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Dog Training

Our reward-based dog training programs will satisfy all of your pup’s needs!

  • Camp Bow Wow's dog training helps modify your canine's behavioral and socialization issues, teach a new puppy the game or make an already-good dog, an MVP. 

    Have you ever wished your pup:

    • Behaved better on leash?
    • Didn't try to "rule" your house or use your belongings as chew toys?
    • Understood basic obedience commands?
    • Didn't jump on your or others?
    • Wouldn't threaten to bite around toys or food?
    • Didn't growl, bark or cower at other dogs and people?

    ...then Camp Bow Wow training is for you! Your Certified Dog Trainer will meet with you and your dog to design the best game plan to get your pup to All-Star status. Our program is lead by the top training experts in the nation, with a focus on a variety of proven methodologies. We combine our exclusive knowledge of dog behavior with your willingness to create a great relationship with your pup, to make an unbeatable combination!

    *Age appropriate vaccines are required for all pups participating in training within Camp's setting.

    Call or email Camp to schedule your FREE 15-minute consultation with a Certified Trainer! This time is dedicated to better understanding the specific issues you are experiencing and to help decide which type of training is best for you! 

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    group classes 

    Level I - Basic Puppy or Adult Obedience (Puppies: 10 weeks - 4 months; Adults: 5 months and older)

    This class is designed to teach your dog basic manners and commands like sit, down, leave it, walking nicely on a leash, stay, coming when called and not jumping on people. We also may address more specific behavioral issues like nipping, chewing, digging, barking and house training.

    Classes are 6 weeks long, 1 hour per week. Proof of vaccinations required. 

    • Puppy Curriculum: This class is designed to focus on obedience and typical puppy behavioral issues. It is imperative for young puppies to mix and mingle with others during their critical socialization period, so getting your dog in a classroom setting with one of our Certified Dog Trainers will help you understand the importance of this process and how to implement a game plan.\
    • Adult Curriculum: Your trainer will focus on obedience and issues that have become apparent during your dog's juvenile period or, as we trainers call it, their "teenage years". This basic course is where you will start your journey toward having a well-behaved dog by creating reliable behaviors and getting your dog to understand how to listen and respect you.

    Level II - Advanced Obedience (Prerequisite of Level I or trainer approval)

    This level moves your dog from the basics to a challenging level, focusing on added distractions and distance to learned behaviors. Our Certified Trainers will also introduce several new behaviors, like place, heeling and more advanced leash walking skills. Trainers will continue to address any outstanding behavioral issues you may have, as well.​

    Classes are 6 weeks long, 1 hour per week. Proof of vaccinations required.

    Level III - Public Polishing / Canine Good Citizen Preparation (Prerequisite of Level II)

    This class is designed to make your dog more well-behaved in public, and/or to prepare you for the Canine Good Citizen or Therapy Dog tests. In this level, trainers will focus on public interactions and composure by replicating extremely distracting situations.

    Classes are 6 weeks long, 1 hour per week. Proof of vaccinations required. 

    Tricks are Fun

    Enhance your dog's vocabulary with a contemporary tricks class. This "tricky" curriculum will challenge you and your dog to reach the ultimate Top Dog status. Provide your pup with essential mental stimuli, while utilizing advanced techniques to shape many new behaviors that you'll love to show off.​ Enrolling your pup in our exciting tricks class will teach them unique skills that are sure to entertain your friends and family, like spin, rollover, bow and many more!

    Tricks are Fun is available as a Seminar or 4-week group class. Proof of vaccinations are required.

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    Fun & Games 

    This exciting enrichment program is designed for dogs to learn new skills and keep their brains engaged as they mature. Dogs entering Fun & Games should be comfortable with basic commands, as it is more advanced than our basic tricks class. Also, there is a strong focus on impulse control and stimulus discrimination. You, as the parent, will be encouraged to continue the training in a fun, entertaining way, and use the skills to create impressive obstacle!

    Fun & Games is available as a Seminar or 4-week group class. Proof of vaccinations required. 

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    Silver Paws 

    Silver Paws is a Dog Yoga enrichment program for mature dogs. It is perfect for your older companion who may need light stretching, mobility work or mental stimulation to help keep them active and healthy. Stretching is important for mature pups to help with their mobility and prevent issues that may occur as they mature. This program concentrates on movement and encourages each dog to move within their own comfort level, while also keeping their minds sharp. Trainers will focus on spine strengthening excercises, full body dexerity and mobility excercises.

    Silver Paws is available as a Seminar or 4-week group class. Proof of vaccinations required. 

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    Join us for monthly workshops where our Certified Trainers will host different topics throughout the month! These fun, interactive seminars will allow you to work closely with your dog and the trainers, and give you the opportunity to inquire about other related issues at home.

    FAVORITE TOPICS - Leash Walking, Silver Paws Doggy Yoga, Tricks and Agility

    Seminars run for 1 hour and 15 minutes, and may be held on or off-site. Proof of vaccinations required. 


    private sessions

    Play & Train / Board & Train (30 minutes)

    Schedule a Play or Board & Train session during your Camper's daycare or overnight visit and our trainer will prepare a 30-minute private session customized to your pup's needs on any behavior you wish! Don't fur-get to first schedule your free interview and trial day if your pup has not yet been to camp. However, Play & Trains may also be scheduled for non-Campers, in which the students would not participate in day camp. For even more reliable training results, reserve multiple sessions to build an even more reliable behavior.

    Want more bark for your buck? Purchase a 3, 5 or 10-pack of Play & Trains or Board & Trains to save on each session!

    In-Home Sessions (1 hour)

    Whether you would prefer to come to Camp or take advantage of good ol' home sweet home, a Certified Dog Trainer will provide you with 1 hour of personal instruction on any issue your pup is having. These sessions are perfect for dogs with difficultly focusing in class and for parents experiencing issues that are specific to the home, like interacting with children, jumping on the fence, or even teaching your pup how to clean up their toys. Private one-on-one sessions will give you and a trainer the opportunity to tailor a plan specifically toward any behavior that you would like modified.

    Want more bark for your buck? Purchase a 3-pack of At-Camp or In-Home private sessions and save on each session!


    Level I Basic Puppy or Adult Obedience  $130 
    Level II Advanced Obedience  $130
    Level III Public Polishing/CGC Prep. $130
    Fun & Games $130
    Silver Paws $130
    Tricks are Fun $100
    Seminar $30
    Puppy Social Hour $10



    Play & Train (30-min) $35
    Board & Train (30-min) $35
    At-Camp session (1hr) $80
    In-Home session (1hr) $90

    Transportation Fee                                     If outside 10 mile radius




    Play & Trains / Board & Trains PRICE
       3-pack ($15 savings!) $90
       5-pack ($30 savings!) $145
       10-pack ($70 savings!) $280 
    At-Camp Private               
       3-pack ($30 savings!) $210
    In-Home Private  
       3-pack ($30 savings!) $240

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    Group Obedience Classes

     Tuesday, 5/8 - Level I Basic Adult Obedience @ 6:00PM                                                                                                                     Saturday, 5/12 - Puppy Social Hour @11:00AM                                                                                                                                 Thursday, 5/17 - Level I Basic Puppy Obedience @ 7:00PM                                                                                                              Tuesday, 5/29 - Level I Basic Adult Obedience @ 7:00PM


     Saturday, 5/19 - Leash Walking at Frank Liske Park @ 10:30AM                                                                                                   Wednesday, 5/23 - Silver Paw Doggy Yoga at Camp @ 7:15PM


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