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Pittsburgh North We Love Our Campers

Featured Campers

We LOVE our Campers! Check out our featured Campers at Camp Bow Wow Pittsburgh North. These pups love to play all day in our fun, safe and social environment, and receive lots of love and attention from our Certified Camp Counselors® whether they’re in for day care or boarding.

  • Bella

    December Camper of the Month


    Bella is very picky about who she gives her love too but when she warms up to you she gives you all the love a little chihuahua! She has a singing voice just as good as any husky and she uses it to show her favorite counselor Matt how much she loves him! She really enjoys giving Matt lots of kisses and if he or anyone stops petting her she’s sure to use her little paw to pull your hand back! We enjoy having sweet Bella at camp and look forward to every board!!

  • Sreel

    December Member of the Month


    Steel is our December member of the month. He has been coming to camp since March of 2019 and is a camp favorite. He is quite the ladies man and everyone looks forward to seeing him. He loves all the attention he gets and let’s you know he’s there by nudging your back or pawing at your leg. He loves playing with Dakota and Ella. His favorite place to be is sitting at the top of the stairs and watching the yard like a playground monitor and making sure everyone behaves. Steel is a pleasure to have at camp and his smile proves it 💜

  • Mac

    September Camper of the Month


    Mac the eight month old doodle puppy started coming to Camp in May! In the yards, we call him Little Mac- not to be confused with Big Mac and Mac Attack! Little Mac hangs out in the small dog yard, and he never stops playing! Well, maybe he’ll take a break to get some love from the counselor. Okay, he’ll definitely do that, but just for a minute so he can get right back to playing! Mac comes and plays his entire day all up until he gets picked up- and he’ll hop down the hall like a little goat all the way to lobby! Mac is such a great addition to our pack!

  • Brewski & Falcon

    September Member of the Month

    Brewski & Falcon

    Brewski and Falcon are our members of the month! Brewski is a mountain cur who has been coming to Camp for four years, and his brother Falcon is a schnauzer mix that joined his family last summer! Brewski announces their arrival at Camp every time they come in, and then Brewski plays with our big dogs while Falcon plays with our small dogs. Falcon is a cuddler, and you can often find him curled up on the bridge with his best friends Hester and Harley. Quite the ladies man! Brewski likes to snooze, but when he plays, he PLAYS. When it's time to go home, the two of them barge through the door and Brewski hops straight up on to the counter to say goodbye to the front desk counselor. We love having Brewski and Falcon here at Camp!

  • Coco

    August Camper of the Month


    Coco is an almost one year old lab mix who has been coming to Camp since the spring. She romps around with our small Campers and is the life of Camp when she sleeps over! Coco never stops playing when she’s at Camp, so she loves when she gets to spend the night. She doesn’t just play with the pups, she loves getting some much deserved love from the counselors in the yards! We love having Coco around!

  • Ellie

    August Member of the Month


    Ellie is a one year old Aruban Island Dog who has been coming to Camp since last spring. Despite her small size, Ellie is full of spunk! No fence is too high for her, and she loves to remind us of that by patrolling the small and tea cup yards perched on the wall. When she first started coming to Camp, we’d find her own the loose after hopping the gate out of the yard, but now she saves her shenanigans for the new employees! Ellie is a funny little girl who truly knows what Camp is all about!

  • Nebo

    July Camper of the Month


    Nebo is a six month old cane corso puppy who couldn't love Camp more! When she started back in the spring time, Nebo was the life of the party in our small dog yard. Being a cane corso, she didn't spend too long back there! Nebo couldn't be a more perfect fit in our big dog yards. She plays with anyone and anything, and don't even get us started on when the pools are out! Nebo plays the whole day away and half the time is sleeping before she even goes home! Nebo has wiggled her way into each and every one of our hearts and we are so happy to have her here!

  • Blaiz

    July Member of the Month


    Blaiz is a 5 year old husky who has been a member with us for a while now! Blaiz “you can't catch me” husky never fails to spice up the play yards! His favorite thing to do is to actively do the opposite of what we want him to do. When it's time to leave, Blaiz decides that he's not done playing, and we play chase in the yard. Blaiz loves to play with his friends, but he LOVES laying in the sun (even though he's a fluffy husky) and flopping over onto his back for some belly rubs. Blaiz is a one of a kind guy and everyday with him is a good day!

