Camp Bow Wow's Dog Name Trends for 2024

Top Dog Names by State

Bringing home a new puppy or dog is an exciting adventure filled with cuddles, wagging tails, and boundless love. But before you get lost in those adorable puppy eyes, there's an important decision to make: what do you name your newest family member? We'll dive into the world of puppy and dog naming trends and share some tips to help you find the perfect moniker for your furry companion. The Camp Bow Wow team has scrubbed its database of over 300,000 Campers to identify the top 10 dog names across the U.S. and Canada as well as interesting name trends, what to consider when naming your pup and tips for welcoming a new puppy into your home.

Top 10 Dog Names

Here are the highly-anticipated top names for 2024. Luna reigned supreme for the third year in a row. . This year, Charlie, Lucy, Cooper and Milo each rose one spot on the list, Luna and Sadie held out at first and 10th, respectively, and Bella and Bailey fell one place each. 

Top Name by State & Province

Luna and Bella dominate the top name spot across North America. Kentucky is the only state with the most popular name as a name that isn't on the overall top 10 list - Winston.

Tips for Naming Your Pup

Camp Bow Wow’s Animal Health and Behavioral Expert Erin Askeland, M.Sc., CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA, projects that the top naming trends in 2024 will be classic dog names, nature and pop culture-inspired names, food favorites and out-of-the-box names.

  • Creativity is Key. When brainstorming names for your pup, let your imagination run wild! Consider factors like your dog's breed, appearance, and temperament. Avoid names that sound too similar to those of other pets in your circle to prevent confusion. Long multi-word names can be fun but think about how they can be shortened into cute nicknames for everyday use.
    • Askeland predicts pet parents will continue to create elaborate and unique names — often born from the many nicknames pet parents tend to give their pups that end up becoming official names. Some favorite out-of-the-box names Camp Bow Wow has seen with recent new Campers include “Maxilicious BerryCrunch Master Cylinder III,” “Nyx the Primordial Goddess of the Night” and “Miss California Pumpkin, AKA Callie.”
  • Pop Culture Paws-ibilities. Inject a bit of fun into your pup's name by drawing inspiration from your favorite movies, TV shows, or books. Whether it's naming them after a beloved character or a quirky reference, pop culture names can add an extra layer of personality to your furry friend.
    • Camp Bow Wow saw that Maverick had the highest year-over-year increase, and Goose came in third, names that could be paying homage to the 2022 blockbuster, “Top Gun: Maverick.” Poppy saw the second largest year-over-year increase, likely inspired by Anna Kendrick’s character, Poppy, in the 2023 film, “Trolls Band Together.” Gigi and Millie also increased year over year, possibly attributed to model Gigi Hadid and actress Millie Bobby Brown.
    • We expect to see an influx of names like Loki, Greta, Rocket and Barbie in the coming years.
  • Classic Dog Names. Timeless names like Max, Bella and Charlie will always be in style, as they have classic canine charm, are elegant and exude strength and loyalty.
  • Names Originating from Nature. Luna will continue to be a popular choice as name inspiration from the natural world continues, from planet names to ocean creatures. Additional trending names in that category include Bear and Willow.
  • Food-Inspired Names. Food is another common motif for dog names due to its positive associations and pup-matching hues, which inspire names like Peanut, Olive and Biscuit.

The Importance of Puppy Socialization

For new puppy parents, now that your pup has a name that suits their personality, it's time to focus on their social development. Puppy socialization plays a crucial role in shaping a well-rounded and well-behaved dog. Here's why it's so important:

  1. Brain Development. A puppy's brain is like a sponge, soaking up new experiences and information. Proper socialization during their formative months sets the foundation for confident and resilient behavior later in life.
  2. Exposure to the World. Introduce your puppy to a variety of sights, sounds, smells, and textures early on. This exposure builds their confidence and helps prevent fearfulness or anxiety in new situations.
  3. Socialization Opportunities. Take advantage of puppy groups, playdates with vaccinated furry friends and family pets, and controlled exposure to loud noises like thunderstorms or fireworks using online videos or recordings. Gradually introduce them to different environments and situations to broaden their comfort zone. And, for pups 4 months or older, doggy day cares like Camp Bow Wow are a great place for your dog to socialize and play with pups of their own size as well as get to know other people outside your pack.

Training Tips for New Puppy Owners

  1. Puppy-Proof Your Home. Ensure your living space is safe and secure for your curious pup. Use puppy pens or baby gates to limit access to potentially harmful areas, secure trash cans (remember bathroom trash as well as kitchen and general trash) and monitor their interaction with stairs and furniture to prevent injuries.
  2. Nail Trimming Preparation. Get your pup comfortable with having their feet handled from an early age. This will make nail trimming a breeze and prevent any future aversion to grooming tasks.
  3. Day Care Delights. Consider enrolling your pup in day care once they're old enough and adequately vaccinated. Regular visits to a trusted facility like Camp Bow Wow provide valuable socialization opportunities, build positive associations with boarding, and allow your dog to frolic and play in a supervised environment.

Bringing a new puppy into your home is a joyous occasion, but it also comes with responsibilities. By choosing a fitting name, prioritizing socialization, and providing proper training, you'll set your furry friend up for a lifetime of happiness and companionship. So go ahead, unleash your pup's potential, and watch them grow into the perfect four-legged family member!