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We LOVE our Campers! Check out our featured Campers at Camp Bow Wow Golden. These pups love to play all day in our fun, safe and social environment, and receive lots of love and attention from our Certified Camp Counselors® whether they’re in for day care or boarding.

  • January 2024 Camper of the Month


    Our January Camper of the Month is Cleo! Cleo is a 7-month-old Great Pyrenees puppy with lots of spunk! Her mom calls her “Party Girl“ and she lives up to that name at Camp, as she loves romping around in the yard ?and playing with all of her friends! She is one of the sweetest pups around and we always love seeing her in the play yards!

  • July 2023 Camper of the Month


    Atlas is a 1-year-old Cavapoo who is one of the sweetest pups at Camp! His favorite activities include jumping in the ball pit, sitting on top of the play set, and throwing both paws up when he plays with his many friends at Camp! He is a Counselor favorite and always puts a smile on all of their faces!

  • December 2022 Camper of the Month


    Messi is a sweet and playful one-year-old Boxer! He loves to chase his friends around the yard and enjoys giving lots of smiles to his favorite Counselors! He is a positive pup with lots of energy!!

  • August 2021 Camper of the Month

    Gracie & Otis

    Gracie and Otis are such an adorable pair! They have been coming for Day Camp to Golden since April 2019, and we have had such a blast getting to know them! Gracie is a gorgeous Whippet who likes to say hello to all the Counselors/ Otis is the wild child, he likes to play with every pup in the yard! These two always remember their siblings, and they have a great time playing with each other! We are overjoyed to have these lovely pups as our Little Campers of the month!

  • August 2021 Camper of the Month


    Yadi the Vizsla has been coming to Golden since November of 2018. She is a little ball of energy! She likes to say hello to every Counselor that comes in the yard, as well as every pup! She likes to play with other Campers who can match her lovely Vizsla energy. We adore having Yadi come to Camp and we are elated to have Miss Yadi as our Big Camper of the month! Congrats Yadi!

  • July 2021 Camper of the Month


    Congrats to Pepe, our Little Camper of the Month! He may be one of our smallest Campers, but he has the biggest personality! He has been coming to Golden since December 2018 and we adore every visit. Pepe is a very playful pup and always tries to make friends with every other Camper in the yard! We often use him for interviews because he such a friendly pup! We are proud to have him as our Little Camper of the Month.

  • July 2021 Camper of the Month


    We are excited to announce that Hunter is our Big Camper of the Month! Hunter has been coming to Camp since August of 2018 and we have loved having him here. This handsome man is the life of the party! He always has a friend to play with, rain or shine! In the summertime, he loves to splash about in our pools! Since Hunter is a Golden Retriever, he has a beautiful thick coat of cream-colored fur. We get to give him baths all the time and he loves to be pampered. Congratulations Hunter, we can’t wait to see you at Camp again soon.

  • June 2021 Camper of the Month

    Roku and Korra

    Contrary to popular belief (between our Camp Counselors) Roku is the older pup of these two! Roku interviewed back in 2015 and was coming to Camp regularly for a year and a half before Korra interviewed in mid-2016. Since then, they have been coming to Camp together! Roku always lets us know if someone is outside our yard, and Korra always joins in! We adore these fluffy two pups and we can’t get enough of their beautiful fluffy mustaches! Congrats Roku and Korra, you’re our Campers of the month for June!

  • June 2021 Camper of the Month

    Farley and Moo Cow

    Farley and Moo Cow are quite a pair at Camp. Farley has been coming to Camp since 2016 and Moo Cow interviewed in 2018. Farley is a little more outgoing (at Camp) than Moo Cow, he likes to play with lots of other pups! Moo Cow likes to follow her brother around all day, she’ll sniff other pups and say hello, but she saves all her playtime for her brother! We are so thrilled to have these two as our Big Campers of the Month. Congrats Farley and Moo Cow!

