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We LOVE our Campers! Check out our featured Campers at Camp Bow Wow Pittsburgh North. These pups love to play all day in our fun, safe and social environment, and receive lots of love and attention from our Certified Camp Counselors® whether they’re in for day care or boarding.

  • Cooper

    October Member of the Month

    Cooper Schneider

    Cooper is an almost 2-year-old Red Lab who started camp earlier this year. Cooper was a natural born camper and quickly became a member here! This sweet pup is always looking to make friends both human and canine. He always comes in ready to go and then after a while of playing will snuggle up and get love from his favorite people. One of Coopers most well-known traits are his zoomies he gets when his best friends Chief, Harold, or Oreo come into camp. Cooper recently started bringing his brother Nash to camp. These two are such goof balls together, they always get the counselors laughing up a storm. We have loved having Cooper here with us and cannot wait to make more memories with him and now Nash!

  • Ranger

    October Camper of the Month

    Ranger Coon

    Ranger is a 4-year-old Yellow Lab who started stealing hearts at camp almost 2 years ago. Ranger is a very vocal and excitable boy who comes into camp announcing himself and letting us know he is ready for the day. Ranger loves everyone he meets here but his favorite counselors are Xena and Sydney! Ranger’s favorite past time is getting ear and belly scratches from everyone. He loves it when his friends Artie and Kimber are here. Ranger is very well known for his excited leaps he does for pretty much the first hour he is in the yards romping. We love seeing this guy every week and look forward to making more memories!

  • Ellie

    September Member of the Month


    Ellie is an 8-month-old Arubian Cunucu who started coming to camp who started coming to camp earlier this year. Her breed is very high energy, so her mom knew this was going to be a good fit for her. Ellie plays in our small dog yard and is one of the most agile campers we have. She can jump almost to our shoulders! Ellie is very playful with anyone here at camp, but her best friends are Barbara, Bailey, and Babs. Ellie is such a sweet girl who loves to cuddle. When she gets here in the morning, she loves to give us hugs and do her little grumbles. We love having Ellie here at camp and cannot wait to make more memories with her!

  • Nash

    September Camper of the Month


    Nash is a 3-year-old Long haired Dachshund who started coming to camp back in the beginning of 2019. He quickly stole everyone’s hearts and became a crowd favorite. Nash hangs out in our teacup yard with his friends Penny, Oakley, and Kerning. Nash loves almost every other camper he meets, and we always let his mom know how much of an angel this little guys really is. Nash’s favorite past times include sitting on your lap and getting lots of snuggle and howling with the littles. We love how often we get to see this guy and cannot wait to see what memories we will have with him!

  • Louie

    August Member of the Month


    Louie is a 6 and ½ year old Coonhound who started stealing hearts here in June of last year. He was a pro at daycare having gone to daycare on a regular basis in Florida where him and his family moved here from. Louie has had a lot of exciting stuff happen to him over the last year including a new human brother! Louie comes racing into camp announcing himself as soon as the desk person makes eye contact. He is known for his gentle kisses and his soft “woos” in the play yards. Most hounds have no volume button, but Louie does and knows how cute he is when he does it. We always know it’s going to be a good day when Louie comes in and starts our choir up.

  • Tyrion

    August Camper of the Month


    Tyrion is a 3-year-old boxer pit mix who is the goofiest dog at camp. He always comes in so wiggly and ready for action. Tyrion is a camp heart throb but absolutely loves his counselor, Emily. Tyrion has been coming to camp Since March of 2019 and we have loved every visit! His best friends are Wesley, Otto, and Deacon. When this group of guys get together, we know it is going to be a party! We have loved watching Tyrion grow up and learning about him!

  • Sapp & Pisa

    July Members of the Month

    Sapp & Pisa

    Sapphire and Pisa are two greyhounds who are some of our relaxed members we have. Pisa will be 4 years old this month and Sapphire is about 8 years old. These two lovely ladies are well known around camp for being sweet and mellow. When they come in, they are so excited running back to the yards and then they get their midafternoon sunbathing in. Sapphire normally just hangs out and Pisa is happy to do so with her, except when she gets her zoomies in. Her ears pop forward and then the running begins. She normally gets a crazy look from Sapphire like “what on earth are you doing weirdo” but we all know that she loves her all the same. We love the time we get with the girls and cannot wait to have more memories in the future!

  • Chief

    July Camper of the Month


    Chief is an almost 2-year-old red lab who stole the hearts of everyone at camp with his first visit back in August of last year. This big guy is not only known for that handsome smile, but also for his mellow and loving personality. Chief is happy just to get butt scratches and love as he is to play with any dog who walks through the gates. He has a few best friends here that include Harold, Gatlan, and Cooper! When these three re together they will with be running around in the outside yard or laying on the floor chewing on each other. Chief is definitely an old soul, and we couldn’t be happier to spend frequent daycare days with him!

  • Tucker and Lily

    June Members of the Month

    Tucker and Lily

    Tucker a 2-year-old Goldendoodle and his little sister Lilly a 1-year-old Pitt Bull both love camp so much! Lilly comes to play with all of her doggie friends and Tucker comes to play with Lilly and get LOTS of human attention. Tucker started camp in December of 2019 and his parents quickly realized that camp was a must for this crazy puppy. About a year later Tucker got his best friend and partner in crime Lilly. These two quickly became a known as a dynamic duo and stole the hearts of all of our counselors. Tuckers favorite past time here when he is not bugging Lilly is playing fetch with his favorite counselor Xena and giving lots of hugs to her! Lilly is perfectly content romping around for hours but when she gets sleepy so loves cuddling up with her favorite counselor Marlin. We have loved the opportunity to watch these two grow up and cannot wait to spend more time and build great memories with these two crazies!

  • Penelope

    June Camper of the Month


    Penelope, or as she is known at camp “Little P”, is one of our most spunky teacup campers. She started coming to camp back in August of last year and has been “boss” of the teacup yard ever since! She is always so excited to get here and runs as fast as she can all the way to the yard and barks and jump at the door anxiously waiting for us to open it. Her best friends are Piper and Oakley and when these three-gal pals get together the teacup yard is a party! We have loved watching Little P grow up and cannot wait to have more happy memories here at camp with her!

  • Zeus

    May Member of the Month


    Zeus is a 1.5-year-old Australian Shepard that quickly won the hearts of many counselors here at camp. He started camp at the beginning of the year and was a little hesitant at first but as soon as he made some good friends here that was all it took. His parents and camp staff quickly realized that camp would have to be a weekly thing! Zeus love to play games of chase with anyone that will give him the time of day, but his best friends are Mia and Zoe. When these pups get together, we know we are in for an awesome day! Outside playing at camp Zeus love to learn so his parents have been working very hard at teaching him new commands. We love to see our campers grow in camp and out. We cannot wait to see what other memories we can make with this handsome pup!

  • Keke

    May Camper of the Month


    Keke is a 6-month-old Puggle who started camp recently and has become an all-star camper! She is known as you can see above for, the love of running around with items (blankets, toys, and bully sticks) in her mouth. Keke is also a zoomie expert, she loves to get the teacup yard moving with them every morning and every time a new friend comes into her play area. Keke love just about any living thing, but her best friends include Penny, Oakley, and Piper. We love when this little pup comes to camp and gets a party going in our teacup yard!

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