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Here at Camp Bow Wow - Dallas High Five, we have helped our Rescue Partners to find furever homes for more than 100 dogs since our opening in October 2012.

Our Camp Fosters are always changing, so call Camp to see who we're fostering and how you can help, either through adoption or fostering a dog in your own home. THANKS!


If we do not currently have any available Foster Dogs, please check back later for updates or click here to find more adoptable pets!

Recent Adoptions!


Cory found his furever home in 2014. We will miss his kisses!

Meet Corey, a Great Pyrenees/Border Collie mix. Corey was rescued by Paws in the City and has been a model Camper. We LUV him! But don't take our word for it; take it from Corey himself!

"Ummm, excuse me? May I ask you a favor? Can you pet me? Ahhhh . . . That's the stuff. I just love to be petted! Is there really anything better? I also like to run and play. I get along well with other dogs, big and small, and I love any human who will pet me. I am house broken, but I need work with walking on a leash and other commands. I'm an excellent student, and if you take some time with me, I promise I'll impress you! I'm just sweet, easy-going guy in search of my forever home. I promise to give you lots of love and loyalty, and all I ask in return is a little petting. Simple, right?"


Sweet Axle found his furever home in 2014.

Meet Axle, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, rescued by DFW's FurGotten Friends.. Axle is less than year old, so is very playful!  He loves to run and romp with his brother, Spudz.  Axle is affectionate, exhibits model Camper behavior, and just wants a Fur-Ever home where he can lavish all the amazing love he has to give on his new family!  Come meet him and experience his charm for yourself.


Hope found her furever home in 2014. She was with us for quite a while and we will miss her!

That smile says it all about Hope, a Basenji mix rescued by Cody's Friends. Miss Hope's entire body wiggles and waggles any time a human comes near. Her favorite thing in the whole wide world is giving and getting hugs and kisses!  Hope is just plain joyful and loves to make new friends. She play well with dogs of all sizes and likes to explore and learn new things. Come meet Hope and be ready for a love-at-first-sight experience!


Spuds, a very special boy, found his furever home in 2014.

Like Hope, Spudz spends his days smiling, wiggling, and waggling all over Camp! Spudz, brother to Axle, is a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix and at less than a year, loves to romp and play. His social skills are excellent, so he makes friends easily and keeps them!  Come meet Spudz and give him a big ole hug--he'll love you for it!



Former Foster Dog Oreo is a Maltese/Chihuahua mix. She was adopted December 1, 2012. We loved having her here at Camp and will miss her boundless energy, playing "tug," cuddling, and most of all those fabulous kisses!


bailee 430x323 2

Bailee was adopted over Christmas 2012 by Jeff and Patty Courtman. And the best part of it is, we still get to see him as a Day Camper! During his time with us, Bailee became best friends with Mustang, one of our regulars--a small black Lab with puppy power! Bailee, who is also high-energy, took to him right away and they became inseparable. Mustang's mom and dad, who look in on him during the day, asked, "Who's that speckled dog that Mustang plays with all the time?" Soon, they came to meet Bailee, took him home for a weekend, and fell in love with him as much as we have. We hear that Bailee was well-behaved at his parents' holiday parties and is loving his new family! 

hank custom


Well, we just can't seem to keep our Fosters here long at Camp--and that's a good thing! Mr. Hank was adopted in January 2013. What a great start to the new year!  Hank is less than a year old, so is still a puppy and very playful. He was found wandering the fields in Plano with a buddy, Sawyer, another Bassett. Sawyer was very sick, but has recovered and found a Fur-Ever Home. Hank fared a bit better during their journey, but a few scars on his head, back, and severe weight loss tell a story of hard times. Nevertheless, he is now healthy, putting on weight, full of joy and love, and is now making his new family very happy humans indeed. 

meg custom


Miss Meg was adopted Saturday, January 19th and we're going to miss her bunches! Meg came to us from Forgotten Tails and is a Doberman mix. She's a lovely rosy red, has beautiful golden eyes and is just the sweetest thing you're ever likely to meet. Meg is under one year old, so is still a puppy and has so much fun exploring her world. She is very playful and makes friends easily, so we know she now making her new family very happy!

