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  • Scott, Bailey and Cooper

    January Campers of the Month

    Scotty, Bailey and CooperRylea

    This month’s Camper(s) of the month are Scotty, Bailey and Cooper! The three musketeers as we all like to call them, are family and friends that feel like family. Scotty and Bailey are brothers and when they met Cooper, it was as if they met their brother from another mother! Their personalities are all so different that it is fun to watch them all together at Camp. Cooper is Mr. popular. He loves to socialize and mingle with everyone in the yards. Scotty is Mr. talkative, always telling us what is on his mind, and Bailey is our quiet, happy lover. Always just walking by for quick pets and a snuggle or two. The three of them are the best of friends and have such a blast at Camp together and with their Camper friends. Whether apart or together, these three are always brightening our days when they come to Camp.Rylea is December's Camper of the Month! If his cute face looks familiar, it’s probably because Mr. Rylea just won our doggy costume contest in October. Whether it’s dressing up in costume or excitedly greeting Camp Counselors, this pup is always ready for some Camp fun! He comes to Camp just about every weekday and every day he is even more excited to see us than the last. Rylea is always making us laugh and feel oh-so-loved, brightening our day the second he walks through the door. Thanks for always being a happy face and wiggly body, Rylea!

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