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For Scottsdale North

  • Lisa

    October Employee of the Month


    Lisa is this month’s Camp Counselor of the Month! Lisa's unwavering dedication to her work, the team, and the campers, resulted in her being promoted to Back of House Lead within only a few months of being with us. She is always coming up with ways to improve processes in order to help Camp run smoothly. When tasks need to get done, she will not hesitate to come in early or stay late to make sure Camp and all our campers are taken care of. Rest assured that when you go about your day or when you are on that trip enjoying yourself, that Lisa is on the job loving and caring for your fur-baby.

  • Ruben

    October Camper of the Month


    Ruben is this month's Camper of the month! You may not recognize this Camper as he typically gets to enjoy Camp when his parents are away on some boring trip without him. How do we know it’s boring you may ask? Well, because Ruben isn’t there, of course! Ruben is loving and hilarious, and we certainly enjoy the quality time we get with him while he stays with us when mom and dad are away!

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