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randys_packOur "tail" is not unlike the other Camp Bow Wow owners and we find that we are definitely in good company. We had always dreamed of owning our own business and when pondering "what" that business should be, we kept coming back to the dogs.Eli, Frieda, Jessie, & Liberty

We began a search for an existing kennel but couldn't find anything to really get excited about. Just when we started to give up, we found Camp Bow Wow on the internet. We traveled to Colorado to tour the existing locations and were positive that we had found the right opportunity for us. Camp Bow Wow provided everything we were looking for – owning our own business, being with the dogs (which makes us very happy), and providing a valuable community service, not only to those dogs fortunate enough to have a loving home, but also to those looking for their very own human by fostering rescued dogs.

That's how we came to own a Camp Bow Wow, but we also want to point out what we think makes us different. As long-time dog-owners and serious travelers for many years, we struggled with leaving our dogs, Jessie and Liberty (and Prissy cat) with strangers who would make sure they had food and water every day, but would not treat them with the love and attention that we provide on a daily basis. They would often come home sick, having lost weight, and VERY smelly. We would always shake our heads and wonder why it was so difficult to find a kennel that we felt good about.

When we saw Camp Bow Wow for the first time, we were blown away! Everyone was smiling, the dogs were frolicking and not a dog odor to be found – how could this be??

We were so impressed that customer service, cleanliness and safety were priorities – finally, a business operating the way we envisioned it should be.

As you can imagine, Jessie and Liberty were our first customers at Camp Bow Wow Bridgewater / Warren, but we're also looking forward to adding your special furry friend to our Camp Bow Wow family.

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