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Camp Bow Wow® Springfield offers dog day care and overnight boarding and our highly-trained staff is dog gone passionate about providing safe, fun and individualized care for your four-legged family members.


We are so happy to be a part of the Springfield community and have gotten to know many wonderful pets (and their parents!) since we opened. Our whole staff would like to thank all our customers for letting us have, as we say, a 'Dog Gone Good' Time!

We think we are the best Camp Counselors your pup could have! Everyone on staff is a SERIOUS dog lover, with practical training in dog behavior certifications in pet first aid and dog CPR. All of us are eager to meet and greet you and your best canine buddy. Collectively we have many years of experience with dogs, and we promise to take the best possible care of your furry friends.

We spend all day at Day Camp, from early in the morning to late in the evening, watching over your Campers. We are the ones who give out the special Campfire TreatsTM each night before lights out, and tuck each Camper into their own spacious, comfy and clean Cabin.

We pride ourselves on getting to know your pup’s name, who their friends are, and just where they like to be scratched. We will take special care of your furry kids and make sure they have a PAW-some time at Camp. We look forward to meeting you and your furry friends!



  2018 Caruso Family Picture
The Caruso Family

Meet the Carusos!

Have you met our pack leaders? Husband and wife team, Tony and Jamie Caruso are the proud owners of four Camp Bow Wow Franchises, two in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan and two in Springfield, Missouri.

A Man and His Dog

The Caruso family Camp Bow Wow story all started in April of 2007. Tony’s Hungarian Vizsla, Abby, ignited Tony’s passion for dogs and drove his entrepreneurial spirit to invest in a Camp Bow Wow. As Tony worked to grow the Camp business, his personal pack also grew…by four.

Abby's relationship with Tony crossed the "Man's best friend" boundary into what he refers to as "jealous ex-girlfriend" territory. However, Abby has graciously learned to share the man in her life with the other family in his: his wife Jamie, their daughter Ella (born in 2011), and their son Enzo (born 2016). And don't forget about the fur-family members; Bella, a Mastiff that thinks she is a lap dog that the family adopted in 2012, and an Abyssinian cat (born in 2007), that thinks he's a dog named Louie. He is Ella's partner in crime and often the victim to her fashion prowess. When Louie isn't causing trouble with the dogs or meowing for attention, he can usually be seen in the season's latest fashions (i.e. Ella's accessories). Ella and Enzo are clearly the pride of the pack (shh, don't tell Abby!) and have grown up in a house full of animals.

Growing Camp!

As dog lovers, the Caruso family love what they do. They were excited to grow their pack even more when the opportunity arose to take on a second location in Springfield, Missouri in March of 2015 . With a great team of Camp Counselors at both locations, they were able to make this expansion and bring their passion for dogs to Springfield! In January 2016, the Carusos decided to try something new when taking on their third location - Camp Bow Wow Lil' Campers of St. Clair Shores, Michigan, one of only two concept locations especially designed to care for our littlest Campers. 

They feel right at home in the Camp Bow Wow Franchise as they are both pet owners themselves. Being able to fetch peace of mind for pet parents is something they understand from both sides of the fence. The opportunity that Camp Bow Wow brings to foster and further the relationship between man and his best friend, is an opportunity that’s just too good to pass up.

Community Outreach

The family cares and loves being involved in their camp local communities. Tony and Jamie’s passion for animals allows them to help with charity fundraising and participation with multiple rescue groups in Saint Clair Shores and Springfield. They host bite prevention readings with the “Scout Says, Dogs Get Nervous Too” book at Ella’s school and other local elementary schools and libraries. Tony also uses his dog training knowledge and experience to train volunteers at our local rescues and work with the dogs on a one-on-one basis. You may even catch Tony dressed up in the Scout mascot suit at our events.

Outside of Camp

When Tony and Jamie aren’t busy scratching butts in the play yards at Camp you can usually find them in Downtown Detroit at a Lions or Tiger’s game, in Kansas City watching a Royals baseball game, or hitting the links for a game of golf (Jamie supervises the cart).

