Behavior Buddies Cherry Hill (Dog Training)

Is your four legged companion a barking Boston? A jumping Jack Russell? A biting Boxer? Does your pup need some manners? Ever feel like your dog rules you and the house, and your personal belongings have become their daily toys? Well, perhaps we can help you with a game plan designed to turn your bench warmer into an All Star!

Bow Wow Behavior Buddies Cherry Hill / South Jersey is our premier dog behavior and training program.  Behavior Buddies was created to help you modify your canine player's behavior issues, teach a new puppy the game, or make an already good dog an MVP!

Your Certified Bow Wow Behavior Buddies dog trainer will design a game plan to get your pup to All Star status! Our certified trainers were taught by top national behavior experts with a focus on a variety of proven training methodologies. We combine our extensive knowledge of dog behavior with your willingness to create a great relationship with your pup to create a slam dunk!

Together we will coach your dog, and you, to a winning game through a program based on respect, rewards and results!

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The Game Plan

Every dog is different – there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to training. Our Behavior Buddies dog trainers specialize in assessing canine behavior then choose the appropriate tools from a vast toolbox to change behaviors and create manageable and obedient dogs!

Choose what works best for you and your pooch:

  • Puppy Training
  • Dog Obedience Training
  • Behavior Problem Solving
  • Dog Training Classes just to refresh and have fun!

We offer these in a variety of ways:

  • Group Dog Training Classes
  • Private Dog Training Lessons
  • In-Home Dog Training
  • Play & Train Programs (Dog Training during your pup’s Doggy Daycare stay)
  • Board & Train Programs (Training during your pup’s Overnight Camp stay)

Some of the specific behaviors and training methods we can provide are:

  • Hands-on instruction in behavior modification and correction methods
  • Training around specific behavior issues: 
  • Aggression towards people and/or other animals
  • Fear of people, other animals or objects
  • Fence fighting
  • Housetraining instruction for your pup
  • Reinforcement methods to strengthen positive behaviors
  • Proper correction techniques to diminish unwanted behaviors
  • Knowledge of how and when to create replacement behaviors
  • Techniques and tools to control excessive jumping, mouthing and barking
  • Modification practices for high drive behaviors 
  • Description, demonstration and practice of all tools

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South Jersey Location Information

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