” book at Ella’s school and other local elementary schools and libraries. Tony also uses his dog training knowledge and experience to train volunteers at our local rescues and work with the dogs on a one-on-one basis. You may even catch Tony dressed up in the Scout mascot suit at our events.

    We are also excited to announce Tony has received his professional certification by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT)!

    Outside of Camp

    When Tony and Jamie aren’t busy scratching butts in the play yards at Camp you can usually find them in Downtown Detroit at a Lions or Tiger’s game, in Kansas City watching a Royals baseball game, or hitting the links for a game of golf (Jamie supervises the cart). Next time you are at Camp, make sure to say hi to Tony and Jamie!

  • Photo of Quinn
    Quinn Assistant Manager See Full Bio
    Photo of Quinn
    Quinn Assistant Manager

    Quinn is our Assistant Manager at Camp Bow Wow. He has worked with us since September 2013 and wanted to work with us because he enjoys dogs. He is Pet CPR certified and enjoys meeting new dogs and getting to know them. If a dog has not made him smile, it's been a bad day. Quinn has one dog, Beanie, an 11-year-old Italian Greyhound who just wants to snuggle and be with his people all day. He is an avid reader, mostly sci-fi and fantasy but also nonfiction. He also loves board games and trying new foods.

  • Photo of Tom
    Tom Camp Counselor See Full Bio
    Photo of Tom
    Tom Camp Counselor

    Tom is a Camp Counselor who has been with the Brighton Camp Bow Wow for about four years. He loves animals and believes that Camp beats the pants off most places to work. Tom says, some days, it hardly feels like work, but many unpleasant aspects of animal care would not make this a job for everyone. Can anyone say POOP? Lots of poop. He loves seeing all the different breeds that come to play at camp. People usually stick to a few or a type, so it is nice to see all the other breeds and mixes of pups that he would not usually get to meet.

    Tom has had dogs all his life. He has had over 25 furry friends throughout his life, and he has had hounds primarily. Adrian is a 13-year-old Bluetick coonhound who has been on many hunts in her day and has 19 siblings. Aside from the bluetick, he has had a beagle and a bloodhound.

    In his free time, Tom enjoys spending time with his beautiful 15-month-old little girl, who is quickly approaching her toddler years. He tries to balance keeping her out of the toilet and trash and getting into almost everything in her path; when he has a moment, he enjoys reading the news, learning about financial information, and technology like his phone.

  • Photo of Abby
    Abby Camp Counselor See Full Bio
    Photo of Abby
    Abby Camp Counselor

    Abby is a Camp Counselor who started with us back in February. She has always had a passion for animals and has lived with dogs her whole life. She wanted a job where she could be with dogs every day!! She feels that caring for the dogs and ensuring they are happy and healthy is very rewarding. Abby has two dogs, Tango and Ren, both yellow labs. Tango is three years old and loves to cuddle. He runs around in the backyard and swims! Ren is four months old and is full of energy. He's super curious and loves his toys! Abby has two cats, Gizmo (tuxedo cat) and Oliver (Russian blue), and a bearded dragon named Venus! In her free time, Abby enjoys playing video games! She is a huge Sonic Hedgehog fan! She also likes making jewelry!

  • Photo of Tyler
    Tyler Camp Counselor See Full Bio
    Photo of Tyler
    Tyler Camp Counselor

    Tyler has been working at Camp bow wow since February as a Camp Counselor. Tyler loves to work at Camp because he enjoys dogs, what better place than Camp! Not only does he have a love for all our Campers he also has pups of his own! He has a dog, who’s a mix of Pitbull terrier, German Shepard and Rottweiler. And he has a one eyed cat and two leopard geckos. In his free time, Tyler enjoys being outside and playing sports or exploring with friends!

  • Photo of Faith
    Faith Camp Counselor See Full Bio
    Photo of Faith
    Faith Camp Counselor
  • Photo of Noah
    Noah Camp Counselor See Full Bio
    Photo of Noah
    Noah Camp Counselor
  • Photo of Quille
    Quille Camp Counselor See Full Bio
    Photo of Quille
    Quille Camp Counselor
  • Photo of Jessie
    Jessie Camp Counselor See Full Bio
    Photo of Jessie
    Jessie Camp Counselor

    Jessie has been a Camp Counselor at Brighton since July 2022. She loves working with dogs and animals! Her favorite time at camp is yard time because she likes being able to interact with the dogs and see all the Campers together. Jessie has three Guinea pigs named Cashew, Sunny, and Winnie. In her free time, she likes to hang out with family and friends, She also likes to draw, paint and read. A fun fact about Jessie is she can juggle!

  • Photo of Emily
    Emily Camp Counselor See Full Bio
    Photo of Emily
    Emily Camp Counselor

    Emily has been a camp counselor at the Brighton location since June of 2022. She likes working with the puppers at camp and getting to know them and their personalities. She has two puppers herself, Cooper, a golden doodle, 4 years old, very energetic and cuddly. Gibson, German shepherd, 1-year-old, very playful and full of energy. In her free time, she loves to bake garden and spend time with her friends!

  • Photo of Allie
    Allie Camp Counselor See Full Bio
    Photo of Allie
    Allie Camp Counselor

    Allie has been a Camp counselor at our Brighton location since July 2022! She has always loved being around dogs so naturally she loves working at Camp! Allie has two dogs Ren and Tango. Ren is a 9-month-old White lab. He is very crazy and loves to go swimming. He also really enjoys coming to camp and playing with all of the dogs. Tango is a 4-year-old yellow lab. He is very sweet and loves to cuddle and run around outside. They both also love going on car rides. She also has two cats Gizmo (a long-haired tuxedo cat) and Oliver (a Russian Blue mix), and three goldfish. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, playing video games (specifically animal crossing), drawing occasionally, and baking sweet treats!

  • “I love the pre-screening they do for temperament, aggression and overall compatibility.”

    - Sarah

  • “Love the staff!!”

    - Susan Lundin

  • “Our dog really enjoyed day camp at Camp Bow Wow.”

    - Kurt

  • “I am happy and grateful to have found Camp Bow Wow!!”

    - Mary

  • “Thanks everyone at Camp Bow Wow for taking care of Lily.”

    - Jim & Karen Yankosky

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