Camp Showers / Grooming

In order to provide you an estimate for grooming services, we have to examine the size of your dog and the condition of its coat. Additional charges may apply if your dog’s coat is matted or if the coat is difficult or long, requiring a full-hand scissor cut. We will consult with you on your preferred “hair” style (cut), and then provide you the cost estimate before we begin grooming.  Grooming services could take 2-5 hours depending on the services requested.


Camp Showers/Grooming
Extra Large
Basic Bath Prices
Full Grooming
(Includes bath, trimming; ear cleaning; nail trimming/filing & anal gland care)
Bath & Brush
Bath & Trim
(Includes trimming of face, belly, feet & fanny; ear cleaning; nail trimming/filing & anal gland care)
Nail Trim/Filing
Nail Polish
(Customer supplies nail polish)
Other Services
Anal Gland Care
Teeth Cleaning
(Light teeth brushing with gauze & peroxide or with your own dog toothpaste & brush)
Flea & Tick Dip
$5 - $10
Medicated Shampoo


Note:  For Bath & Trim and Full Grooming prices listed are starting prices and may increase depending on your dog’s size and coat condition.

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