capri 430x323


Foster Dog Capri is a Chihuahua/Rat Terrier mix. Capri was among our first Fosters here at Camp, so has been with us since October 2012. Over the last four months, we just fell in love with her spunky spirit. So, we asked our other kids, Zoe, Buster, Bella, and Charlie, what they thought about a new sister. The response was an overwhelming YES! So, now that she is a part of the Martin Pack, look for her in our Camp's Monthly Newsletter, where she will be working as our Special Foster Correspondent!

buddy custom


Buddy is a 9-year-old Black Lab who was found abandoned in an alley, making conversation with the local dogs on either side. He is a sweetheart, and despite his recent tough times, was very loving and playful with all our Campers. Buddy was adopted at the end of January into a loving home with two Boxer sisters. They and their humans think Buddy is the best! Of course, we agree.

macgregor custom


This is MacGregor, a Scottie; We called him Mac and we knew it wouldn't be long until he was adopted. He was so affectionate, very smart, and played well with everyone. What more could anyone want in a Highland lad? We hear he is absolutely loving his new Fur-Ever home, but we'll miss him like crazy!

rambo 2 custom

Rambo's story is a unique one. Our amazing Certified Camp Counselor, Ashley Hare, was watching the morning news on CBS last week and saw a report on the Rowlett Animal Shelter. They were so filled to capacity, they were going to have to begin euthanizing pets the next day. One dog they featured was Rambo and Ashley, with her big 'ole heart, just couldn't let him be put down--after all, he's only a year old! So, Ashley saved him. And then a a couple of weeks later, Ashley's cousin, Landon, another of our Camp Counselors, formally adopted him. After all, who can resist that smile?

tatiana custom


Tatiana, a Chihuahua, found her forever home in February 2013 with an amazing mom, Terri Osten and beautiful sister, Bella, a long-haired dachsund. Miss T could easily be mistaken for a new-born Bambi. She has the loveliest little face and is quite small. But her spirit is large and her sense of play huge! She especially loved to romp with Sue Ellen, a Basset Hound three times her size. We hear she is loving her new home, but we will miss her special kisses!

sue ellen custom


This lovely lady is Miss Sue Ellen. We knew she wouldn't be fostering with us long, because she is SO amazing--chock-full of love, and with a spirit for play that just keeps going! She has now found her Fur-Ever Home and we couldn't be happier for her. But we will miss you sweet girl!

vera custom


What a glorious smile! This is Vera, a mini-Schnauzer mix. She is 2 years old and loves to have fun! She often led the chase, running around the yards and up and down the bridge with her Camp buddies, Tatiana, Velvet, and Satin. But now she has found the Fur-Ever Home she's been waiting for. We will miss her boundless energy and love, but she now has four brothers (3 human, 1 canine), an amazing set of parents, and a big, grassy back yard to play in! Can life get any better?



Brandy and Candy, who REALLY wanted to be adopted together . . . . . DID! They found a wonderful family in Louisiana and are as happy as two peas in a pod can be. We will miss you gals!

abc puppies custom

Meet Epic, Ellie, and Slade (left to right), the most precious Border Collie mix pups ever! These babies were rescued from a Greenville shelter by All Border Collie Rescue. It was amazing to have them foster with us (is anything better than puppy breath?). But they have moved on to bigger and better things and are now fostering at a working ranch near Houston. FUN! For more information contact All Border Collie Rescue:  We will miss you babies!



Two of our longest-term Fosters, the Mademoiselles Satin and Velvet, were adopted this summer. Yay! They are sisters, very much bonded, and found their FurEver Home together. Satin and Velvet are Schnauzer/Jack Russell Terrier mixes--so they are very smart, very playful, and very loving. They had a great time here at Camp, and we loved having them!

champ playing

Sometimes, you have to look past what's on the outside. Case in point, Champ, a Pit Bull pup who, despite the bad rap that Pitts often get, is one HUGE bundle of love. Champ loves nothing so much as belly rubs and giving kisses and he is as attuned to the social niceties of dog play as any dog we've ever seen--he never, I mean never, gets angry, or snappish, or insulted. He just makes friends wherever he goes. We will miss him here at Camp--he was a model Camper! But we are SO HAPPY that his new family looked past the outside and saw the big glowing heart inside him.




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