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At North Durham We Love Our Campers

Featured Campers

We LOVE our Campers! Check out our featured Campers at Camp Bow Wow North Durham. These pups love to play all day in our fun, safe and social environment, and receive lots of love and attention from our Certified Camp Counselors® whether they’re in for day care or boarding.

  • Riley

    August Camper of the Week


    Meet Riley, a handsome Airedale Terrier that joined the North Durham pack in 2020. This big teddy bear is all about the love. He loves his fellow campers and has never met a canine stranger! He hangs out with the pups in the big dog yards so you can find him running about in yards 2, 3, or 4. If he doesn't have a big ol' grin, he's suckering you in with his big ol' puppy eyes! Cuddles and scratches are at the top of the list for Riley and we are always happy to oblige! Congratulations on being Camper of the Week, Riley!

  • Loki

    August Camper of the Week


    Meet a pup who lives up to his name, Loki! Loki is our Camper of the Week and well deserves it! He joined Camp early this year as an addition to his big sis, Aubrey! Loki is a total goofball and is always down to clown. He is not picky about who to play with at camp, so long as they are open to chase and roughhouse. He always makes sure to check in on his big sis before bounding off to make new furiends. When he finally slows down, he is all about getting love from the camp counselors and gives you this big goofy grin with his ears flopping everywhere. Congratulations to our silly Loki for being our Camper of the Week!

  • Sugar

    August Camper of the Week


    Ladies and gentlemen, put your paws together for one of our sweetest and favorite golden doodles, Sugar! She is quite the affectionate pup and loves her snuggles in the play yards! Whenever she needs extra back rubs, she loves booping her nose on her camp counselors for extra lovin'! When Sugar's feeling extra pumped, she loves to hop all day long in our outdoor yards and its a sight you can't miss! Please join us in congratulating Miss Sugar!

  • Jack

    August Camper of the Week


    Our handsome beagle mix, Jack is our Camper of the Week! This sweet boy is the best at asking for snuggles from the camp counselors in the play yard. He will sneak right between your legs and then tilt his head up to get the best angle for his big puppy eyes. You cannot resist. He is a little more selective with his play mates and is most active first thing in the morning; the afternoon is dedicated snuggle time. You can find Jack in play yard 1 with his fellow little campers! Give him a big congratulations for being our Camper of the week!

  • Boz

    August Camper of the Week


    Meet our Basset-Terrier mix, Boz! This goofball is practically friends with just about every small dog at camp. Although it took several interview attempts for Boz to come around, he absolutely loves spending time with his fur-iends and getting snuggles from his favorite camp counselors. You know Boz is in a good mood when he spends the rest of his day playing with his best friend Bowie the doodle! Once this munchkin is all tuckered out, he loves to pick his favorite spot, alongside the wall to snooze the day away! Congratulation to Boz, our Camp of the week!!!

  • Nelson

    July Camper of the Week


    Meet our ball pit hunting, obstacle course hopping, handsome boy, Nelson!! This cutie is our Camper of the Week! Nelson has been with the pack for nearly 3 years! He also recently got a new brother, Archie! Nelson is a big goofball and loves to initiate play with other campers by bonking them with his tail and his body from the side. He's also a masterful cuddler and will follow around his favorite camp counselors to make sure he doesn't miss a moment of head scratches! Congratulations Nelson for being our Camper of the Week!

  • Lily

    July Camper of the Week


    Meet Lily, our water loving, zoomie spaniel! Lily joined the pack last year and just turned 1 year old this past March. She started off in the little pup yard but has since graduated to the big kid yards! Lily LOVES to run and can regularly be found running off her zoomies in the play yards, encouraging her furiends to play a game of chase! And if the puppy pools aren't down for her to play in, she's knock over a bucket or water so she can splash around inside. She's a very silly pup and we love having her! Congratulations Lily on being Camper of the Week!

  • Baby

    July Camper of the Week


    Give a BIG hello to our sweet Baby! This little lady rules the big dog yard, despite being a little on the shorter side. She doesn't let that stop her and she's ready to zoom and play with whoever is closest. Baby joined us last year and has been rocking in the play yards ever since! Once she's run her zoomies and she's tired out her furiends, Baby is happy to let the Camp Counselors spoil her too! Check in on the cameras and see if you can find this speedy lady playing! Congratulations Baby for being Camper of the Week!

  • Bella

    July Campers of the Week


    Meet a camper who has been with us since 2009! Bella here is an old champ when it comes to Camp Bow Wow! We met her years ago when she was only a little puppy and have been incredibly lucky to watch over her as she's grown. Don't tell Bella she's getting up there in years, she will surely deny it! Bella still has those puppy eyes that sucker you in and makes sure she gets all the scratches, rubs, and attention she can get! Bella's also the perfect dog to meet our newest campers during an interview as she matches their energy and helps ease them into being part of the pack! Thank you Bella for being such a good girl and Congratulations on being Camper of the Week!

  • Trinity

    June Camper of the Week


    Say hello to a little lady with a big voice! Trinity is our Camper of the Week and she is so excited! To be fair, this cutey is ALWAYS excited and we just love her energy! Trinity bounded into our pack all the way back in 2014 and has made many furiends along the way! You can find her in the small dog yard, telling everyone what's going on and talking to the camp counselors all about her day! She's always up for some belly rubs and loves to show off her balancing act of standing and dancing on her back legs. Trinity is the life of the party, to be sure! Congratulations Trinity on being our Camper of the Week!!

  • Zuko

    June Camper of the Week


    Meet the goofiest prince to date: Zuko! This little man captured our hearts from the get-go when he walked in, chatting it up with everyone going by. Zuko has some husky in him, so he's a great conversationalist and will give you a 'wooo-woo' type greeting when he get's really excited. Zuko is in our small dog play yard, but don't let his size fool you; this pup is full of spunky silliness. He's notorious for booping other dogs on the head and has a long list of furiends: Boomer, Zubi, Atticus, Bowie, etc. When he's not chasing down his fellow campers, he can be caught sun bathing outside! He'll either curl up for an afternoon nap or streeeetch out to catch those NC rays! Congratulations to Zuko for being our Camper of the Week!

  • Finn

    June Camper of the Month


    If you haven't met this gentle soul, you are missing out. Meet Finn, an Australian Shepherd whose goal in life is to relax and keep watch over his humans and fellow campers. He's been with the pack for a little over 2 years and we couldn't be luckier to have him amongst our campers! Finn is awesome for new campers as his gentle demeaner eases them into the camp life! He also does the most precious wiggles when he knows his best furiends are around! Congratulations to Finn for being our Camper of the Week!

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