  • tracey

    June Counselor of the Month


    We are excited to say that Tracey Hawk is our Employee for the month of June. Tracey is the keystone of our North Hills camp. She is always helping others, training new staff and going above and beyond, all with a smile on her face. Our clients love Tracey. They are always reaching out to her with funny stories, pictures, and videos. If a dog needs a little extra TLC, Tracey is right there to be sure the dog gets whatever is needed. If she sees a dog is not eating, she will hand feed the dog. Our staff call her the dog whisperer since there are dogs that will do things for Tracey that no one else can get them to do.

  • peanut camper

    June Camper of the Month


    Peanut the pittie will be two this summer and has been coming to Camp since last fall. Peanut is Camp’s residential friend: there isn’t a dog that Peanut won’t play with! Peanut charges into the big dog play yard and plays the day away every time he’s at Camp. Along with all of his pup pals, Peanut is loved by every single counselor at Camp. How could you not love those adorable ears? Between all of us, Peanut receives so much love when he’s here with us, and we have so much more to give him. We know it’s going to be a good day when Peanut zooms into the play yard!

  • bandit

    June Member of the Month


    Bandit is a seven year old shaggy sheltie mix who has been coming to play at Camp for two years. Bandit comes into Camp expecting the royalty treatment, and that’s exactly what he gets (and deserves)! He crawls right into the front desk worker’s lap before he makes his way down to our small dog play yard. Once he’s there, he takes up residency in his cot. Every small camper knows that that’s Bandit’s spot, but he likes to share his snooze spot with his friends from time to time. Bandit is not shy about asking for pets, and we are more than happy to supply! Our day is made when Bandit walks through the front door!

  • May Counselor of the Month


    We are happy to say May’s Camp Counselor of the month is Kira. Kira has been with camp for 3 and half years and enjoys being able to see all her favorite campers (Reagan, Ava, Fritz, and more) after a long day of nursing classes. She says that working at camp has been a great job for her while in school. Kira also has two pets of her own at home named Jax and Lola. One thing that many people don’t known about Kira is that she is a pro bowler and enjoys beating her boyfriends in game when she has some free time.

  • Murray and Pita May Campers of the Month

    May Camper of the Month

    Murray & Pita

    Murray and Pita are one of camps most well-known dynamic duo. Murray started at camp back in April of 2021 and was a weekly visitor since then. He recently got his new sister Pita who has quickly won over everyone in the building. Murray loves to run and play with everyone and is known for his hops! Pita warmed up just a quick and had recently shown us what her happy dance is and that has to be the cutest thing we've ever seen. Murray and Pita are campers who play with anyone in daycare. Pita had a few favorites that include Finley, Babs, and Ellie. We have really enjoyed having both pups here at camp and cannot wait to see what fun memories we can continue to make!

  • Smitty May Member of the Month

    May Member of the Month


    Smitty is a 1 ½ year old Golden Doodle who started coming to camp May of 2021 and quickly became a member. He is an all star camper and is always so happy and excited to walk through the door. Smitty is a pup who is just happy to get pets and attention but his favorite days are when his Friends Jack and Gatlan are here! Smitty is such a sweet boy who has definitely stolen the hearts of many counselors here, but Sarah and Xena seem to be his favorites. Smitty loves to give hugs and kisses to us when he is in daycare. His favorite time is when we get our pools out and he can play in them and eat the hose when we refill them. We have loved getting to know Smitty over the last year and look forward to many new memories we can make with him!

  • April Camper of the Month


    Drago is a 4-year-old Siberian Husky who started coming to camp in 2018. He is the sweetest boy in the world, when he comes in after saying hi to all his puppy friends he immediately runs over to the counselor for some kisses. Drago is a very active boy who loves to play with all dogs, but other huskies are his favorite! He loves playing with Bodhi and Blaiz the best! We have loved watching Drago grow up over the years, we have even spent a few birthdays with him! Obviously, snow days are his favorite, and we love watching him start the zoomie train out in the yards! Drago is a good boy, and we cannot wait to see what more memories we can make with him!

  • April Member of the Month


    Macie is a 3-year-old Golden Retriever who started camp as a tiny puppy back in 2019. We have watched her grow into the beautiful dog she is today and have made many memories with her over the years. Macie is a mellow soul who just wants love and attention from everyone she meets. Most days Macie can be caught napping in the sun, but she loves to play when her best friends Nala and Ricky are here. Macie is known around camp for the ways she falls asleep. We have caught her napping with half her body on the bridge and half off or with her tail in her mouth on her back. This girl is so goofy we always know we are in for lots of hugs and kisses when we see her walk in.

