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1 Babies and Pets: Tips for Making the First Introduction 03.25.14
2 Fox and Friends Celebrates National Puppy Day 03.23.14
3 Treasures: Puppies Add Joy to the Home 03.16.14
4 Tips on Choosing the Best Pet for your Family/Lifestyle 03.13.14
5 National Spay Day - Help Pets Live Healthier, Longer Lives! 02.25.14
6 National Spay/Neuter Day 02.21.14
7 Camp Bow Wow Greenville and the Canine Care Team 02.18.14
8 7 Tips to Help Pet Parents Teach Their Furry Friends to Be Less Unruly and Better Behaved 01.29.14
9 Heidi Ganahl Gives Tips on Including Your Pet in Your Wedding Day in Martha Stewart Weddings 01.17.14
10 Heidi Ganahl featured on Article 01.16.14
11 Heidi Ganahl featured in Pink Collar's Success Stories 01.07.14
12 Camp Bow Wow's Bad to the Bone contest winner featured on Good Morning America 12.30.13
13 Heidi Ganahl featured in Tech Cocktail's 15 Female Entrepreneurs You Should Know (But Probably Don't) 12.12.13
14 Camp Bow Wow offers tips for holiday travel with pets 12.12.13
15 Tips for traveling with your pet over Thanksgiving 12.12.13
16 Safety Tips for Running with Fido in Summer 06.18.13
17 Boating with your dog 06.09.13
18 Tips To Keep Your Pets Cool 06.06.13
19 Despierta San Diego - Pet Humanization (Spanish) 06.05.13
20 Necessity of having a pet safety plan in the event of a natural disaster. 05.26.13
21 Ways to prevent a dog bite 05.20.13
22 New Camper Corral System! 05.06.13
23 National Pet Week with Roman Shabashkevich 05.06.13
24 Fox and Friends 03.23.13
25 7 Ways to Green Your Pet's Habits 03.05.13
26 Camp Bow Wow Opens New Dog Day Care in North Dallas and Richardson 02.28.13
27 Owners drop off dogs at day care, never to return 02.22.13
28 Tips for brushing your dog’s teeth 02.06.13
29 What does being a responsible pet owner mean 02.06.13
30 How To Spot A FANTASTIC Pet Owner! 02.02.13
31 Tips to Protect Pets in Severe Winter Weather 02.01.13
32 Pet Training cbw 01.22.13
33 Camp Bow Wow 01.21.13
34 Top 15 Animal Stories of 2012 01.04.13
35 4 Tips For Finding Great Career Mentors 01.02.13
36 6 memorable pet stories from 2012 01.02.13
37 Watch Out Silicon Valley! Colorado Primed to Emerge as the Next Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 12.20.12
38 Visibility's key for safe dog walk after dark 12.20.12
39 Presidential Canines A Brief History of Dogs in the White House 12.20.12
40 Holidays Call For Special Precautions For Pets 12.20.12
41 Training Tips & Techniques 12.19.12
42 Caring for a pet can boost your health 12.19.12
43 Halloween pet safety tips 12.19.12
44 Pets Can Help You Beat The Winter Blues 12.19.12
45 What Happens After Failure on Main Street 09.11.12
46 NBC Columbia’s WIS-TV, article entitled “Greenville Dog Named Naughtiest in Nation” 08.31.12
47 NBC Louisville’s WAVE3-TV Online, - article entitled “Greenville Dog Named Naughtiest in Nation” 08.31.12
48 FOX Carolina’s WHNS-TV, - article entitled “Greenville Dog Named Naughtiest in Nation” 08.31.12
49 WHNS-TV FOX Greenville, SC / Ashville, NC’s FOX 10:00 News- article “Bad to the Bone” 08.31.12
50 CBS Greenville’s WSPA-TV, article entitled “Greenville Pup Picked as Nation’s Worst Behaved Dog” 08.31.12
51 post regarding "Hurricane Season Safety for Pets" 08.31.12
52 post regarding "Preparing your pet for hurricane season" 08.31.12
53 article entitled “Keeping Dogs Safe Around Pools,” 08.31.12
54 article entitled “Summer Swimming Safety Tips for Pets” 08.31.12
55 Franchise World, article “Advancing in Today’s Lending Environment” 08.31.12
56 pet section article “Philly Dawg” 08.31.12
57 CBS Fort Smith’s KFSM-TV, - article entitled “Pool Safety for Your Pup” 08.31.12
58 article entitled “Pet Business Defied the Recession and Future is Bright, New Study Says” 08.31.12
59 NY Metro Parents, article entitled “5 Expert Tips to Cure Your Child’s Pet Phobias” 08.31.12
60 Playground, article entitled “Keep Fido Happy on Vacation” 08.31.12
61 - article surrounding CBW Portland reaching 100+ adoptions in 2011 08.31.12
62 FOX 6 Wake-Up News, segment surrounding “Seasonal Allergies and Pets” 08.31.12
63 KVVU-TV's FOX Vegas, post about "Dog Bite Prevention Week" 08.31.12
64 Crain’s New York Business, article entitled “Small shops boost local nabes” 08.31.12
65 e-newsletter "Business Goes to the Dogs" 08.31.12
66 The Cincinnati Enquirer - article entitled “Pet-proof Home is a Happy Home” 08.31.12
67 article entitled “How Bad is YOUR Dog” 08.31.12
68's post entitled "Tips for Smart Exercising with Pets in the Summer Heat," 08.31.12
