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We Love Our Campers

Featured Campers

We LOVE our Campers! Check out our featured Campers at Camp Bow Wow Katy. These pups love to play all day in our fun, safe and social environment, and receive lots of love and attention from our Certified Camp Counselors® whether they’re in for day care or boarding.

  • Charlie



    Charlie is a 10 month old Dalmatian from a small town in Illinois. He spent about 2 months in the suburbs of Chicago (where human mom and dad are from) until he moved to Houston in late July! (Charlie absolutely LOVES it here-he’s a big fan of sunshine and warmth). Charlie’s been a camper since August and has loved every minute of it. It’s a long drive from Pearland, but he rides with his mama on her way to work (great time for napping!). Charlie is a huge fan of the outdoors (especially when it’s sunny-he loves to sunbathe), cuddling, and doing tricks (for treats of course). If Charlie could do anything all day, everyday, it would be hiking at Memorial Park. He loves all the smells, dirt and plants, and exercise.

  • Knox



    Hi! My name is Knox, but most people call me Knoxy. I’m an English Springer Spaniel and I’m 9 months old. My mom and I are new to Katy and she works in Downtown Houston. I’m not sure where that is but I think it’s really far away...because she drags me out of bed in the mornings before the suns even up and when I go to my food bowl she says, “nope, you’re eating at camp” and we run out the door! Luckily, my mom and I were on the same page about not leaving me in a kennel all day while she’s at work. At first, I was hesitant about mom leaving me at camp...but after a few short days, I now jump out of the car when we pull up, run inside full force (dragging mom behind me), excitedly jump on the counters if I’m not taken back fast enough, and play with my friends/counselors all day. What are some of my favorite things you might ask? WATER, WATER, and more WATER!! You can catch me on the Camp Bow Wow cams trying to chase the water hose when a counselor is filling up our water bucket or cleaning up a doggy mess. I can’t help myself, swimming is one of my favorite things to do. I also love playing tug-of-war with my rope toys, playing fetch, and doing any activity that my mom considers a strenuous workout. I know that it’s probably hard to believe but sometimes I misbehave, like the time my mom brought home paper towels from Sams. The pack was HUGE and she should’ve known that ripping up paper is one of my hobbies. I may or may not have torn up several of the rolls in the middle of the night while she was sleeping...I put myself in time out under her bed when I “sometimes” misbehave and won’t come out until she calls me. Let’s just say I was under there for awhile. I’d have to say that some of my special quirks would be that I have to tuck myself in, under the covers every night-- with no help from mom. She tries to be nice and help me get cozy, but I’m an independent 9 month old and will start the tucking in process all over again if she tries to help me. I also have a tendency to get excited when I see dogs or people. My mom says “bad Knoxy, no barking”, but I’m just excited to make new friends!! I am a rambunctious, smart, adorable, entertaining, caring, and cuddly good boy.

  • Tinker and Bella


    Tinker and Bella

    Tinker and Bella were both rescued and adopted from CAP several years apart. Tinker is about 8 years old and Bella is about 4 years old. They both love their daily walks around the nearby jogging track or subdivision, which is how we first found Camp! We live so close that we excitedly watched it being built, and the girls started coming to Camp two weeks after they opened! Other than walks their favorite thing to do is eat! Bella, who can sniff out a crumb of anything edible within a half-mile radius! she will climb up cabinets and dressers to get to food, so our hosue is "Bella-proof"! Tinker also loves to eat but she doesn't have the "mountain-goat" agility. However, Tinker makes up for that with her typical Chichuahua "attitude", apropriately earning her the nickname, "Stinker"!