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We LOVE our Campers! Check out our featured Campers at Camp Bow Wow Meridian. These pups love to play all day in our fun, safe and social environment, and receive lots of love and attention from our Certified Camp Counselors® whether they’re in for day care or boarding.

  • November 2023 Camper of the Month


    Congratulations to our December Camper of the Month - Birdie! Birdie is a 9-month-old Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua mix and has a ton of personality packed into that itty bitty frame of hers! She has been a member of our pack for only 2 months (since October!) and has become Miss Popular! She loves to make new furiends with pups of all sizes! When she met Miles the Chihuahua, she fell in love, and only had eyes for him! They love to romp and play and they have the best time together! She also loves to wrestle with fellow wild child, Bingo the Beagle! Birdie is such a sweet girl and we’ve loved watching her blossom and make friends and enjoy her pup and human pals at Camp! We are so glad to know such a wonderful pup. Thank you Meg for sharing your sweet girl with us!

  • November 2023 Camper of the Month


    Congratulations to our November Camper of the Month, Rhu! Rhu the Hungarian vizsla joined our pack in November of 2022 at the wee age of 4 months! With her being a little lass, she first made friends with pups in our small dog yard - she particularly enjoyed snuggling with her buddy Winston the pug! She grew up quickly and soon graduated to the big dog yard where she made lots more friends! She enjoys socializing with her fellow vizsla pals Daisy and Oakley, and she loves romping and wrestling with Moose the retriever mix and Pepper the pyrenees mix! Rhu is a petite gal with tons of energy and she loves to play, play, play! As a “velcro vizsla,” her other favorite pastime is getting LOTS of snuggles from the Camp counselors! She always loves coming to Camp and when she comes through the doors, she can’t contain her wiggles of excitement! We have loved watching Rhu blossom, and are excited for more wiggles and snuggles in the future! Thank you Justin and Vanessa for sharing your sweet girl with us!

  • October 2023 Camper of the Month


    Introducing our Camper of the Month for October, Pops! Young man Pops is almost 2 years old, and joined our pack in July of this year. Since then he has been Mr. Popular - he is adored by pups and humans alike! His spotted face is absolutely irresistible, and so is his personality! He loves to romp and play with his beagle buddy Bingo and fellow frenchie pal Doug! When Doug and Pops are at Camp, it's wrestlemania! Pops has such a sweet disposition and has a goofy side too! You may turn around to find that Pops has picked up the water bowl and is prancing around the yard showing off his "toy!" He's a silly boy and everyone loves him! Thank you so much Mark for sharing your goofy boy with us!

  • September 2023 Camper of the Month


    Introducing our Camper of the Month, Penny! Miss Penny joined our pack in January 2022. On her very first day. Penny bounded into the play yard with loads of confidence, and nothing has changed since! Penny is always willing to make a new friend and wrestle with anyone who is up for the challenge. Penny spends her entire day romping and wrestling around the yard, but there's nothing quite like the circus that ensues when her best friend Zoey shows up to play! Penny has been such a great addition to our Camp family, and we can't imagine it without her,

    Thank you so much Alex for sharing your sweet girl with us!

  • August 2023 Camper of the Month


    Introducing our August Camper of the month, Phinny! He is a long time Camper, joining our pack all the way back in early 2016! We have spent a lot of time with Phinny, and have watched him age so gracefully through the years. He is always happy to greet us at the gate in the morning, and is always happy to find a cabin to snooze in before a day of play! Phinny loves his counselors and his fellow Campers. More than anything though, Phinny loves to sunbathe! You can almost always guarantee you'll catch him soaking up sun at least once a day! When he isn't warming up outside, Phinny enjoys snuggling up on the play structure or keeping himself young by romping around with the puppies! Thank you so much to the Hartwig/Lingle family for sharing your sweet boy with us!

  • July 2023 Camper of the Month


    Introducing our July Camper of the Month, Roxie! Miss Roxie has been coming to Camp since 2020, and we are SO happy to have her! She is a total love bug and is happy to accept snuggles from any counselor offering them up. Roxie is a rather mellow lady, she enjoys spending her day sun bathing outside or snoozing in the yard. Roxie is a friend to everyone she meets and on occasion, you can even catch her rough housing with an energetic pup in the yard! We have all loved caring for Roxie so much, and we are excited for many more years of love from her!

