What if my dog resorts back to the unwanted behavior after Behavior Buddies training is complete?

The Behavior Buddies trainer selects the training methods that work best with your canine’s personality, drive and temperament. However, there might be times that the behavior alters and you should contact the Behavior Buddies trainer for follow-up.


Where does the training take place?

Behavior Buddies trainers offer group and private training classes. Training classes are held at Camp Bow Wows, parks and at client’s homes.


What do I need to do as the dog’s owner during the training sessions?

Depending on the assessment by the Behavior Buddies trainer, the trainer will discuss the training plan with you and your level of involvement needed to modify behavior within the timeframe scoped out in game plan.


How much does the Behavior Buddies training sessions cost?

First we conduct a free assessment by the Behavior Buddies trainer.  Then they can determine the number of sessions recommended to modify your canine’s behavior.  Class fees can be determined at that point with your personal Behavior Buddies trainer.


How do I contact a Bow Wow Behavior Buddies trainer?

Check with your local Camp or Home Buddies for a Bow Wow Behavior Buddies trainer in your area. If you do not have a local Camp or Home Buddies, contact the corporate office, 877-700-BARK, for the closest Behavior Buddies trainer to assist you and your pup with behavior modification.


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