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Camp Bow Wow® Portland offers dog day care and overnight boarding and our highly-trained staff is dog gone passionate about providing safe, fun and individualized care for your four-legged family members.


We are so happy to be a part of the Portland community and have gotten to know many wonderful pets (and their parents!) since we opened. Our whole staff would like to thank all our customers for letting us have, as we say, a 'Dog Gone Good' Time!

We think we are the best Camp Counselors your pup could have! Everyone on staff is a SERIOUS dog lover, with practical training in dog behavior certifications in pet first aid and dog CPR. All of us are eager to meet and greet you and your best canine buddy. Collectively we have many years of experience with dogs, and we promise to take the best possible care of your furry friends.

We spend all day at Day Camp, from early in the morning to late in the evening, watching over your Campers. We are the ones who give out the special Campfire TreatsTM each night before lights out, and tuck each Camper into their own spacious, comfy and clean Cabin.

We pride ourselves on getting to know your pup’s name, who their friends are, and just where they like to be scratched. We will take special care of your furry kids and make sure they have a PAW-some time at Camp. We look forward to meeting you and your furry friends!



  Jill and Gary Mansir
Gary & Jill

Open Since: 2008

About Us

Gary and Jill are dog lovers through and through. With five dogs of their own their life is lived around their dogs, their kids and other people's dogs. They know every dog at Camp inside and out, what they eat, who their friends are, and love each and every dog like their own family.

Fun Facts

What I love most about my job: Seeing the smiling faces of our dogs that are so excited to come to Camp. Knowing that we make a difference in so many dog's lives with our outreach to foster dogs in need.
My pets: We have five dogs. We just can't seem to get enough!




Position: Assistant Manager
Years at Camp: 6

Skills and Experience

Background: I am the assistant manager and have been working at camp for over 6 years. I love hanging at home with family and my old man kitty named Buddy.

Additional Skills/Qualifications: My favorite hobbies are singing and hiking.

What I love most about my job: Providing lots of love and attention to all of the pets I care for.

My pets: My cat Buddy

  Steph B bio

Position: Shift Leader/Camp Counselor
Years with Camp Bow Wow: 2.5 years

Skills and Experience

Background: Bachelor of Science / Master's Degree

Additional Skills/Qualifications: Head goalie Maineiax Lacrosse Club / Assistant Lacrosse Coach

What I love most about my job: The best part of my day is spending time with my dog.

My pet: Cadence is my dog who I had the opportunity of adopting from camp! She is an amazing, sweet little lab mix who enjoys being on the beach or cuddling up on the couch at home!

About me: My name is Stephanie Belanger and I have been a camp counselor here at camp for the last 2.5 years. I have also have had the opportunity to be shift leader for the last year that I have been at camp. Prior to starting at camp I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Biology/Pre-Medicine from Utica College. Following graduation in May 2013, I immediately enrolled at California University of Pennsylvania for my master’s degree. In January 2015, I graduated with my master’s in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. Aside from going to school and working at camp, I currently coach for the Maineiax Lacrosse Club where I have had the opportunity to be the head goalie coach for the last five years. The last two springs I have also spent my time as the Colby College Women’s Lacrosse Assistant coach. When I am not on the field and enjoying the dogs, I am an active CrossFitter. I find great joy being in the gym and facing new and tough challenges each day. However, the best part of my day is spending time with my dog Cadence, who I had the opportunity of adopting from camp! She is an amazing, sweet little lab mix who enjoys being on the beach or cuddling up on the couch at home!

Stephanie G.

Position: Shift Leader /Camp Counselor
Years with Camp Bow Wow: Since 2012

Skills and Experience

Background: B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maine. I have previous experience working with wild and exotic animals at a wildlife sanctuary here in Maine. I also spent some time working at a local animal shelter, where my love of dogs grew even more.
Additional Skills/Qualifications: Occasionally I assist my father at his professional photography studio when we have pet (or rescue animal) portraits.