  • June 2023 Camper of the Month


    Introducing our June Camper of the Month, Art! Arthit joined our pack in February 2022, and he stole our hearts on his first day! Art is a sweet boy who loves his friends and his counselors. Art is always happy to greet everyone in Camp with a tail wag and some snuggles. Art's favorite thing to do at Camp is to befriend fellow nap-loving dogs and snuggle up next to them. He has brought us all so much joy and entertainment in his time at Camp, and we're so glad he's a part of our pack. We want to say a HUGE thank you to Gina for sharing your sweet boy with us. We are so happy to have him!

  • May 2023 Camper of the Month


    May’s Camper of the Month has been a member of our pack for a LONG time. Joining our camp family all the way back in 2009, Kokopelli has become a fixture at camp. In his heyday he loved to romp and play, as he has matured in age he still loves to play but is a bit more selective about his friends and tends to gravitate to other long time campers like doodles Clio and Coco.

    Koko is well known around camp for his cheeky attitude and love for bedtime treats! When he sees one of his favorite counselors in a different yard from the one he is in, he likes to make it known that he would like to move to that yard. Once in there he will rush over to his counselor for some scritches before hopping up on the toy so that he can hold their hand. Koko is such a special part of Camp and we are so grateful that his parents have entrusted us with him for all these years. Thank you Ken and Barbara for sharing your boy with us, he is always a joy to have in Camp!

  • April 2023 Camper of the Month


    Introducing our April Camper of the Month, Miles! Miles is a fairly new camper; he joined our pack in August 2022, but you wouldn't know that by the way he plays! Miles brings so much energy into our playgroup. When Miles speeds into the yard, he greets all of his friends (humans AND pups) with his signature spin around and a tail wag! Miles is a fantastic buddy to all of his friends at Camp, including his doppelgänger, Alfredo and his Aussie girlfriend, Aggie! Miles' energy is contagious in the yards, which makes him the perfect pup for getting the new, shy pups to come out of their shell. He has brought us all so much joy and entertainment in his short time at Camp, and we can't wait to see all of the new friendships he's going to make. We want to say a HUGE thank you to Shea for sharing your sweet boy with us. We are so happy to have him!

  • March 2023 Camper of the Month


    Let us introduce you to our Camper of the Month, Sokka! We feel so lucky that we get to be a part of this amazing guy's life! It's been obvious since he joined us in 2021 that Sokka makes friends everywhere he goes! Sokka loves everyone he meets (humans and dogs alike) and he'll never say no to a chance to play! During his time at Camp, Sokka loves to wrestle and run, often with the younger crowd, as they can keep up with him! While he loves to participate in the chaos parade, it's not rare to find him recharging his battery with a nap in the yard. Sokka joins us for nearly every specialty enrichment we offer, and he has a blast every time! Sokka is one of the smartest pups you'll ever meet, and he'll show off any trick in exchange for some love. His favorite enrichment is any that includes toys that he can play keep away with. We are so happy that we get to be furriends with Sokka. Thank you so much Amanda and Andy for sharing him with us!

  • February 2023 Camper of the Month


    Let us introduce you to our February Camper of the Month, Gino! Last spring, Gino joined our pack and instantly began making friends. Gino lights up the whole yard as soon as he shows up, and he keeps the party going all day long. A few months after Gino joined us, his best friend and doppelgänger, Peter Barker showed up and they've been absolutely inseparable since! During his days at Camp, Gino wears himself out wrestling, playing, and running laps around the yard with his pals! He keeps every counselor entertained with his hilarious antics and horseplay. Gino loves his fellow campers and counselors alike, and the feeling is mutual.

    Congratulations to Gino and thank you to Alexa and Ben for sharing this funny guy with us!

  • January 2023 Camper of the Month


    For the month of January, our staff has nominated Miss Evie as our Camper of the Month! Evie joined our pack at just 7 months old back in 2014. Her happy-go-lucky personality makes it so easy for our Camp counselors to adore her. Each morning during Evie's Camp visits, she greets her counselors with snuggles and kisses. We can't think of a better way to start our day! Even at 8 years old, Evie matches the energy of any pup that might want to play with her. She spends her days at camp napping, getting a snuggle anywhere she can, and barking along with her friends. We are so grateful we get the chance to love on this perfect girl. Thank you so much to Maureen and Gordon for sharing Evie with us!

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