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Dog Grooming

Bathing your dog is a hassle, so let us do the dirty work and you can pick up a clean dog after their stay at Camp!

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    Is Scruffy looking a little more scruffy than usual? Camp Bow Wow® offers bathing services in addition to our day care and boarding services so you can relax knowing your pup can be bathed in an environment they already feel safe and comfortable.

    Our best-in-show bathing services will leave your dog looking and smelling great, so schedule a bathing service after your pup’s next day of day care or boarding stay and pick up a clean and fresh-smelling pooch!

  • Basic and Luxury Grooming Services Price
       Short-  Haired 
    Camp Shower (Bath, Brush & Blow Dry)
    The Works (Bath, Brush, Blow Dry, Nails Trimmed, Teeth Brushed & Bandana)
     $35 $40

    Furminator Grooming (Removes Excess Undercoat)
    *This is in addition to the price of a bath*

     $15 $25
    Blueberry Greek Yogurt Shampoo & Conditioner (Shampoo gently cleans, repairs and nourishes skin and coat while the conditioner provides moisture and aids in loosening mats and tangles)
     $25 $30
    Blueberry Facial Add-on Service (Exfoliate and gently clean the facial area with this all-natural, plant-derived cleanser)
     $3 $3
    Additional Grooming Services
    Per Dog
    Nail Trim
    Nail Polish
    Pup "Paw"dicure (Includes a Nail Trim & Polish)
    Toothbrush & Fresh Breath Spray
    Fresh Breath Spray


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