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At North Durham We Love Our Campers

Featured Campers

We LOVE our Campers! Check out our featured Campers at Camp Bow Wow North Durham. These pups love to play all day in our fun, safe and social environment, and receive lots of love and attention from our Certified Camp Counselors® whether they’re in for day care or boarding.

  • Graceson

    March Camper of the Week


    Age: 5.5 years old
    Breed: Chinese Crested

    We love little Graceson so much! He is a regular here at camp and loves to run Play Yard 1, where you can find him perched high like a lion looking over the pack when he's not napping/relaxing! Graceson is a Saving Grace rescue and we couldn't be happier to have him with us! Graceson has been with us since 2017 and he truly loves it here...and loves taking pictures...he is such a HAM! Congratulations Graceson we are so proud of you!

  • Lady

    March Camper of the Week


    Age: 1 year old
    Breed: Labrador Retriever

    Lady is as sweet as it gets...she is super adorable and even more lovable! She bounded through the doors here at camp almost a year ago. We love having her at camp and we are so thrilled to highlight her as Camper of the Week. Lady can be found in Play Yards 2-3...where she loves to play with her best pals, Tiki & Bucket…who match her bottomless puppy energy! She is as playful as it gets, and we love it! Cheers to Lady...we love her so!

  • Aengus

    March Camper of the Week


    Age: 3 years old next month
    Breed: Pit Bull/Boxer Mix

    Aengus is the life of the party and such a sweetie! He has been with us for almost a year now and we look forward to seeing him trot through the doors, excited and ready to play with us! You can find Aengus in Play Yards 2 or 3, running and playing like the pit/boxer mix he is. This silly guy is also very photogenic...he took the most adorable Valentine's Day Picture, and he flirted with the camera again for this photo of honor. We are super lucky to have Aengus with us.

  • Jo

    March Camper of the Week


    Age: 1 year old
    Breed: Labrador Retriever

    Jo is super cute and just as sweet and fun-loving. Jo has been with us since August 2018 and we are always excited to see her prancing through the door each day with her mom! Jo is full of fun and is super photogenic as you can see! She is excited about life and loves being a dog! She just celebrated her 1st Birthday in February and is growing more and more everyday…we love having Jo here at camp…she is such a sweetheart.

  • Cakes

    February Camper of the Week


    Age: Almost 2 years old
    Breed: Labrador Retriever/ Foxhound Mix

    Cakes is the perfect name for this sweet girl! Cakes bounded into camp about a year ago and has become quite the entertainment! She loves to sing to all the camp counselors! We think she was a lounge singer in her former life! This amazing lab/foxhound mix has made her way into all our hearts with her fun-loving energy and those gorgeous hazel eyes! Play Yard 2 is where you can find Cakes on most days, getting cuddles from the camp counselors, and playing with her favorite fur-iend Archie!

  • Brooklyn T.

    February Camper of the Week

    Brooklyn T.

    Age: 1.5 years old
    Breed: Labrador Retriever/ German Shepherd Mix

    Brooklyn T. has been with us for almost a whole year now and we enjoy having him at camp. You can find this high jumping German Shepherd Dog in Play Yard 2, where you can find him socializing with his fur-iends, relaxing/napping, and loving on the camp counselors! He loves to stay over the weekend with us...but we think he loves the extra tasty large dog biscuit that his dad packs for him a little more!

  • Hank

    February Camper of the Week


    Age: 3.5 years old
    Breed: Labrador Retriever/ Hound Mix

    Hank has been running the play yards with us for almost 2 years and we are so in love with him! Hank can be found in Play Yards 2-4, where he likes to get lots of loving and rubs from his favorite camp counselor, Brittany. Hank is a lover, not a fighter as he loves to give lots of kisses. Hank also enjoys lounging and napping during his time at camp. We are so happy to have him with us and the counselors love this lovable Lab to pieces!

  • Khaleesi

    February Camper of the Week


    Age: 5.75 years old (Will be 6 in May)
    Breed: Siberian Husky

    Khaleesi has been with us for almost three years. Now that she is a full-grown pup, you can find her in play yards 3 or 4 full of energy and endless cuddles for all of camp counselors! She is one of our smartest campers and she loves play with the younger dogs, as she matches their never-ending playful energy!

  • Mufasa

    January Camper of the Week


    Age: 6 years old
    Breed: Shih Tzu

    Three years ago, this lovable pup pranced into our doors and stole our hearts. Play Yard 1 is his usual hangout, where he loves early morning play time with his fellow small sized friends...especially his best bud, Ollie. He is a huge help to the counselors as he likes to keep watch over the yard from his favorite nap/chill spot...on top of the slide! He loves his furry friends, but really enjoys being "one of the guys" as he thinks that he is also a camp counselor! He especially likes to play and run with his Camp Counselor Friend Cat...go figure!

  • Wally T.

    January Camper of the Week

    Wally T.

    Age: Will be 1 years old in October 2019
    Breed: Labrador Retriever Mix

    Wally bounced into Camp almost a whole year ago and the yards haven't been the same since! We love having Wally at Camp as he meets new friends and wrestles with his old buds! You can easily find this bouncing ball of energy in play yards 3 or 4 with the medium and large sized dogs. He also loves playing with his favorite Camp Counselor, Jaysen, as he gets head and ear scratches and the best belly rubs! Congratulations, again, Wally for winning Camper of the Week!

  • Ted and Luna

    January Camper of the Week

    Ted and Luna

    Age: Ted (5 years old), Luna (10 years old)
    Breed: Pit Bull Terrier & Siberian Husky Mix

    Meet this week’s Campers of the Week: Ted and Luna!! It has been nearly a year to the date since Ted and Luna became part of our pack. These two are connected at the hip and love each other tons and tons. You will rarely see Ted exploring without Luna by his side in the big dog yard. Ted is also one huge love bug and will always be happy for some scratches and praise from his favorite camp counselors. Plus, Luna recently just made a new friend, Porter, a big black lab. Luna is the quiet sister to Ted’s more rambunctious nature, so we were so excited when these two hit it off and became the best of friends. And since both Ted and Luna come play so often, they are awesome helpers with brand new campers. They know just how to say hello and make the new pups comfortable at Camp!!

  • Scout

    January Camper of the Week


    Age: 3 years old
    Breed: Labrador Retriever

    This giant yellow lab is the life of the party and he LOVES his sister, Amber! He and Amber live with different human parents so they schedule specific play dates at Camp! Scout gets SUPER excited when he gets to play with her, and they can often be found wrestling and chasing one another in the big dog play yards. When one gets too tired, they lay down and play on their bellies while they gather their energy again! Scout is also a big believer in snuggle time with the Camp Counselors if Amber is taking a nap or he needs a good scratch behind the ear!

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