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featured campers

At North Durham We Love Our Campers

Featured Campers

We LOVE our Campers! Check out our featured Campers at Camp Bow Wow North Durham. These pups love to play all day in our fun, safe and social environment, and receive lots of love and attention from our Certified Camp Counselors® whether they’re in for day care or boarding.

  • Jetro

    January Camper of the Week


    This is Jetro! The first in his family of four to be Camper Of The Week! Congratulations Jetro! He's got lots of big muscles but his biggest one is his heart! He's the family guardian & leader, it's a tough job but some puppy's gotta do it! If you ever see him, blow him a kiss and hold open the door because he's always on a mission to go go go!

  • Celine

    February Camper of the Week


    Starting February off with a WOOF is our Camper Of The Week, CELINE! She's a very sweet & refined camper, full of love & wags! She keeps it cool with our other little campers, catch her playing a little bit of tag, and stealing counselors hearts (and affection)!

  • Argos

    February Camper of the Week


    Put your paws together this Valentine's day for Argo-Christmas! Our Camper Of The Week! Argo-Christmas is notorious for making funny faces & filling camp with laughter! A beautiful camper with an even more beautiful personality! Argo-Christmas, how's it feel to have it all? If you ever see Argo-Christmas be sure to ask if you can give him a boop on the snoot!

  • Molly

    February Camper of the Week

    Molly Z

    Introducing MOLLY! She's our Camper Of The Week! It is well deserved, she has a heart of gold & can make anyone fall in love. She brings out the best in every camper & counselor she meets. She teaches young pups the ways of the world, and fills old hearts with a new youth. She's so special & if you're ever blessed enough to meet her, give her a head pat & a thank you- she deserves it. Trust us.

  • ACE

    January Camper of the Week


    Yappy Monday! With every Monday comes a new camper of the week to brighten the day! This week? IT'S ACE! We think his personality radiates in this photo & really we wouldn't have it any other way! That smile brings smiles any and every time we see him! He loves his counselors here at camp and he isn't afraid to show it! When he's here where there's a human, there's an Ace. Don't expect too much loyalty though, he always thinks the pets are better on the other side and will abandon you for any new face he sees! (No hard feelings though, there's enough love to go around with this one!)

  • Blue

    January Camper of the Week


    Put your paws together for our camper of the week, BLUE! Have you ever looked at a dog and thought "I bet you that dog knows the wonders of the world."? I never had, that is, until I met Blue. Such a kind hearted, caring, wise & relaxed camper. Blue takes everything in stride & goes with the flow! Long vacation at camp? He settles right in & prepares to share lots of wags with other campers & staff. He has no problem bouncing between a full energy yard going all in on play time, and a calm set of campers who've settled in for nap time. You can also find him sitting stoically on the slide- probably sharing wisdom & life advice with his fellow campers. (Be great if he could share it with us too, huh? Guess we'll have to settle for excited wags and snuggles... for now!)

  • Garrus

    January Camper of the Week


    Is anyone else jealous of how pretty our camper of the week Garrus is? Tall, dark, handsome, what more could you want? A dashing smile? Check. A loving & goofy? Check. Up for adventure? Check! He's a catch who loves to play catch- and chase. You can find Garrus running with the big dogs, he's still a puppy so you'll be able to watch him grow right before your eyes! And if you ever catch him in the lobby you simply must give him a pat, that fur is oh so soft you won't wanna miss it!

  • Vinnie

    January Camper of the Week


    Can you touch your nose with your tongue? I can't. But our camper of the week Vinnie can! What a talent!! Of which he has many; like looking cute & stealing hearts! You can find this handsome camper in play yard 1 with the small crowd! Don't be fooled though, he has the spirit of a big dog! Vinnie love love loves to play! Seriously he could go all day and night, then do it again the next day! He only stops for pets, and treats (how do you think I got such a stunning photo!?)

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