In addition to our Day and Overnight Camp services, we also offer some other great services for your pup! Let us know if you'd like anything added to your dog's stay when you make your reservation or check-in!

Doggy Fitness


Meet our Personal Fitness Counselors Alicia, Mike and Brett

Exercise is not only good for dogs physical health, but is very good for their minds as well.  In fact, exercise is a fundamental way to foster your dog’s happiness.  You don’t always have to go for a 2 mile walk just to exercise your dog these days.  Coming to Camp Bow Wow is one great way to meet your pooches exercise needs.  And now in addition to the open play time, your pooch has an additional means of getting their required exercise on Camp Bow Wow’s newest piece of equipment, a doggie treadmill.

Camp Bow Wow has just added this exciting piece of equipment that the pooches can now take advantage of.  It is a specially designed treadmill for dogs.  This will give the pooches an opportunity to get some focused, individual exercise.  The treadmill will be great for pooches that might be interested in losing a few of those extra pounds, for pooches needing a little extra exercise or for the pooches that find it rewarding to work on an individual task, one-on-one with one of the Camp Counselors.

Learning to exercise on the treadmill is a process that starts off slowly, with sessions of shorter duration.  With each additional session on the treadmill, the amount of time is increased.  The incline on the treadmill can also be adjusted for those pooches that are exercise enthusiasts, offering a little more of a challenge.

If you think your pooch might enjoy some time on the treadmill, let us know.  You can sign up your pooch for one free trial (per pooch) through the end of May.  With daycare or boarding, the introductory rate for a session is $5 or $20 for 5 sessions.

A Few Campers Give the Treadmill a Whirl



Grooming by Lisa Lovell

  • Haircut - priced by breed
  • Bath & Brushout - starting at $25
    • Includes ear cleaning & nail trim.
    • Call for a quote for your pup's breed.
  • DeShed Process - $10 Short hair, $15 Long hair
    • Deshedding helps reduce shedding. Works best when done every 6-8 weeks.
  • Tooth Brushing -  $7
  •  Nail Trim - $10

Call for an appointment today!

petspa1How About a Spa Day?

Play then Primp

  • Half day of play in the morning with grooming in the afternoon
  • $20 + the cost of grooming

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