Next time you are at Camp, make sure to say hi to Tony and Jamie!



Chelsey M.

Position: Regional Director
Started Working With Camp Bow Wow: January 2016

Skills and Experience

Background: Previously, Chelsey was the Program Director at the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri for nearly five years.
Additional Skills/Qualifications: Chelsey received her Canine Behavior Assessor Certification through the Humane Society's partnership with PetSmart Charities Rescue Waggin' Program which has served her well in both her rescue work as well as in the open play environment at Camp Bow Wow.

Fun Facts

What I love most about my job: Chelsey is thankful for the opportunity at Camp Bow Wow to see, on a daily basis, the positive impact she can have on a dog's life. Being able to meet the mental and physical stimulation needs of dogs with Camp gives Chelsey great joy. She knows that helping the Campers be the best dog they can be will keep them in their FUR-ever home. She also still enjoys helping our friends at the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri through Camp Bow Wow's Foster Dogs At Camp program and various fundraising events.
My pets: Chelsey shares her life with two pups! Her first fur-child is a Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua mix named Ellie Bug. Ellie is a seven-year old rescue from the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri. She describes Ellie as a "big personality in a little package," which is how we'd describe Chelsey! Finn Diesel, a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix, joined Chelsey's family in February of 2017! He stole Chelsey's heart from a rescue in Pittsburg, Kansas and she will be the first to tell you it was love at first sight. Finn loves to play in the water, go hiking, and playing with his big sister, Ellie!
My hobbies: When Chelsey isn't at work, you can usually find her at her yoga studio, enjoying herself outside or curled up with a book. 

  Heather Woodruff.jpg
Heather W.

Position: Director Of Human Resources 
Started Working With Camp Bow Wow: December 2015

Skills and Experience

Background: Heather came to Camp Bow Wow to promote a positive community spirit among the staff and its customers. In other words, if you stand too close to her for long, she may offer up a hug or two! She grew up on the Eastside and started off as a very happy customer of Camp Bow Wow. While most of her background has been in a more formal business atmosphere, her love for animals drew her to Camp. She continues to use her experience and passion to keep Camp Bow Wow a place where safety, customer, and cleanliness are top notch.

Fun Facts

Hobbies: Heather enjoys spending time playing with her dog, Gimli, and traveling with her husband, Rus. She loves anything to do with the water and if she can find a weekend to go camping and read a book, then she has found a little slice of heaven. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family and likes to keep active. Most of all, she loves to dance and does so whenever possible... mostly at home, while cleaning and singing into her hairbrush!

  Beverly Cornell-McGlynn 2.jpg 

Position: Marketing Manager
Started Working With Camp Bow Wow: May 2013

Skills and Experience

Background: Beverly has known and worked with Camp Rangerette Jamie since 2001. You read that right, that’s 17 years! Beverly loved working with her and thought it would be fun to combine her love of marketing with her love for dogs.
Additional Skills/Qualifications: Beverly works hard behind the scenes for Camp but she also has personal experience in training. She trained one of her dogs in level one, level two, agility, freestyle, and fly ball in 2000. Beverly loves working with dogs and truly sees the value in socialization and training. Beverly isn’t the average marketing consultant – she’s the paw-fect person for us, right?!

Fun Facts

What I love most about my job: Beverly’s favorite part of her job is working with people who love dogs as much as she does. She loves sharing the Camp Bow Wow brand with other dog lovers! Beverly gets to spend a lot of time on social media, looking at cute dog photos, dog videos, and planning fun events for you and your pup. She can’t get enough of it!
My pets: At home, Beverly has two dogs. Midnight is a Labrador Retriever/Corgi mix who she rescued in 2013. Midnight was six years old at the time and Beverly happily gave him a better life! Minna is a Miniature Schnauzer who thinks she is human. She was more than happy when Beverly brought home Midnight and quickly taught him how to play and chase squirrels!
My hobbies: Outside of her marketing world, Beverly is a proud Army Wife! She loves spending time with her husband, Bobbie, her adopted son, Zeke, and her step-son, Eliott. Beverly is a coffee addict who enjoys traveling, playing board games, going to the beach, cuddling with her dogs, and spending time outdoors!