  • April Counselor of the Month


    We are excited to announce that Javacia Rowe is April's Camp Counselor of the month! Jay started working at our Pittsburgh North location a few months ago and has nothing but impressed up since! She is an all-around hard worker. She helps where needed, for example when a newer employee doesn’t know a dog she helps, or when someone is unsure of a task she does not hesitate to show them. She is always asking good solid questions about the dogs or camp procedures. Jay has made many close connections with our campers, but Harley is by far her favorite and we think Harley feels the same way about Jay! Some of her other favorite dogs include Steel, Falcon, Otto, and Kit Kat! Jay does not have any dogs of her own, but she does have 2 cats at home named Catsanova and Nadia. Jay's favorite thing about working at Camp is how much time we spend with the dogs, she says she learns something new here every day, and she really likes her fellow staff members! Before she came to Camp she worked as a vet and served our country for 16 years in the Army reserve. Jay truly loves Camp and all of our campers, and we are so lucky to have her in our Bow Wow family! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to us and the pups!

  • Josie and Rosie

    March Camper of the Month

    Josie & Rosie

    Josie and Rosie are two pittie sisters who cannot contain themselves when they enter camp! They started here as grooming pups with Christina and then started coming to camp shortly after. We knew with these crazy girls from day one that they were going to be camp all-stars, so their parents made them members. When the girls get here, they immediately run outside and so laps with their friends around the yard for a solid hour before they even say hi to their human friends. Archie, Kyla, and Zoey are some of their favorite chase partners. Rosie doesn’t care who she’s chasing as long as Josie is right there with her. We love seeing these two girls every week and getting all the love from them!

  • Barbara

    March Member of the Month


    Barbara is a 1 ½ year old Australian Shepard that has been running camp since the day she entered. Barbara has so much energy and loves to play with any dog or human that will give her the time of day. She loves to roll in puddles and play in the water buckets too! Barbara has a lot of friends, but Remi, Bailey, and Tucker are some of her favorites. When she isn’t running and doing zoomies with the other pups, she loves to get scratches from her favorite counselors Xena and Tracey. We have loved watching Barbara grow up over her time here at camp and cannot wait to see what more memories we can make with her!

  • Mike Shaffer

    March Counselor of the Month

    Mike Shaffer

    We are so excited to announce that Mike Shaffer has been awarded the Camp Counselor of the Month for March! Mike has worked at our East location for 2 years and our camp has gone nowhere but up ever since. He has never called off a shift and always does what is expected of him. He goes above and beyond before his shift is over, and always comes into work with a clear and open mind. Mike has a bond with the campers like no other, and being around so many dogs that love him so much is the reason why he has such a passion for this job. One of our campers, Lila, is so attached to Mike that her owner said that if she ever had to give her away, Mike would be the one who got her. It's so amazing to see the relationships he builds with dogs and how attached they have gotten to him. That is the type of bond we want our counselors to have with our campers. Mike has a pup of his own, Molly, a German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix who is attached to him at the hip. Some interesting things about Mike is that outside of work not only does he make his own music, he also installs swimming pools! Mike truly has put such a positive influence on our camp and we couldn't be more thankful that we have him as a part of our Camp Bow Wow family.

  • February Camper of the Month


    Ollie is around 15 years old and is a cocker spaniel. He is a special guy here at camp, who started coming to play in 2019 and quickly stole every counselor’s heart in the building. He is always such a love bug when he is here with all the hugs and kisses, he gives out. You can typically find him with our small campers leaning on his humans or contemplating the world in our outside yard. Ollie is a big fan of coming to camp and seeing everyone, but his favorites include Tracey, Matt, Xena and of course his groomer Christina. We have loved getting to know Ollie and his mom over the time and look forward to seeing him at his next sleepover!

  • February Member of the Month


    Luke is a 1.5-year-old golden retriever who is all smiles while he is here at camp! Luke started coming when he was just a little pup back in 2020 when his mom noticed that he was a perfect match for our membership. Luke runs and plays from sunup to sundown when he is here. Some people say he looks like a golden blur on the cameras because of how fast he runs around the yard. Luke is a very enthusiastic dog when he comes into camp, he is learning his manners though and has come a very long way. He loves every person and dog he meets but he especially loves when his friends Otis, Smitty, and Betty Lou are here and when he gets to see Matt and Xena his favorite counselors. We have loved watching Luke grow up into the wonderful pup he is and cannot wait to make more memories with him!

