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Bark in the Park

August 1st

Bark in the Park at the Somerset Ball Park on August 1st was a Home Run!  All kinds of fantastic and fun pooches attended.  Thanks to all the furry friends and their people for stopping by to visit the Camp Bow Wow table and grab a quick slurp from the water hole (bowl).  Everyone had fun spinning the wheel for fun prizes.  Bob, one of the CBW foster dogs, even hung around to help greet everyone as they entered the ball park.  We had a special guest visitor, Sparky, who got a super warm greeting from Gengo, a Bergamasco (Italian sheepdog).  They could almost pass for twins.



Some of our Yappy Campers!

redtable gray_dog 2dogs
twoblacklabs dogsinbonepool snowdogs
saddoginthesnow pearls formaldogs
formaldog cakedog b-day-dog
dogandgirl labandboy June1Pupsplayinginpool

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