Chelsea W.

Position: Camp Manager
Started Working With Camp Bow Wow: March 2012

Skills and Experience

Background: Chelsea has earned the title of Camp Manager! Originally she loved the idea of working part-time at a doggy day care while she was in school, but now she can't imagine her life without all of the happy Campers five days a week! Chelsea has completed Scout's Academy Paw 1, 2, and 3 certifications. She is also in the process of becoming a certified dog trainer, and voluntarily dresses up as our Camp mascot, Scout!

Fun Facts

What I love most about my job: Chelsea's favorite part of Camp is maintaining a happy work environment for the clients, Campers, and employees! She genuinely enjoys socializing with the clients and getting to know them. To her, providing a safe place for parents to leave their dogs is the greatest reward of her job. 
My pets: At home, Chelsea has a six-year old black Labrador Retriever mix named Zeus. Zeus enjoys dressing up in cool t-shirts, getting pup cones from Andy's, and snuggling with Chelsea every chance he gets. It's safe to say he has his mom wrapped around his paw!
My hobbies:  Chelsea graduated from Missouri State University in May of 2014. Since she grew up at the Lake of the Ozarks, Chelsea is an outdoor girl at heart. When she's not at Camp you can usually find her taking Zeus on nature walks, going to concerts, attending sporting events (especially St. Louis Cardinal games), and updating the line-ups on her fantasy sports teams!


Position:  Assistant Manager & Brand Ambassador
Started Working With Camp Bow Wow: February 2014

Skills and Experience

Background: Carsen's chocolate Lab, Ebbie, was a regular Camper, which is what introduced her to Camp. Being a dog lover, Carsen could not think of a more perfect place to work. You can always find Carsen working the Front Yard, or working on some marketing in the office!

Fun Facts

What I love most about my job: Carsen loves being able to get to know the dogs and their families as well! Sharing stories with owners about each individual dog makes her job even more fun! Carsen enjoys socializing with the Campers AND their humans. 
My pets: Ebbie is a seven-year old chocolate Lab who started coming to Camp at four-months old. Ebbie enjoys taking naps, relaxing in her spa (pool), and going on walks! Carsen added a second four-legged family member in April of 2017! Her name is Storm, and she is a four-year old black Labrador Retriever. Storm loves to play fetch with her tennis ball and cuddle up after a long day for some belly rubs!
My hobbies:  Carsen graduated from Missouri State University in May of 2016. In her free time, Carsen enjoys spending time with her family and friends, hanging out with Ebbie and Storm, and going to concerts!  

  CBW Bailey and Max 2.jpg

Position: Shift Leader
Started Working With Camp Bow Wow: July 2015

Skills and Experience

Background: Bailey's first word was "dog" so you better believe it when we say we knew she would be a paw-fect fit for Camp! She started working at Camp right after she graduated high school, and her love for dogs has continued to grow over the years.

Fun Facts

What I love most about my job: Bailey loves interacting with the Campers, meeting new breeds, and advocating for the foster pups! You may see Bailey working in the Front Yard every now and then - but you can always find her in the play yards! To say she is obsessed with dogs would be an understatement.
My pets: Max, a two-year old Australian Shepherd mix, is a high energy pup but rarely leaves Bailey's side. Max comes to work with Bailey every day! Bailey also has a three-year old rescue mutt named Paisley, who make celebrity appearances at Camp occasionally.
My hobbies: Bailey is studying Clinical Psychology and Sociology at Drury University. Her goal is to become a Clinical Psychologist! Bailey also enjoys being outside as much as she can. A few of her hobbies include hiking and biking with her pups, and boyfriend, Logan! 

  Heather H. -Springfield

Position: Camp Counselor/Front Yard
Started Working With Camp Bow Wow: April 2015

Skills and Experience

Background: Heather has always had a passion for dogs. These days you will typically find Heather working the Front Yard, but she always finds time to get her dog-fix in the Back Yard!

