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"I attended the Basic Obedience I class directed by trainer, Alicia. She was so helpful with all of the little tips provided to help allow my dog to be more well behaved. As each week passed, my pup showed improvement as I followed through with the training techniques. I would definitely recommend Alicia's class to anyone I know. I am planning on returning in fall for further training with Alicia just to keep me and my pup on point with our manners! Thank you Alicia for all of your help and patience!"  -Kelly S. and Pebbles

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"My husband and I have been bringing our 11 month old Newfoundland puppy, Tallulah, to Dana's training classes. We have attended both her group training classes and the Play and Train, offered when you bring your dog to Camp Bow Wow's Doggie Daycare. Tallulah started off as a 60 lb. puppy who was so shy she was afraid of everything, including all the puppies in her class. (They each weighed less than 15 lbs.) Dana was great with her...and with us. She didn't force Tallulah to interact with the other puppies but suggested things to do to help her not be afraid. Tallulah didn't know how to walk on a leash without pulling us all over, didn't know how to sit, down or stay. As we learned from Dana what techniques to use in what situations and practiced them at home, we saw a marked improvement in Tallulah's behavior both at home and around others. Dana's classes are all taught through positive reinforcement. She keeps them small so it seems as if you are having private lessons. If your puppy needs some additional work in an area, Dana can work with the puppy sometime during the time they're at Doggie Daycare. It works out GREAT! Tallulah is now more than 120 lbs. and not quite a year old. While she is still very much a 'puppy', she is well on her way to becoming a wonderful companion and gigantic part of our family! Much of it is due to Dana's help in training her and her confidence that she would improve!"  - Dianne H. with Tallulah

"When we adopted Barney into our pack he had an issue with one of our 13 year old Goldens almost immediately. Dana came over for a private session, watched the interactions and dinner feeding. She offered some suggestions regarding feeding and working on Barney's food aggression. Her suggestions worked and I follow them faithfully for each meal. Barney has been with Dana for several Play and Train sessions and two obedience classes. Many people comment how good he is for such a young dog. If Dana offered more training classes we would definitely take them. She is patient and kind and uses only positive reinforcement in her training practices. Her help does not end when class is over, she is always available to answer questions or offer suggestions when issues arise." - Fran B. with Barney

“Chase, our now 9 month old Golden Retriever, began Dana’s Puppy Obedience class when he was 4 months old.   Dana uses only positive reinforcement techniques in her training classes. It’s all about making training a happy and fun experience for the dogs and owners. Chase was always so excited when we pulled into the parking lot of Camp Bow Wow. As we applied Dana’s techniques at home Chase quickly learned all the basic commands and is well on his way of being a wonderful companion. After Chase graduated obedience class we enrolled in Dana’s first ever CGC class. In this class your pup learns the good manners he will need when he is out in public around other people and dogs. There is a series of 10 tests you and your dog must pass, for example meeting other people and dogs calmly. If you pass your pup is certified as a Canine Good Citizen. We are proud to say Chase received his CGC certificate at the age of 6 ½ months due to Dana’s training techniques. Whenever we are out people can’t believe how well behaved he is for his age. Because her classes are small, Dana can give each pup & owner individual attention and address any specific needs you may have. Even after class ends she is always willing to help if you have questions or need help with any problems that might have come up. We still have work to do and are looking forward to more classes with Dana at Camp Bow Wow. We would recommend Dana to anyone looking for a good trainer.” – Brenda & Bert K. with Chase

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