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At Concord We Love Our Campers

Featured Campers

We LOVE our Campers! Check out our featured Campers at Camp Bow Wow Concord. These pups love to play all day in our fun, safe and social environment, and receive lots of love and attention from our Certified Camp Counselors® whether they’re in for day care or boarding.

  • Basil

    May Camper of the Month


    First Day at Camp: 9/3/2019
    Birthday: 2/1/2019
    ‘Tails’ to Tell: We are yappy to announce our May Camper of the Month - Basil! Basil has become a frequent Camper this month and we have been thrilled to see her so furry often! Whether she is playing Queen of the Pup Slide or zooming in the yards with her furr-iends, she always knows how to 'spice' things up! Basil has such a big heart and paw-fect personality that you can’t help but smile when in her presence. We can always count on Basil to brighten our day and are so doggone delighted to have her as a part of our pack!

  • Zac

    May Counselor of the Month


    First Day at Camp: 1/11/2018
    Show Dog Qualities: Since day one, Zac has been a total paw-leasure and uplifting presence at Camp. He is a well-balanced Counselor whose passion for Camp radiates through his paw-sonality and smile. Zac is so loving to the pups and nurtures them like they are his family. He is 'Best in Show' in customer service and provides fur-nomenal care to our beloved clients! We dig Zac’s hard work and his willingness to help out when we give him a bark! We are furry grateful for Zac and can’t wait to see where this trail leads him!
    Zac's Fav-fur-ite Thing About Camp: "My favorite thing about Camp is coming in to work to see all the dogs and my wonderful coworkers!"

  • Molly K

    April Camper of the Month

    Molly K

    First Day at Camp: 8/10/2016
    Birthday: 3/29/2016
    'Tails' to Tell:
    Good golly, Miss Molly! Put your paws together for our April Camper of the Month, Molly K! Molly is the to-tail package. She is all smiles and tail wags as soon as she wiggles through the door. This water-loving Labrador loves to dip her paws in our pup pools during summer and romp with her furry furr-iends in the grr-eat outdoor (yards)! We love Molly and her won-tail-ful family, and are paw-nored to have been able to watch her grow into the grr-eat dog she is today. We are so proud to have her as a part of our furr-ever pack!

  • Lauren

    April Counselor of the Month


    First Day at Camp: 12/9/2019
    Show Dog Qualities:
    ‘Snout’ out to our April Counselor of the Month, Lauren! Lauren has proved to be a true trail blazer from day one! We dig her paw-sitive attitude, pup-beat nature, and ongoing dedication! Lauren is always there to lend a ‘yelping’ paw wherever it is needed. There is no job too big or too small for this hard-working hound! We sniff big things for Lauren's future and can’t wait to see where the path takes her here at Camp! Lauren's Fav-fur-ite Thing About Camp: "My favorite thing about Camp is just being around the dogs and spending time with them - it's like free therapy! On "ruff" days, they always put a smile on my face."

  • Scout

    March Camper of the Month


    First Camp Visit: 8/11/14 Birthday: 9/30/13 ‘Tails’ to Tell: Give it ‘pup’ for our March Camper of the Month, Scout! Scout has been a loyal and lovable member to our pack for over 5 years! He is one laid back pooch and loves to show his new Camper friends around. When Scout is not busy being our little Camp ambassa-dog, he enjoys spending time sunbathing in the outdoor yards! This is one champion show dog that we are so ‘yappy’ to have as part of our Camp family – Scout’s honor!

  • Kristina

    March Counselor of the Month


    First Day at Camp: 11/14/19 Best Qualities: Let’s raise the ‘woof’ for our March Counselor of the Month, Kristina! From the start, Kristina showed that she was a top dog through her dedication as a Camp Counselor. Whenever we give her a bark, we can count on Kristina to lend us a 'yelping' paw. We dig her flexibility, paw-sitive attitude, and fur-nomenal customer service skills! Kristina has jumped through hoops like a ribbon show dog and has excelled quickly through the ranks, with a recent promotion to Assistant Manager! We sniff great things for this loyal Labrador and can’t wait to see her continue grow at Camp! Kristina's Fav-fur-ite Thing About Camp: “I love seeing the excited furry faces coming in the door every day and working with such a great team!”