Fun Facts

What I love most about my job: The responsibility of being a dog owner has made Heather aware of how deep the relationship between a dog and their owner is. Being able to work AND play at Camp with her dog has created bonds and memories that are irreplaceable!
My pets: Maddie is a Chiweenie who is the perfect mix of sassy and sweet. Maddie is a little picky at first about the people she hangs out with, but if you have a treat in your hand she will be your instant best friend! It is clear Maddie loves her mom, and always looks forward to snuggling with Heather at the end of each day!
My hobbies: Heather is studying Elementary Education with an emphasis in Child and Family Development at Missouri State University. Her dream job is teaching in the Springfield Public Schools system after she graduates in Spring of 2018! When Heather is not at work or school, she enjoys going to country concerts, taking random road trips, or cuddling on the couch with Maddie watching a chick flick. Like mother like daughter!


Position: Camp Counselor
Started Working With Camp Bow Wow:May 2015

Skills and Experience

Background: Ruby was looking for a job that she would look forward to every day. Lucky for us, she found Camp Bow Wow- Springfield!
Additional Skills/Qualifications: During all of Ruby's shifts, she will do everything from managing play yards, covering the Front Yard, and grooming to taking pictures of the campers. Ruby is always willing to go above and beyond to help out her co-workers- whether they ask for it or not!

Fun Facts

What I love most about my job: Ruby recently transitioned to full-time so you will get to see her more when you drop by. She rarely stops moving while she is at work and loves that time flies while she's having fun at camp!
My pets: Teddy is a five-year old Black Lab mix. Bobo is a Great Pyrenees.
My hobbies: Outside of camp, Ruby enjoys spending time with fiance, Sheldon. Ruby and Sheldon are in the process of staring a farm and have recently added pigs and chickens to it! Ruby also enjoys cooking, reading, babysitting her two year old niece, Athena, and planning her wedding!


Position: Camp Counselor
Started Working with Camp Bow Wow: August 2015

Skills and Experience

Background: Channing initially heard about Camp through his girlfriend, Jess, and it did not take long for him to put in his application!

Fun Facts

What I love most about my job: Channing's favorite part of his day to day tasks is grooming. He enjoys giving our Campers baths and nail trims before sending them home at the end of the day! Channing is a team and always goes above and beyond to help out co-workers. Whether it be inside or outside of Camp, Channing is always willing to extend a helping hand.
My pets: Channing is clearly an animal lover. He has two dogs, Myah and Bismarck (more commonly known as "Bizz") who he brings to Camp with him occasionally! Myah is a very sweet but protective three-year old Australian Shepherd/Brittany mix. She is a little shy, but very, very lovable! Bizz is a Beagle/Coonhound mix who loves his naps! Don't let his snoozin' fool you, he is always up for a walk or belly rub! Channing also has a one-year old ferret named Uzo, and a an active kitten named Captain. These boys are best friends, and can always be found getting into various shenanigans throughout the house! Last but not least, Channing has two sugar gliders named Lilly and Tilly. They enjoy sleeping all day and playing all night - because they are nocturnal!
My hobbies: At home, Channing spends his free time with his animals, playing video games, going out to dinner with Jess, and getting used to being a dad! Channing and Jess recently welcomed a baby Kai into their family. To say Channing stays busy would be an understatement!

 CBW Lacy Gregory 2.jpg

Position: Camp Counselor
Started Working With Camp Bow Wow: December 2015

Skills and Experience

Background: Lacy was excited with the idea of being able to play and work with dogs for her job when she started at Camp. Fast forward to now and she is still just as excited to come to work each day!

Fun Facts

What I love most about my job: Lacy loves every size and breed of dog, which means she loves each and every Camper! She always takes the time to get to know the dogs and their distinct personalities each day she is at Camp. You can always find Lacy in a play yard loving on all of our pups!
My pets: At home, Lacy has a seven-year old Golden Retriever named Copper! Copper is a very loving and cuddly girl. She loves swimming, chasing squirrels, going on long walks at the park, playing fetch, and going to Camp!
My hobbies: In her free time, Lacy enjoys nature and being outdoors – especially with Copper! She goes to the lake as much as she can, and loves spending time with her family and friends. Lacy is a senior in the IB Program at Central High School. She stays busy throughout the school year playing soccer, the flute, and working at Camp!


