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Overnight Dog Boarding

Bring your dog to Camp while you’re away, and rest assured they are having just as much (or more!) fun than you on your vacation.

  • Dog-Boarding_Service-In-Content_3.jpgAt Camp Bow Wow® Rochester's Overnight Camp, a premier dog boarding service, Overnight Campers enjoy all-day play and are tucked away each night in their individual cozy cabins where they sleep on cots with fleece padding. As the sun sets, each Camper unwinds by enjoying a delicious Campfire TreatTM.

    We’ll do everything we can to ensure your dog is happy and healthy during Overnight Camp and you can feel confident knowing your dog will be well-cared for during their stay in our safe and secure environment:

    • All Camp Counselors are extensively trained in dog behavior, pet first aid and CPR
    • Each Camper is required to pass a socialization interview, be spayed or neutered, and be current on vaccinations
    • Facilities are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Live webcams to check in on your dog from anywhere using a computer or mobile device
  • Get more play in your stay at Camp! We offer premier care with no hidden fees. Whether your dog is here for the day or overnight, they'll play all day with furry friends and get lots of TLC from our Camp Counselors. With Camp Bow Wow, you get the best care at the best value because your pup's stay includes:



    *Day care included in all overnight stays. Family dogs must share Cabin for multi-dog pricing

    Price Interview Day
    (Required free assessment prior to first day or overnight stay) FREE

    1 Dog
    1 Night of Overnight Camp
    $44.00 plus tax

    2 Dogs
    1 Night of Overnight Camp
    $78.00 plus tax

    10 Night Stays or Longer 10% off

    Military Discount 10% off


    CHECK IN:Preferred by 4PM which allows for dinner and play time. You can also bring your dog earlier in the day to enjoy a full day of play.
    CHECK OUT: Any time between 7:00am and 7:00pm daily. Holidays: 7am - 10am or 4pm -7pm.


    • Multiple dog rates are based on all dogs from the same family staying in the same Cabin
    • Only one discount per stay per family
    • Discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts, multiple dog discounts or boarding packages
    • 401K-9, VIP & Military discounts available only at a full night’s rate


    Overnight Camp Reservations

    What’s the worst thing in the world? Being late for work because Camp is full! Please make reservations at least 24 hours in advance so we can make sure you have a spot.

    Overnight Camp Cancellation Policy

    Ah, the catch! We often have to turn people away because we have reserved a Cabin for someone else. Then they don't notify us they won't be staying any longer, which is unfair for customers on our waiting list. We require a minimum 48 hours notice of cancellation and your deposit will be returned to you as an account credit. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will forfeit their deposit.


    Yes, everyone is nervous about this first day and that is normal. This day is free (that should be in caps FREE) and is a requirement to attend any Camp in the country. We do these by appointment only Monday through Saturday. Please call our staff to get setup and welcome to Camp!


    Please know that we are very serious about all of our Campers having a safe experience at Camp. We know keeping up to date on vaccines can be a pain, but we must ask you to keep your dog up to date at all times. Remember that if you haven’t made a reservation, we will not know to check your dog’s records. Keep in mind that we never want to turn away business, but if your dog isn’t up to date we will not be able to accept them at Camp. If you are unsure of your Camper's vaccinations, just give Camp a call and we would be happy to check for you. WOOF (ie hint): Always double check that your vet is keeping the Bordatella vaccine up to date!


    Math, no one really likes that. Combining discounts does weird things with compounding, so we don’t combine discounts with things like the multiple dog discount, half days, additional discounts on packages, etc.

    Camp Holidays

    Holidays are our busiest times at Camp and our staff want time off to spend with their families. During these periods, Day Camp will often be full or unavailable, so please plan ahead. Our holidays are New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Winter Recess (February), Spring Break/Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Days. A holiday stay is any stay that falls within 48 hours of a recognized holiday.


    All Overnight Camp reservations require a non-refundable deposit that equals 1 night of Overnight Camp. Reservations without a deposit will be placed on a waitlist until the deposit is paid.

    Refund Policy

    We offer no refunds on any service, packages, retail items, or deposit. If you have paid up front for any of our services and have a change of plans, or need to cancel, your account will be credited. All credits will stay on the account to be used at a future date.


    We want your dog's experience at Camp to be a positive one so if your Camper becomes stressed during the bathing or blow drying, we will stop and notify you that it could not be completed. Some breeds are too large to accommodate at Camp or have coats that require the experience of a professional. If this is the case we will refer you to a groomer that can perform the services you need.


    We accept Cash, Check, Visa, Master Card, American Express & Discover. Concerning checks a charge of $25 applies to any returned checks / bounced checks. The staff also accept gratitude in the form of cookies, cakes, and other confections.

    Past Due Balances

    It doesn’t happen often, but we like to cover our bases, a 10% fee will added to unpaid balances after that date of check out and an additional 10% will be added every 30 days thereafter.

    Right to Refuse Service

    We reserve the right to refuse service for any and all reasons. This includes: swearing at the staff, attempting to bring a dog in that we suspect or know has a contagious illness, having a dog that is mouthy (especially if you try to hide it from us), or if you have a super energetic dog that has received no training/doesn't plan to use our Training services to help correct behaviors. Also, these rules may apply if we suspect you are not a Buffalo Bills or Sabres fan.



  • Day-Care_Service-In-Content-6.jpgSee how much fun your pup is having by viewing our free online Camper CamsSM. Whether you’re away for the day or traveling, you can check in on your furry kid and watch them romp and play with all their fur-iends. You can access our live web cams from your computer or mobile device. CAUTION: they can be quite addicting to watch!

    View Live Camper CamsSM

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