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We LOVE our Campers! Check out our featured Campers at Camp Bow Wow Meridian. These pups love to play all day in our fun, safe and social environment, and receive lots of love and attention from our Certified Camp Counselors® whether they’re in for day care or boarding.

  • June 2024 Camper of the Month


    Congratulations to our June Camper of the Month - REX! Rex is a very handsome, outgoing, 2-year-old Weimaraner. Rex joined our pack in September of last year, coming from an out-of-state Camp Bow Wow! Rex was a little unsure of us at first, but after a few fun days at Camp, Rex quickly warmed up to us and now has no hesitation running in to greet us! Rex has very charming, icy-colored eyes that everyone falls in love with! He has such a live personality and never fails to put a smile on all of our faces. Rex loves to sit at the Counselor's feet in the yard, watch his fur friends from the red toy, and is sure to let us know when he wants love and cuddles!
    Big thanks to Anna for sharing your sweet boy with us!

  • May 2024 Camper of the Month


    Introducing our Camper of the Month for May - Forrest! Forrest is a 4-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix with the cutest face and best personality! He joined our Pack in October of 2020, at just 9 months old! Recently, he has become a regular for day care again, and we are so glad! Forrest puts a smile on all of our faces when he comes running into Camp to greet us. Forrest has the sweetest little bark and happy cries and loves to tell us all about his day! He’s sure to never miss out on snuggles and love from the Counselors! A huge thank you to Scott for sharing your special little guy with us!

  • April 2024 Camper of the Month


    Introducing our Camper of the Month for April - Ginny! Ginny joined our Pack in May of 2023 and has become a regular since, and we are so glad! Everyone’s day is made when Ginny comes in for day care. She is a very unique girl and never fails to make us smile. She will never miss out on hugs from the Counselors or playing with her friends! But Ginny also loves to relax quietly on the toy after playing the day away with her besties; Duck, Oakley, Luya, Kona, and many more! A huge thank you to Abby for sharing your lovely girl with us!

  • March 2024 Camper of the Month


    Introducing our Camper of the Month for March - Elvis! He joined our Pack in March of 2023 and since then, everyone now looks forward to seeing Elvis. He lights up everyone’s day when he comes into Camp! Elvis comes running into Camp ready to welcome every pup and Counselor with his big smile and tries to include everyone! He loves any pup who is willing to play but especially loves to romp around with his besties, Ellie, Bruno, and Sprinkle! There is never a dull moment with Elvis at Camp! A huge thank you to RuthAnn for sharing your special guy with us!

  • February 2024 Camper of the Month


    Introducing our Camper of the Month for February- Bubba! Bubba is a 3-year-old Basset Hound and has the most handsome jowly face! He joined our pack in April of 2023 and has become a frequent Camper this past year - and boy are we glad! He loves fellow basset hound Caleb, it’s always a joy to see them romp around and play together! He also has good time with his buddy Milo the border collie! He’s a big fan of our specialty enrichments, especially our toy box parties! Thank you Haley for sharing your handsome guy with us!

  • January 2024 Camper of the Month


    Introducing our Camper of the Month for January - Bruno! Bruno is a one-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and just the sweetest little bundle of cute! He is a joyful little guy who will play with anyone and everyone! His besties are Genaveev and Ellie the Frenchies, Sprinkle the chihuahua, and Nimby the Havanese. Bruno is such a happy little guy with an irresistible face, and we are so happy he is a member of our pack! Thank you Patti for sharing your sweet little boy with us!

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