Position: Camp Counselor
Started Working With Camp Bow Wow: September 2016

Skills and Experience

Background: Jacob heard about Camp through his friend Rachel who just so happens to be one of our Shift Leaders! He liked the idea of a flexible work schedule seeing as he is a busy college student and decided to join the team.

Fun Facts

What I love most about my job: Jacob’s family always owned small dogs when he was growing up. However, since starting his job here at Camp, he quickly found a love for bigger dogs as well. One of his long-term goals is to have a house large enough for a big dog someday. Jacob’s favorite part of his job at Camp Bow Wow is getting to meet and play with all of the new Campers that come in each day. He loves introducing the Interviews to the play yards and watching their personalities shine as they make new friends!
My pets:  Jacob has two dogs at home. The first is an eleven-year-old Shih Tzu named Bingo. Like most older dogs, Bingo enjoys napping throughout the day. Beans is Jacob’s second dog, who is an energetic puppy who loves socks. If he does not hide them, he can usually be found chewing them up!
My hobbies: When Jacob is not at work, he spends time playing Nintendo games with friends, and eating Chinese takeout. Jacob is currently studying Accounting at Missouri State University.


Position: Camp Counselor
Started Working With Camp Bow Wow: March 2017

Skills and Experience

Background: Addie is an animal lover and was excited for the opportunity to work with dogs.

Fun Facts

What I love most about my job: Addie’s favorite part of her job is being in the play yards – simply being around dogs makes Addie happy! All of the personalities of the pups put a smile on her face every day she is at Camp.
My pets: Addie has two Beagle mixes, Peevie and Hollie! Peevie is a very laid back six-year-old who enjoys barking at passersby. Hollie is five-years old and very energetic!
My hobbies: When Addie is not at Camp, she can be found playing sand volleyball, hanging out in her hammock, and playing tennis!

 Haley Ford 2.jpg

Position: Camp Counselor
Started Working With Camp Bow Wow: May 2017

Skills and Experience

Background: Haley picked the right day and time to visit Camp for the first time! When she came in that day, a group interview was about to start. We invited her to join and the rest is history!

Fun Facts

What I love most about my job: Haley’s favorite part about her job is getting to know all of the Campers, and letting them get to know her! It didn’t take long for relationships to form, and Haley loves seeing the dogs every day. Haley also likes the fact that we provide a service that many responsible dog owners need. Knowing the Campers are able to play and have fun all day instead of being stuck at home while their parents are gone makes Haley happy! The work at Camp Bow Wow such as training, grooming, and play yard management has inspired Haley to pursue dog-centered careers.
My pets: At home Haley has a two-year-old Labrador Retriever mix named Rochay. Rochay was one of our foster pups from the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri until Haley adopted her in August of 2017. Haley couldn’t help but fall in love with Rochay and her piercing blue puppy dog eyes and we don’t blame her! Rochay loves cuddles in the morning, her favorite fox toy, and laying under her human’s feet while they make food in the kitchen. Haley also has a three-year-old Great Pyrenees named Belle. Belle is a giant fluff ball of love who enjoys cuddles from people 24/7! It is still unclear whether she is too smart for her own good or if she’s a big ditz because trying to talk her into doing anything her humans ask of her is nearly impossible. Regardless, her adorable face and relentless cuddles make it impossible to get mad at her! Rochay and Belle are best buds, and enjoy playing outside for hours upon hours!
My hobbies: Outside of Camp Haley is very artistic. She loves to draw and make goofy cartoons of her friends and family. Haley also loves to write short stories, novels, and poetry. Both her art work AND writing have been honored multiple times. When Haley is not drawing or writing she enjoys music. Her family is musical and they have a band together. Haley keeps herself busy with all of her artistic adventures!

