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Come Back to a Clean, Happy Pup

What’s better than picking up a happy dog from Camp? Picking up a clean and happy dog from Camp! Camp Bow Wow® is happy to provide nail trimming and bathing services that will leave your pup looking and smelling their best. Bathing them on your own is often time-consuming, exhausting, messy, and stressful for both you and your four-legged family member. Rather than trying to do the job yourself after a long, tiring day, why not let us take care of it during your dog’s stay?

dog with Camp Bow Wow employee

With dog grooming areas specially designed for your pup’s comfort, Camp Bow Wow can take this off your to-do list. By adding a bath to your pup’s stay, you can cuddle with a squeaky-clean pup when you get home.

Contact us at (704) 260-0055 to learn more about our dog grooming services.

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Pricing Information

Bathing your dog is a hassle, so let us do the dirty work and you can pick up a clean dog after their stay!

  • Baths Price
    Fresh & Clean

    Includes: scented shampoo, oatmeal conditioner, blow dry, brush out & cologne!

    Doggy Deluxe

    Includes: oatmeal shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning & cologne!


    Includes: oatmeal shampoo and conditioner, blueberry oatmeal facial scrub, blow dry, brush out, nail trim, nail grind, ear cleaning, teeth brushing & cologne!

    Furminator Treatment

    Includes: bath with deshedding shampoo and conditioner, as well as an all-over brushing with a Furminator tool. This premium combination helps protect against excessive shedding and will leave your dog's coat looking healthy and shiny. Pricing is based on dog weight. Recommend Frequency: monthly or seasonally as needed.

    $35.00 - $80.00
  • Add-On Services Price
    Deodorizing Shampoo Upgrade

    Upgrade from oatmeal shampoo to our newer Deodorizing Shampoo with any bath! Deodorizing shampoo absorbs and breaks down odors with Ordenone, the premier odor neutralizer. This pet shampoo makes any animal smell like a dream!

    Argan Oil Shampoo Upgrade

    Upgrade from oatmeal shampoo to our newer Argan Oil shampoo with any bath! The blend of argan oil, vitamin E and antioxidants penetrate deep into the root, restoring strength, shine and luster to dry, brittle coats.

    Blueberry Facial

    Our gentle, tear-free scrub helps to remove dirt, build up and tear stains while soothing your dog's skin. This cleanser contains natural ingredients like oatmeal, vanilla and blueberries that will leave their face soft and smelling sweet. Blueberry facials must be added to a bath service. Recommended Frequency: monthly.


    Nail trim plus a nail grind to help smooth rough edges and prevent scratching. Recommended Frequency: monthly.

    Teeth Brushing

    Our enzymatic toothpaste is specially formulated for pets, to help control plaque and fight bad breath. Recommend Frequency: biweekly.

    Nail Trim

    Trimming of your pup's nails to the shortest, yet safest length. Recommended Frequency: monthly.

    Ear Cleaning

    Our alcohol-free, antimicrobial cleaner breaks through tough wax and debris while deodorizing the ear. This solution contains gentle Aloe Vera and chamomile extracts. Recommended Frequency: biweekly.

  • Individual Enrichment Price
    Sniff & Seek

    Individual play that is an interactive way to stimulate pup's senses and activate problem solving skills.

    Play Pals

    Individual one-on-one time with a Camp Counselor (in empty play yard or training room) to play fetch, tug of war, interactive treat games, and more!

    Snuggle Time

    Individual one-on-one time (in luxury suite or cabin) with a Camp Counselor for extra belly rubs, head scratches, bedtime stories, light brushing, soothing music, special treats, or anything you desire to treat your pup!

  • Other Services Price
    Brush & Blow Out

    Our Brush & Blow Out grooming service includes DRY blow out, brushing, and cologne spritz - NO BATH NEEDED! Giving your dog a blowout is a quick and easy way to get rid of their undercoat and remove loose fur to freshen your pup's coat. A blowout treatment reduces shedding and minimizes the presence of dog dander, creating a healthier home environment.

  • Get a Free Day

    Re-fur a friend to Camp and when they become a paying customer, you'll receive a FREE day of Camp!

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    When the going gets ruff, the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation helps support the health and happiness of our four-legged friends to keep them in their forever homes.

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