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Day Camp (Dog Day Care)

Long work day? High energy dog? Separation anxiety? Guilt about infrequent walks? Bring your dog to Camp Bow Wow for a day at Camp! Early drop-off and late pick-up allow you to focus on your daily routine while your dog plays with our Certified Camp Counselors® and his or her favorite canine friends. We'll find the play group that best fits your dog's personality and size. You'll find the schedule that best suits your dog's needs - a few days a week, a few days a month, or just "as needed". One thing is for sure - at the end of the day, each dog goes home tired and happy. That's good for your dog, and good for you, too!

Overnight Camp (Dog Boarding)

Vacation? Business Trip? Allergic houseguests? Bring your dog to Camp Bow Wow for an overnight stay! Overnight Campers stay busy with Camp activities during the day and go to their cabins only at meal time and bedtime. Siblings can share an oversized cabin to make it more like home. Evening "campfire" treats and soothing music at bedtime are always included in your dog's stay. All-day play, private cabins and plenty of canine and human contact help your pup sleep soundly at Camp Bow Wow while you are away.

Why Come to Camp?

Eliminate Dog Loneliness

Across the nation, the demand for dog daycare is growing. The more we understand about our beloved canine companions, the harder it is to leave them home alone every day while we are at work and play. Many people will have a dog before they have children (or instead of children) and many will have a dog long after their children have left home. A dog is less likely to be seen as "just a dog" than as a member of our family. We like to think of Fido having fun rather than sitting in a crate or tearing up the house while we are gone; and, while we love our dogs, we also like the occasional "night off" from playing ball or going for a mile-long walk.

You Can Relax

It can be taxing at times to come home after a hard day's work - and an often lengthy commute - only to find Fido hyper and ready to romp and play for an hour when all you want to do is kick off your shoes and relax. Occasional trips to your local Camp may mean a night or two of rest and relaxation with a dog that is more apt to snuggle than drop a ball at your feet every ten seconds. Others are using daycare as a way to feel better about working all day and having the occasional night out.  Leave Fido at Day Camp while you are at work and he will be more than happy to sleep at home while you go out to dinner. It is true that a tired dog is a well-behaved dog.

A Better Behaved Dog

Having a well-behaved dog at home isn't the only reason people are choosing dog daycare. As training classes and "puppy play times" at local pet stores become more popular, the idea of a well-socialized dog has taken hold as well. It is a wonderful thing to take your dog for a walk and not have to worry about how he will behave when you pass another dog along your route. Having a dog that is happy to meet new people and dogs makes going for walks and having company in your home much more enjoyable... and fun! Dogs are social animals by nature and, when socialized, enjoy the company of other dogs. Taking Fido to day care can help him stay well-socialized; socialization to dogs is like foreign language to us - if it isn't practiced it will be forgotten.


The other trend that is reflected in the growing demand for dog day care is the trend towards adoption of dogs from shelters rather than purchasing them from pet stores or breeders. Obviously, just as with people, a dog's past can often affect their future. Many dogs that have been abandoned or neglected end up with some form of separation anxiety which can lead to destructive behavior. If Fido isn't at home, he can't destroy your home, but benefits from daily day care visits can add up. For most dogs, two or three visits a week will keep them physically and mentally stimulated enough that destructive behavior is greatly reduced if not completely eliminated when coupled with appropriate toys, treats, and proper crate training at home.

In spite of all of the benefits of daycare, it isn't right for every dog, in addition not every daycare is the same. If you are looking for daycare for your pup, take the time to visit a few facilities near you, take tours, and ask questions. Make sure you are comfortable with all policies and procedures before leaving your dog at any facility.

Camp Rules

General Camp Rules

What are the requirements for Camp?

You must be at least 4 months old, spayed or neutered (if over six months) and current on vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella (canine cough). You must be in good health, flea/tick free, friendly to all dogs, and generally love to play.


What is the interview process all about?

To be accepted as a Camper, your guardian completes a behavior questionnaire for you. You are introduced to two Campers to see how well you interact with other Campers. If all goes well, you are welcome to stay at least 3 hours so we can continue to monitor your play patterns. You may stay to play the entire interview day at no cost to your guardian.


What days and times is the Camp open?

Hours vary by location, but all Camps are open 365 Days a year!


What will I do at Camp?

You play all day with other Campers with similar temperament, size and activity levels in our large indoor & outdoor play areas. You can even go for a swim in our pup pools.


What do I wear to Camp?

A quick-release collar with your name and phone number on your ID tag.


Can my guardian check in on me?

Yes, all they need is access to the internet and visit our website to view our Camper Cams.


Day Camp Rules

What are the days and times for day Camp?

