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featured campers

Featured Campers

For Sherwood

  • Willow & Olive

    January 2023 Campers of the Month

    Willow & Olive

    Olive and Willow love laying by the fire, eating cheese and stealing socks! They also love coming to play with their friends at Camp Bow Wow!

  • Bogey and Kash

    December 2022 Campers of the Month

    Kash & Bogey

    Kash and Bogey have charmed our staff with their cute fluffy fur and their brotherly love. They are both professional posers for pictures and we love seeing them a Camp snuggling together in their Luxury Suite at night! 
    From Pawrents: "Meet Bogey & Kash our Doodle boys, if you see them be sure and say Hi or Kash will cry."

  • Tucker

    November 2022 Camper of the Month

    Lil' Tucker

    We adopted Lil' Tucker from an adoption event when he was 4 months old. He traveled to Oregon from Texas and won our hearts immediately. He was 18 lbs at four months and we were told he wouldn't get to more than 45 lbs. Now, a year and a half later at 80 lbs, he's a big fur ball of love. He has a favorite blankie that he likes to cover him at night and loves when he's getting hugs. When we mention 'do you want to go to Camp Bow Wow?' he starts wagging his tail with excitement and looking for his leash. When we told Tucker that he was Camper of the Month, he was so excited, we celebrated with a puppaccino! Thank you, Camp Bow Wow!!

  • Porter

    October 2022 Camper of the Month


    Porter came into our family via Oregon Dog Rescue when he was just a puppy old enough to adopt out. Originally from Porterville, California! He loves balls & water, but not balls in the water! Porter can be very shy and it takes him quite some time to warm up to new people. Porter serves as neighborhood watch for all emergency vehicles and sounds his own howling alarm every time he hears a siren. (Just in case you aren't paying attention.) Porter is such a happy guy; especially when he gets to go see all his friends at Camp Bow Wow. He is particularly fond of all the individual attention he receives from his many girlfriends. Porter is so lucky to have such a safe, clean and caring place to just be the best dog he can be!

  • Archer

    September Camper of the Month


    Archer is a young and curious Miniature Australian Shepherd who has stolen the hearts of all our Camp Counselors. He is a lover of all humans and a big snuggler but is also slowly finding his playful side here at Camp Bow Wow.

  • Vinny

    August Camper of the Month


    Vinny is a Bernese Mountain dog mix, he is the biggest snuggle boy who hasn't learned how big he is yet. If there's water around Vinny will absolutely be playing in it. He is a wild boy, but such a sweetheart who loves making new friends. He loves all his buddies at Camp Bow Wow!

  • Bo

    July Camper of the Month


    Bo is a sweet chocolate lab, he loves stealing trash out of the trash can and zooming around the yard with his favorite toys! He likes to play all day at Camp and cuddle up with you when he's tired before he goes to bed. We love Bo and love having him in our family even when he gets into everything!

  • Blue June Camper of the Month

    June Camper of the Month


    Blue will become friends with anybody. If you want to say Hi, he will gladly let you pet him. When he's not chewing up a toy, he can be found taking a nap in just about any position. He goes crazy for Camp!

  • May Camper of the Month


    At 7, Porter has got it figured out.  He loves a long car ride, napping in the sun, eating potato chips, and chasing bunnies.  He recently accepting the position of Director of the Choir at Camp Bow Wow and has been very pleased with his fellow singers' rapid progress.  He hopes to stage the new Opera "Bow to the Wow" for all the pawrents in the coming months.  Stay tuned.

  • April Camper of the Month


    Kali turned 10 in January.  She was the smallest of a litter of 15 that was rescued from a shelter in California.  She loves chasing flies in the house, sleeping, and the Oregon coast.  She has visited Palm Springs, Napa, the San Juan's, and Seattle, but Bend is her favorite!  She has lots of friends at Camp!

  • March Camper of the Month


    Kane used to be a show dog.  He didn't like it and had too much energy for it, so his mom adopted him at 2 years old.  He is very sweet, has lots of energy, and LOVES to run!  He loves everyone and learning new things daily as he is now at home.  He has lots of friends at Camp!

  • February Camper of the Month


    Willow is a frequent flyer at Camp Bow Wow!  She is a Goldendoodle but leads heavily toward a Standard Poodle!  Willow is 8 months old and enjoys barking, chewing, and running!  She is very loyal and has the sweetest disposition!

  • January Camper of the Month


    Louie the Lagotto is a playful, energetic 18-month-old that love people and love to talk!  He has lots of friends at Camp!

  • Rosie

    December Camper of the Month


    Rosie is an exuberant one year-old who really puts the "spring" in Springerdoodle. She loves family time, chasing after bouncy toys, long walks in the sunshine, working for tasty treats, and trying to make friends with the family cat (no such luck yet). She has made so many friends at camp!

  • November Camper of the Month


    Baron is a big goofball at home! His favorite cat sister is Gerri because his other cat sister is too feisty!  His favorite toy is a stuffed frog with long legs so we can play tug of war before he chews all the stuffing out!  His nickname is Mr. Handsome Pants because he really is a handsome boy!  He's also naughty and destroys his mom's flower beds!  But he's so proud of himself....He soaks up all the love from the Camp Counselors while playing at Camp!

  • Canelo

    October 2021 Camper of the Month


    Canelo loves showing everyone his squeaky toys and meeting new people and animals. He's sweet and loves lots of cuddles. he also gives the best hugs at Camp!

  • Lily

    September 2021 Camper of the Month


    Lily is an 11 month old Great Dane. She is an energetic, gentle giant who loves playing with her 5 and 4 year old human brother and sister. She loves coming to Camp Bow Wow and meeting new freinds and playing with dogs of all sizes!

  • Mya

    August 2021 Camper of the Month


    Mya is a sweet Siberian Husky with a loving personality. She loves Camp Bow Wow and looks forward to going there so her mom can get work done at the office. She loves to look at herself in the mirror when her mom is getting ready. Her mom wonders what she is telling herself! 

  • Scarlett

    July 2021 Camper of the Month


    Scarlett came back to Portland with her mom after her Christmas trip to Alaska. her full name is Scarlet Nova. Scarlet is an energetic, funny, loving, and intelligent 8 month old, 7.6 lb. Pomsky. She loves to be around people! Oh, she likes to tease too! She definitely knows when she is chewing something other than her toys and looks at you with an expression of, "What? I can't chew this"? Scarlet loves snuggles, a little bit of cheese at bedtime, and going to Camp Bow Wow

  • Pippin

    June 2021 Camper of the Month


    Pippin is almost a year old. She was born 7/5/2020 near Jacksonville in the Rogue Valley. Her dad is a mini Aussie and her momma is a Dachshund mix, so she has all kinds of personality! She gets along great with dogs and cats, but wants to chase birds, squirrels and bunnies. She really loves going to Camp!

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