Behavior Buddies trainers spend several weeks in a grueling training program with Nick Fisher and Laura Roach in order to become Certified trainers. Nick is a nationally renowned trainer who teaches the scientific principles behind training techniques and dog pack psychology to modify behavior. Laura specializes in working with the student trainers on handling skills, obedience training and behavioral issues.
Through a combination of classroom instruction and daily hands-on experience with various behavioral dogs, the student trainers are provided with full-bodied handling and training experiences, unrivaled by most other dog training schools and programs throughout the country.
During their training program, the student trainers learn how to assess issues and implement the appropriate tools and training protocols to modify dog behaviors. If the trainers are able to pass this intense training program, they become Certified Behavior Buddies Trainers.
Read about our experts that lead our Behavior Buddies Certification Program.

Our Experts

Nick Fisher

Nick Fisher is a Canine Behavior Expert and the founder and owner of Balanced Dog LLC. He has worked in the animal welfare field for over 20 years in animal control, canine behavior and in animal shelter management. In addition to his behavior work, Nick is currently the CEO of the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley.  He has created innovative rehabilitation and enrichment programs for shelter dogs based on dog psychology methods and canine energy theory and principals.  The shelter’s rehabilitation and socialization programs have helped the Humane Society boast an annual 95% save rate for all animals that have entered the shelter and an incredible 99% save rate for dogs.  In 2008, Nick received the Colorado Veterinary Medical Foundation's Colorado Animal Hero's - Human Hero Award for his work with his shelter dog rehabilitation program.
Nick has worked as a consultant for Camp Bow Wow since 2009 helping revise behavior training for Camps in canine behavior practices, policies and interview techniques and helped facilitate the implementation of the Certified Camp Counselor program.   He has presented pack management dynamic training at the annual corporate conference and has worked with individual camps in training counselors about play yard management and dog pack dynamics.  Nick has co-instructed two of the three Behavior Buddies Dog Trainers Programs and is now the lead instructor for the program.
Nick has worked with thousands of dogs using dog psychology and pack dynamic training techniques.  Nick specializes in teaching owners/guardians and organizations who work with large groups of dogs, pack leadership techniques and canine human energy principles and theory.   Nick enjoys and gets great personal satisfaction in helping dogs and their owners/guardians overcome serious behavior issues like aggression, anxiety and fear.
Nick continues to develop programs for shelter, rescue and corporate organizations designed to achieve unique and specific results.  Some of these programs include:
•    Behavior Assessment and Interview Evaluation Techniques
•    Dog Psychology Training and Leadership Techniques
•    Canine and Feline Enrichment Programs for Animal Shelters
•    Rehabilitation and Socialization Programs for Rescues and Animal Shelters
•    Advanced Dog Psychology Training
•    Behavior Modification Methods and Philosophy
•    Programs Designed for Play Groups and Canine Energy Theory
Fisher's partnership with Camp Bow Wow in implementing the premier dog training program continues to produce trainers that are able to use a variety of interventions based on a comprehensive approach through utilization of training principles.
Laura Roach
Laura has been dedicated to keeping their dogs in their homes for over 5 years, and specializes in obedience training of all levels, private training and solving behavioral issues. She has helped over 1,000 dogs stay in their home by helping parents learn how to live a good life with their dogs through fixing behavioral problems and implementing obedience training. She has also worked with many of her clients by creating behavioral modification programs to help issues such as fear, anxiety and other more complex doggie issues.
In addition, Laura spent 5 years managing a group of trainers to ensure that they continue to learn and grow in their positions. She has a great passion for helping other trainers become the best trainers they can be through continued education on obedience techniques, training tools and behavior modification.
Laura has a special passion for working with fearful dogs. This issue became dear to her heart when she adopted a 4 month old Doberman from a shelter. Isabelle lost her mother and all of her littermates at the age of 14 days. She was petrified of the world and completely unsocialized. She has spent the last 2 years working on teaching Isabelle that the world is a wonderful place for a dog and her rehabilitation has come through patience and positive reinforcement. Isabelle has blossomed into a fantastic dog.
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