  • Gunnar

    February Camper of the Month


    First Day at Camp: 10/19/19 Birthday: 6/12/19 'Tails' to Tell: (Play) bow down to our Camper of the Month, Gunnar! Gunnar has wiggled his way into everyone’s heart here at Camp! His two and four-legged friends all agree – Gunnar has a tail-rrific paw-sonaility and has more friends that he can count on four paws! He has so much love to give and radiates paw-someness as soon as he ‘guns it’ through the door! We are so yappy to have this handsome boy as a part of our Camp family! Four paws up for Gunnar! He has received 3 FREE DAYS OF DAYCARE for taking top dog honors!

  • Samantha

    February Counselor of the Month


    First Day at Camp: 10/22/19 Best Qualities: Snout out to our Counselor of the Month, Samantha! In a short period of time, Samantha has blown us away by the paw-gress and dedication she has shown! Samantha’s gentle nature and caring attitude has given her a stellar start! She is a ‘bone’-ified hard worker and is paw-fectly dedicated to her pack! Anytime we give her a bark, Samantha is there to help complete whatever is needed! Just sniff out our Camper Cams at any time to see Samantha giving your pup extra love and snuggles! Keep pup the hard work, Samantha! Samantha's Fav-fur-ite Thing About Camp: “My favorite thing about Camp is that we all work as a team and create a bond with all of our furry friends!”

  • Sonny

    January Camper of the Month


    First Day at Camp: 7/15/19 Birthday: 3/15/19 'Tails' to Tell: It was a close camp-aign, but Sonny proved beyond a shadow of a 'dog' that he is the current Top Dog - AKA Camper of the Month! Sonny is as bright and cheery as his name! He is furry pup-ular and has too many furr-iends to count on one paw! Whenever Sonny is pooped from playing with his pals, he enjoys cuddling on the pup slides to catch some quick, 'treat' dreams. Sonny is an all-around fantastic hound and we are so honored to have him as part of our pack! Four paws up for Sonny! He has received 3 FREE DAYS OF DAYCARE for taking top dog honors!

  • Megan

    January Counselor of the Month


    First Day at Camp: 9/27/19 Best Qualities: Give it 'pup' for our Counselor of the Month, Megan! Megan has only been with us for a couple of months, but we are already blown away by the paw-gress she has made! Her caring nature and calming attitude makes her one tail-riffic member of our pack! Megan works like a dog and is always willing to lend a 'yelping' paw to help her co-counselors out. We are so excited to see where the trail leads her! Megan's Fav-fur-ite Thing About Camp: "My favorite thing about Camp is being able to care for all the dogs! I love getting to know each Camper and forming a bond with them."

  • Kelly

    December Camper of the Month


    Birthday: 12/26/2018
    First Camp Visit: 8/1/2018

    ‘Tails’ to Tell: Give a round of a’paws for our December Camper of the Month, Kelly! Kelly may be small, but she has such a BIG personality and rules our small dog yard! Every morning at check-in, she drags the Counselors back to the play yards as fast as she can to romp and roll with her furr-ieds. Kelly is full of lovable energy and refuses to take a rest from playing – we can always count on her to have a case of the zoomies! We are so ‘yappy’ to have a loving Camper like Kelly as a part of our pack!

  • Aubrie

    December Counselor of the Month


    First Day at Camp: 4/22/19
    Raise the ‘woof’ for our Counselor of the Month, Aubrie! Aubrie is always willing to help and lend a paw in any way she can and her love for our Campers is second to none! She loves to spoil all of the Campers and treats every pup as if they were her own! We dig Aubrie’s positive attitude, loving nature, and her determination to always do her furry best! Keep it 'pup', Aubrie!

    Aubrie's Favorite Thing About Camp: “My favorite thing about Camp is that we all work as a team to get all of our tasks done. You never do the same thing every single day. I also love getting to know all of the Campers and creating a bond with them!"

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