  • May 2021 Camper of the Month

    Cash and Frisco

    Cash and Frisco are a dynamic duo here at Golden! These two ladies have been coming to Camp since August 2018, and we’ve seen such growth with their confidence in the yards! Cash is more outgoing with other Campers, which helps Frisco build her confidence! These ladies are such a pleasure to have at Camp, we are so pleased to have them as our Big Dog Campers of the Month!

  • May 2021 Camper of the Month


    Riley has been coming to Golden since October 2018! She started out pretty nervous but she quickly built her confidence in the yard! Now she is one of our beautiful singers at Camp! She is improving every day and we are so delighted to have her as our Little Dog Camper if the month!

  • April 2021 Camper of the Month


    Tucker has been coming to Camp for almost a year! Tucker is a terrier mix who is just under two years old. His 1-year Camp-aversary will be at the end of April and we are so thrilled that we got to spend an entire year with this pup! Tucker comes to Camp bursting at the seams with energy and with all his friends at Camp he gets to play the day away! We adore watching him run around with all his Camper friends, running around the playset, on the playset, around the Counselor and under the Counselor! Tucker is the perfect pup for Camp, and we couldn’t happier to have him as our April Little Camper of the Month.

  • April 2021 Camper of the Month


    Tucker is a stunning Golden Retriever who is just about to turn 2! He has been coming to Golden for about 2 months now and we have had the best time learning about him! Tucker loves to play, and he loves to tell others how to play! When Tucker finds the perfect playmate, he sticks but their side (or lays at their feet) the rest of the day! He gets a lot of exercise here at Camp, running around our Outdoor Yards in the sun and snow! We just adore Tucker and his playful attitude, and we are excited to have him as our April Big Camper of the Month.

  • March 2021 Camper of the Month


    Fender is a long-time Camper dating way back to 2009, his 10-year anniversary will be in April! He enjoys his time at Camp, lounging in the sun and watching all the puppies run around the yard. As a Border Collie he is quite an intelligent pup, and he is a master of Gate Management. Fender comes to Camp for the relaxation and all the love from the Camp Counselors. We adore seeing his silly smile when he walks into Camp!

  • March 2021 Camper of the Month


    Tashi has been a steady Camper here at Golden since 2012! She is an adorable little Tibetan Terrier who loves to play with other fluffy fur-iends! She has her favorites (usually other pups that look like doodles) but she always makes time to say hello to the Counselors. We cherish every day that Tashi comes in for daycare!

  • February 2021 Camper of the Month


    Ollie has been a staple in our small dog yard for quite some time. He started coming to Camp in November of 2016! We adore having him here at Golden and he sure has a great time! We’ve seen him play in our doggy pools, romp around on our snow piles, and take a snooze on our play equipment after a hard play-sesh. We treasure every day Ollie comes to Camp.

  • February 2021 Camper of the Month


    We first met Mr. Bailey as a puppy in November of 2018 and look how big he is already! He may only be 5 ½ months, but he can play with the big dogs! Bailey is a regular at Camp and he already knows the drill! When he comes in, he knows to sit for all the welcoming pets then heads right to the back to tussle with his friends! It has been such an incredible experience getting to see Bailey grow in front of our eyes and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see him continue growing here at Golden!

  • January 2021 Camper of the Month

    Faith, Blue and Poppy

    Faith, Blue and Poppy have been coming to Camp Bow Wow Golden since 2011! They are a pleasure to have at Camp, and we always enjoy chatting with Marc and Dea at pick-up/drop-off. Blue is the youngster who likes to run around playing with other dogs, Faith is the eldest who likes to bark at Counselors on the other side of the fence. Poppy is the calmest in the yard, she likes to get those pets from Counselors, but once Dad is here, Poppy is the troublemaker! She likes to jump all over her siblings because she’s too dang excited!

  • January 2021 Camper of the Month


    Caoimhe has been a constant Camper of ours since she interviewed 2017! She is a sassy little Queen of the Yard. Caoimhe has her favorite friends she plays with right away, but she also likes to switch social groups and play with anyone that bumps into her! Unless, of course, one of the Counselors is offering attention, then she’s got her eye on the prize! We adore Miss Caoimhe here at Camp and we are ecstatic to call her our Camper of the Year 2018!!

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