Hours vary by location, but all Camps are open 365 Days a year!


Do I need to make a reservation?

It is highly recommended to make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance.


Will I get to eat at Day Camp?

We will be happy to feed you in a cabin at lunch time with a treat or lunch your guardian packs for you.


Should I eat prior to coming to Camp?

It is best to eat 1.5 hours prior to coming to Camp to prevent Bloat which can be caused by playing too quickly after eating. Just to be safe, if you have eaten in less than 1.5 hours you'll be placed in a cabin until the proper amount of time has passed.


Can I rest or take a nap?

Yes, have your guardian request a nap for you and you can snooze in our cozy cabins on a comfy cot.


What if I get sick or injured?

Our Camp Counselors are certified in Pet First Aid & Pet CPR. We will take excellent care of you if an accident occurs. Your guardian will be contacted. If it is an emergency, we will take you to a vet immediately.


Overnight Camp Rules

When can I be dropped off and picked up?

You are welcome to drop off anytime after opening (check your local Camp for open hours). We request you be picked up 15 minutes prior to closing so we can tuck in the overnight Campers. We suggest being dropped off before 4pm so you can play, eat, and then play again prior to snoozing the night away.


Do I get to play with other day Campers when I am staying for overnight Camp?

Yes, you play all day with the other Campers. We give you a nap in your cabin from 11:30am–1pm.


What kind of overnight Camp gear do I need to bring for my cabin?

Bring your food, as it is best to stay on the diet you are accustomed to. Your favorite toy or stuffed animal is always a good thing to curl up with at night. You do not need to bring your bed as the cabins have cots with a fleece blanket.


Will someone be able to give me my medicine?

We administer medication provided by your guardian in pill, powder or liquid form for no additional fee. We do not give any injected medications. All medications must be in their original container.


What else does my guardian need to know?

After a stay at Camp, your paws may be temporarily sensitive from playing on the play area gravel. Try to limit water consumption for the first 3 hours as Campers tend to over drink when they arrive home.


Getting Ready for Camp

How do I make a reservation for Day Camp or Overnight Camp?

Your guardian can contact us during Camp hours at the local camp number or twenty-four hours a day by using online reservation on our website at: www.campbowwow.com.


How far in advance should I make a cabin reservation for overnight Camp?

It is best to reserve a cabin well in advance of your stay. You need to successfully pass the Camper interview prior to reserving a cabin. Our Camp fills up quickly around holidays, summer vacations, and local events. Early booking is highly recommended!


Do you have Camp showers?

Yes, we do offer baths so when you return home you are fluffy and looking your best. There is an additional charge for a bath. Some Camps also offer additional grooming. Check your local Camp website for pricing.


Camp Bow Wow Camper Evaluation & Interview Process

Camp Bow Wow® welcomes all dogs based on their behavior and ability to handle the rigors of Camp. It is not corporate policy to turn away a dog based on breed. Depending upon location there may be outside factors dictating who may be allowed in Camp, these may include:

  • City Ordinances
  • Insurance Policies

We built our business and our foundation on improving the lives of our furry friends worldwide. When creating policies for our Camps, we first and foremost consider the safety, health and happiness of our Campers, second, the wishes of our human clients, and third, the welfare of our well-respected and highly regarded brand.  Our Camps have an incredible safety record and we hold our franchises to the highest standards in caring for our Campers (including recording all play yard activity on our live web cams for review at a later time). Our strict policies are a key reason customers are so loyal to our brand.

We have a very stringent application and interview process for our Campers – all dogs must pass this before entering our group play environments – and about 10% don't make it due to excessive possessiveness, territorial and fear aggression. Our Camps must be certified in the Camper Care Specialist Program, which consists of intense dog behavior training, play yard monitoring techniques and evaluating dogs based on capabilities to adapt and enjoy our open-play environments. 

We work with several experts in dog behavior to create policies designed to evaluate each dog on an individual basis.  Camps look at the whole dog during this process. Breed type is only one of many considerations when qualifying a dog for Camp. Dogs are bred for many different types of work; some are bred to be physically strong while others are bred for jobs requiring them to have dominant behavioral characteristics and/or tendencies. During the evaluation process emphasis is placed on each dog’s behavior with their breed characteristics taken into consideration.

Our Camp Counselors and Camper Care Specialists are continuously educated and recertified to learn the best techniques on evaluating and monitoring dogs at Camp.

They are certified to evaluate dogs using some of the following techniques:

  • Hands-on meet-and-greet to evaluate dog’s response to physical touch
  • One-on-one introduction with other regular Campers
  • Slow introduction into open-play environment
  • Ongoing Camper evaluation during every visit to Camp

For more frequently asked questions, vist our FAQs section.


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