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Warner Robins Dog Grooming

Seize the Play® at Camp!

Is your dog getting the exercise and socialization they need? Treat your dog to a fun and active day at Camp and bring home a happy and pooped pooch! Camp Bow Wow® doggy day care services are designed to improve your pup’s quality of life in a safe, fun, and nurturing environment. We provide both dog and human interaction that benefits mental stimulation and socialization. Our spacious play areas allow for maximum fun and the chance for your four-legged family member to burn off some of that pent-up energy.

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Camp Bow Wow Warner Robins Benefits

It’s true: dogs love Camp. This is evidenced by the fact that so many of our Campers get excited at the mention of C-A-M-P. They pull pet parents right up to our door and can’t wait to join the fun. We can give you peace of mind knowing your dog isn’t cooped up at home along with many other benefits our day care services have to offer.

  • Provides regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight
  • Relieves boredom, separation anxiety, and destructive behavior at home
  • Improves socialization with dogs and people
  • Increases overall happiness

Treat your pup to fun-filled days of play!

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  • Baths Price

    Extra Small: 1-15 lbs

    Nail trim, ear cleaning and tooth brushing included.


    Small: 15-35lbs

    Nail trim, ear cleaning and tooth brushing included.


    Medium: 35-65lbs

    Nail trim, ear cleaning and tooth brushing included.


    Large: 65-90lbs

    Nail trim, ear cleaning and tooth brushing included.


    Extra Large: 95+ lbs

    Nail trim, ear cleaning and tooth brushing included.

  • Full Service Grooming Price

    Partial Groom: Extra Small Under: 1-15lbs


    Partial Groom: Small: 15-35lbs


    Partial Groom: Medium: 35-65lbs


    Partial Groom: Large: 65-90lbs


    Partial Groom: Extra Large: 95+lbs


    Full Service Groom: Extra Small: 1-15lbs


    Full Service Groom: Small: 15-35lbs


    Full Service Groom: Medium: 35-65lbs


    Full Service Groom: Large: 65-90lbs


    Full Service Groom: Extra Large: 100+ lbs

  • Add-On Services Price

    Brush Out


    Nail Trim: Dremel Bath Add-On


    Brush: Furminator/De-Shed Add-On


    Blueberry Facial


    Full Service Groom: Long Hair: Thick Coat


    Full Service Dematting


    Deluxe Spa Day

    Deluxe spa day (Special Shamp/Cond & 2 upgrades)

  • Other Services Price

    Ear Plucking


    Teeth Brushing


    Ear Cleaning


    Anal Glands Expression (no cut, no bath)


    Nail Trim: Basic


    Nail Trim: Dremel


    Sanitary Trim


    Misc. Extra Upcharge

  • Get a Free Day

    Re-fur a friend to Camp and when they become a paying customer, you'll receive a FREE day of Camp!

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  • Help a Dog in Need

    When the going gets ruff, the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation helps support the health and happiness of our four-legged friends to keep them in their forever homes.

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