Fun Facts

More About Me: I enjoy photography, sewing, classic movies, taking my pack on adventures, exploring our great state of Maine, or spending some quality time with the critters at home.
What I love most about my job: Getting to know and love all the wonderful dogs that come spend time with us at camp!
My pets: I share my home with my 6 rescue dogs (Clint, Sookie, Nina, Maguyic, Brittle, Marbles), 5 rescue cats (Spook, Misty, Bentley, Stormy, Olaf), 2 turtles (Slowpoke, Tito), and a rabbit (BunnyCakes).

  heather 250 px bio

Position: Shift Leader /Camp Counselor
Years with Camp Bow Wow: 2 years

Skills and Experience

Background: I've lived in Maine my whole life, in the same house for my first 18 years! I grew up in a rural town so we've always had animals. I've always loved the outdoors. I don't currently have a pup of my own but, I am working on getting a rescue pup!

Fun Facts

My pets: Pictured are my family pets, pup-Elli and kitty- Louie


Position: Certified Dog Groomer
Years with Camp Bow Wow: Started 2017

Skills and Experience

Background: Happy Paws Unleashed
Additional Skills/Qualifications:

Fun Facts

What I love most about my job: After much time searching for my “dream job”, I decided to combine my love of all things furry with a knack for working with my hands. My name is Hannah. I am a Certified Dog Groomer from Happy Paws Unleashed, a professional grooming school in southern Maine. Raised in Maine, I have strong family ties. I enjoy riding horses, hiking, and warm sunny days at the beach. My occupations vary from working as a stern man on my grandfathers lobster boat to forging silver as a metal smith.  My best friend is a golden retriever named Disko. She is the light of my life (and well groomed if I don't say so myself!)

It is my goal to make your dog happy and comfortable during the grooming process. I have a quiet, gentle, but firm touch and feel it is important to establish a good relationship between myself and the dogs that I groom. A well groomed dog is a happy dog. I look forward to meeting with you and getting to know your furry friend.

My pets: Golden Retriever, Disko


  pedro jen bio

Position: Camp Scout / Social Media / Website / Events
Years with Camp Bow Wow: 2.5

Skills and Experience

Background: Bachelor of Fine Art degree (Cum Laude'), Plymouth State University; Graphic Design, Bridge Education; Marketing, Thomas College
Additional Skills/Qualifications: Sole Proprietor since 2009 of my local wholesale business making all-natural bath and body supplies found at such local grocers as Whole Foods Market and other retailers in Maine, NH and VT., freelance fine artist and graphic designer, photography and barefoot runner 5 and 10k.

Fun Facts

What I love most about my job: Favorite part of being on the CBW team is that I get to continue to help animals and make a difference. Helping animals and fosters by raising awareness about their need by putting up flyers, attending adoption days, networking and more. I love the support that we give to our fosters in need and it's a job that gives back ten-fold when you see the loving homes you have helped to find for these sweet animals in need. I love outreach to the public when working events, talking with people and sharing details about Camp Bow Wow and all we have to offer. There are so many good people in this industry who loves dogs and do good.
My pets: I have had a homestead for over 15 years in the country where I lived raising chickens, turkeys, cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea hens, pheasants, goats, lizards, fish and the list goes on. I have had countless furry best friends in my life and now, living the apartment life I still continue to celebrate my days with my very best furry friend, Pedro who is a senior pug/chihuahua mix. I enjoy my two big cats, Charmin, an 18 pound Maine Coon/Siamese cross and Spooky a beautiful black, long-haired cat.


  jenna 250 px bio

Position: Camp Counselor

  katie 250 px bio

Position: Camp Counselor

Skills and Experience

Southern Maine Community College / Liberal Studies
Background: I have always had a passion for animals mainly dogs. I used to babysit dogs when I was in high school, I was also a dog walker.

Fun Facts

What I love most about my job: When I come to work every day I can honestly say that it’s a therapy session, dogs are what make the happiness in my life keep on going.
My pets: I have two dogs at home, a beagle names Lolly and a chihuahua named Coco. They are family dogs I don’t have a dog of my own yet but I’m am super excited for when that happens! I have one older bother named nick who’s amazing.



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