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For Scottsdale North

  • Aurora

    Camp Counselor of the Month


    This month's Employee of the Month is Chris! Chris is one of our Camp Counselors in the yard. He impressed us all early on by how attentive he was to the Campers in his yard, and by how quickly he was able to learn every single Campers name. Chris pays special attention to each pup in his yard, making sure they all get the love and attention they deserve. He is truly an animal lover, and this so clearly comes through in his work. We are so lucky to have Chris on our team!

  • Millie

    Camper of the Month


    This month’s Camper of the Month is Winston! Winston is a longtime Camper who is loved by everyone in the play yard. You could call him, "Mr. popular". He loves to roam the yard, chatting away as he goes, and you can often find him perched on top of the play equipment like the king of the yard! Winston loves his spa days and often gets baths during his day of play. We love getting this extra one-on-one time with our boy. Making sure he's extra fluffy and paying special attention to those oh-so-adorable ears!

  • white puppy with brown spots

    Foster of the Month


    Mowgli is one of our fosters from local animal rescue, Sky Sanctuary Rescue. He is about 3 years old and does wonderfully with the other pups and staff here at Camp. He is truly a little sweetheart! To apply to adopt or to learn more about Mowgli please visit,

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