 Carley Milberg 2.jpg

Position: Shift Leader 
Started Working With Camp Bow Wow: May 2017

Skills and Experience

Background: Carley found out about Camp from her roommate (and one of our previous Shift Leaders) Adrienne. Adrienne used to bring Carley's dog, Pongo, to Camp on a regular basis. When Adrienne moved away, Carley happened to be looking for a new job but also wanted Pongo to continue to have socialization and exercise each week! There wasn't a better option than to work at Camp!

Fun Facts

What I love most about my job: Carley's favorite part about her job is that each day is a little different than the others. We're constantly meeting new dogs and Carley is always in different play yards, which means she gets to play with all different sizes - from the smallest to the biggest!
My pets: Pongo is Carley's two-year old Great Pyrenees/Husky/Boxer/Lab (AKA her mutt mix). Pongo is quite the character and has many animated expressions, some that will show sass every once in a while! Pongo loves snuggles, belly rubs, treats, and other dogs.
My hobbies: Carley is studying Art Education and Photography at Missouri State University. As you could guess, Carley enjoys doodling, taking pictures, and just about anything that allows her to create art! She also spends her free time going to movies, finding fun recipes to cook, and going long long walks/hikes with Pongo when the weather is warm!

Chelsey Spradling 2.jpg
Chelsey S.

Position: Shift Leader 
Started Working With Camp Bow Wow: May 2017

Skills and Experience

Background: Chelsey was looking to further her experience with animals when she joined our Pack. She thought Camp would be a good fit for her based on her love for animals, and she was right!
Additional Skills: Chelsey is studying Animal Science with a minor in Companion Animals at Missouri State University. She has had several classes and hands-on experience with companion animal behavior and training.

Fun Facts

What I love most about my job: Chelsey’s favorite part of her job is knowing every day she is going to be greeted by sloppy kisses from all of the Campers!
My pets: At home, Chelsey has a one-year-old Domestic Short-haired cat named Gooseberry. Gooseberry loves to climb her tower and play with anything that rolls and makes noise. After days filled with playing, she always settles down to cuddle!
My hobbies: In her free time, Chelsey enjoys visiting her family at their farm. She enjoys being outdoors, hiking, and exploring caves with friends. Chelsey also dedicates her time to furthering her education by volunteering at the Dickerson Park Zoo and doing ride-alongs with the Springfield Animal Control. In her downtime, she likes to kick back, relax, and read a good book or play video games!

  Jordan Lee 2.jpg

Position: Camp Counselor
Started Working With Camp Bow Wow: June 2017

Skills and Experience

Background: Jordan jumped at the opportunity to work with dogs all day.

Fun Facts

What I love most about my job: Jordan’s favorite part of her job is getting the pools out in the summertime. The pups love the warm weather and having pool paw-ties with their fellow Camper!
My pets: At home, Jordan has two Chiweenies (Chihuahua/Dachshund mixes) named Mister and Baby Girl. They are a cute but stubborn couple who are also very spoiled! Jordan also has a Pitbull/Border Collie mix named Skully. Skully can give an intimidating stink-eye, but has a huge heart!
My hobbies: Jordan enjoys photography, traveling, and learning new things in her free time.

  Alex Taylor 2.jpg

Position: Camp Counselor
Started Working With Camp Bow Wow: June 2017

Skills and Experience

Background: Alex wanted to work at Camp because the fun atmosphere combined with the opportunity to work with animals greatly appealed to him.

Fun Facts

What I love most about my job: Alex’s favorite part of working at Camp Bow Wow is seeing how excited the Campers get when they meet up with their parents after a full day of play. They are always excited to get to Camp but they LOVE going home to their families!
My pets: Alex has a seven-year-old Doberman Pinscher named Axle at home. He is very amusing and has a hard time understand that he is a dog – not a human!
My hobbies: Outside of Camp, Alex is usually practicing for his business club, playing football, or reading. He enjoys traveling with his various school organizations. Alex hopes to one day become a marketing manager and manage his own firm!

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