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Featured Campers

We LOVE our Campers! Check out our featured Campers at Camp Bow Wow Pittsburgh North. These pups love to play all day in our fun, safe and social environment, and receive lots of love and attention from our Certified Camp Counselors® whether they’re in for day care or boarding.

  • Ricky

    September Member of the Month


    Ricky is a 1 ½ year old lab mix who started camp back in June of last year. He completed a puppy training class before attending camp and we all knew from day one he was going to be such a good boy! Ricky loves to play with anyone who will, but his best friends are Macie and Sammi. When he gets to camp in the morning, he can barely control himself and when we finally get that door open, he beelines it straight to the yard and is jumping at the gate until he can see his friends! He is known around camp for his hugs and how high he jumps up when he sees his favorite counselors coming to the yard!

  • Katie

    September Camper of the Month


    Katie is a 3-year-old German Shepard who has been coming to camp since she was just a little under a year old. When she first arrives at camp, she does her happy squeaks from the front door all the way to the yard. Her favorite thing at camp is when the leaves fall, and she can pick them up and bring them to her counselors. (She always looks so proud of herself when she does this) When she is not playing with leaves, she plays with her best friend Remus in the pool. Katie has so much personality and just loves everyone she meets!

  • Tank

    August Member of the Month


    Tank is a 9-month-old Boston Terrier puppy who has been running the small dog yard since day one! Tank started camp in February and has been stealing the councilors hearts since that day. Tank is a great dog to have when introducing new pups to the yard because he is willing to play with anyone who wants to! He loves to run around with his best friends Astro, Harley, and Hester. He spends most of the time playing with the hose and chasing his friends around the room!

  • Chief

    August Camper of the Month


    Chief is a 1-year old German Shepard pup that started camp back in November 2019. When he first started at camp, he was a nervous pup with both people and dogs and was very unsure at first. After a couple of visits, and lots of love from our staff, he is now an all-star! Chief is in training to become a service dog and he is getting pretty good at it! His favorite activities at camp are playing in the pool and leading games of chase with the other campers. His best friends at camp are Oreo, Kyla, and Jax. He is such a social butterfly now and we are so proud of him with the progress he has made!

  • Toby



    Toby is a 1-year old border collie who started to come to camp back in October and is now a regular here at camp! When he first came to camp, he was a small dog but now that he is bigger and has more confidence when playing he runs our big dog yard. He loves to run and play with his friends Kyla and Finley most days, but this pup can find a friend anytime in the yard. One of Toby’s favorite pastime is playing with the water in the outside yard and getting love from his favorite counselors!

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