  • February Counselor of the Month


    Kim is a cornerstone of our Highland Park location. Her devotion and dedication are second to none. Her ability to connect to both our clients and campers alike is remarkable. Her passion is shown through her care and attentiveness to all of our campers. Our campers know her by name and abound with delight when they know she'll be in! She is the loving mom to her pets Penny, Ninnie and Nellie. An exceptional trainer, Kim has helped create an environment of understanding and goes out of her way to help her clients with their needs. Kim’s goal is to become an evaluator for the AKC Star Puppy and K-9 Good Citizen programs. Kim has enjoyed working with and helping dogs. Prior to working at Camp Bow Wow, she rescued dogs off the streets while living in Arizona. A brilliant mother, outstanding trainer, and supportive colleague; her professional and unwavering spirit has helped Highland Park become the success it is today!

  • Gracie

    January Camper of the Month


    Gracie is an 8-year-old Pitbull who has been “babysitting” here at camp since 2014! Gracie is a sweet love bug who everyone gets excited to see here at camp. When she is not busy working here, she loves to run around with the puppies in big dogs, which is how we gave her the title “babysitter”. Gracie loves to snuggle up to anyone who will give her attention, but she loves it the most when Kara and Marlin are here to play and snuggle with her. Gracie has given us many happy memories over her years here at camp and we cannot wait to see what ones the future has in store!

  • Oreo

    January Member of the Month


    Oreo is a lab mix who has been coming to camp since 2018. This little guy is known for giving some of the best ear kisses and hugs. Oreo spends most days at camp lounging on the bridge or catching a nice suntan in our outside yard. When he isn’t catching z’s, he loves cuddling up with his favorite counselor Kara. Oreo is such a sweet boy, when he stays overnight with us everyone always goes in his cabin before we leave to get some of that extra special love of his. We have loved watching Oreo grow up over the years and cannot wait to make more memories with him here at camp!

  • Amanda

    January Counselor of the Month


    Amanda is an absolute excellent camp counselor! She has 3 dogs of her own, including two Cane Corsos and an Australian Shepherd. Dogs are not only her first love, but a huge passion of hers. She is currently pursuing a dog training certificate and is working on her masters in dog training! Within the next year, Amanda will soon be another addition to our training program here at camp. She also does a multitude of different events and shows with her two corsos, Ebony and Vixen, who have won quite a few titles in their time! Amanda is one of our most driven employees, and just recently got promoted to shift supervisor! She is amazing with behavior modification, and is so good with helping each and every dog to get comfortable here at camp. She is so devoted to her job and gives the dogs her utmost trust and patience. We couldn't ask for much more than Amanda, as she already has everything we could ask for and more!

  • Sven

    December Camper of the Month


    Sven is a 1 ½ year old boxer who started coming to camp this year and from the start was an all-star camper! Sven is the type of pup who just loves to be alive. He takes every day and lives it to the fullest. He comes into camp with your typical boxer “wiggle butt” and after a little excitement with his front desk friends he runs eagerly back to the yard to then see all of his canine friends. Sven likes to play with a lot of pups, but his favorites are Henry, Bentley, and Gatlan. We love getting to know this guy and look forward to spending more time with him here!

  • Bodhi

    December Member of the Month


    Bodhi is a year-old Siberian Husky who has some of the most energy we have ever seen here at camp. Bodhi comes in and goes leaping down the hallway to the yards like a little bunny. When he gets back there, he plays with anyone and everyone who will give him the time of day. He is best friends with Oreo, Blaiz, and Bandit. When these boys get together, we know it’s going to be a fun filled day full of lots of laughs. When Bodhi is done playing for the day (rare time) he loves to snuggle up with his favorite counselors Cheyenne and Xena. We have loved watching Bodhi grow up over the past year and cannot wait to see what more memories we can make with him!

  • Carey Lee

    December Counselor of the Month

    Catey Lee

    Catey is a delight to have at camp. She hopes to one day have a German Shepherd of her own, in the meantime, she acts as the cool aunt to all the dogs at camp. She even bakes special cookies for the campers. If you’re dog comes to the Southwest Camp (Greentree), Catey most likely has told you something fun your dog did at camp that day. Catey truly appreciates her co-workers, but mostly she loves that the customers trust us with the beautiful furry souls. She spends her day making sure these dogs love coming to camp as much as she loves having them at camp. Catey has too many favorite campers to list. Included in her goals are to own a Dog Cafe and become a Dog Trainer.

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