69 NBC Miami's WTVJ-TV did a segment on Camp Bow Wow's "Bad to the Bone" contest 04.05.12
70 features article titled "Easy Ways to Pet-Proof Your Home" 04.05.12
71 Featured tips in light of National Puppy Day are discussed by 04.05.12
72 Small Business Opportunities magazine features an article titled "15 Hot, Low Cost Launch, Gold Mines To Tap Into Now" 04.05.12
73 posts about way to "Reduce Your Pet's Eco Impact". 04.05.12
74 writes about "5 Things Friday: Five Ways to Help a New Puppy Adjust". 04.05.12
75 discusses why franchising is catching on with women. 03.05.12
76 Business News Daily writes an article titled "Women Embrace Franchising for Flexibility, Support" 02.29.12
77 The Denver Business Journal with Heidi Ganahl talks about Camp Bow Wow's financial success in 2011 02.17.12
78 KARE TV: Bad to The Bone 02.14.12
79 Camp Bow Wow weighs in on good housekeeping 02.13.12
80 Helpful tips from Camp Bow Wow about brushing your dog's teeth 02.09.12
81 On Our Way Home Project Completed! 02.09.12
82 highlights National Pet Dental Health Month 02.08.12
83 Top Consumer Products & Services Companies on the Inc. 5000 02.06.12
84 features the completion of the "On Our Way Home Project" 02.06.12
85's "National Pets Examiner" highlights Camp Bow Wow's "Worst Behaved Dog in America Contest" 02.02.12
86 speaks into "Traveling With Pets" 02.01.12
87 The Boulder County Business Report writes about Camp Bow Wow's plans to expand in 2012 01.27.12
88 Health Journal: "Animal Magnetism" dives into the issue of pets and mental health 01.26.12
89 Arizona Bride discusses how to incorporate your dog into your wedding day 01.25.12
90 discusses how to help your children overcome their fear of pets 01.24.12
91 National Train Your Pet Month is discussed by Heidi Ganahl 01.23.12
92's "Pet Advocacy Examiner" focuses on Camp Bow Wow Portland's success of facilitating over 100 pet adoptions in 2011 01.16.12
93 Animal Today Radio with Dr. Lori Kirschner discusses how Camp Bow Wow helps abandoned animals find new homes 01.08.12
94 The Career Clinic: podcast on Heidi Ganahl 01.05.12
95 discusses cold weather tips 01.02.12
96 discusses cold weather tips 01.02.12
97 The Denver Post highlights "Operation Freedom Tail" 12.24.11
98 discuses 8 Tips on how to keep your pets safe during the holidays 12.19.11
99 The Chattanooga Times Free Press writes about the "Top 10 Breaking Animal News Stories of 2011". 12.18.11
100 features article on "Operation Freedom Tail" 12.16.11
101 Houston Chronicle: "Top Animal News Stories of 2011" 12.13.11
102 interviews Heidi Ganahl about how opening a pet business allowed her to reinvent herself 11.07.11
103 The Denver Post interviews Heidi Ganahl about selling franchises during this tough economic time 11.06.11
104 Camp Bow Wow has got the safety tips for you about the family dog 11.03.11
105 Helpful tips from Heidi Ganahl on how to take care of a senior pet 11.01.11
106 Camp Bow Wow ranks #2 in top 25 women-owned businesses 11.01.11
107 Home Buddies by Camp Bow Wow is mentioned on 11.01.11
108 Do you want to include Fido in your wedding day festivities? Click here for Heidi Ganahl's advice. 10.19.11
109 Camp Bow Wow is featured on The CW's "The Daily Buzz" 10.17.11
110 has Heidi Ganahl's tips for keeping your pooch safe during Halloween 10.11.11
111 FOX 5 Morning News interviews Camp Bow Wow 10.11.11
112 Not sure what to get your pooch for the holiday season? Heidi Ganahl has got the answer 09.26.11
113 Want to know more about the Camp Bow Wow interview process? Click here to find out! 09.26.11
114 Learn how to reduce your pet's carbon paw tprint 09.22.11
115 Heidi Ganahl has advice for small dogs going to doggy day care 09.12.11
116 Are you considering adding another furry friend to the family? Check out this article. 09.01.11
117 Camp Bow Wow is ranked on Inc. 5000's list! 08.24.11
118 Learn how to cut pet care costs from Heidi Ganahl 08.24.11
119 Regis and Kelly discuss Camp Bow Wow 08.15.11
120 Camp Bow Wow is featured in the Wall Street Journal 08.11.11
121 Tips for preparing your pet for back-to-school by Heidi Ganahl 08.10.11
122 Heidi Ganahl gives her tips on how to keep your pet cool in the summer heat 08.02.11
123 Is your furry friend safe while you take him out boating? 08.02.11
124 Fox Small Business Center features Camp Bow Wow as a Booming Franchise 07.07.11
125 Forbes interviews Heidi Ganahl's story of Tragedy to Triumph 07.05.11
126 Are you thinking about taking your dog to work? Then you should read these tips 06.27.11
127 gets Heidi's tips for adjusting your dog to a new baby 05.24.11
128 Camp Bow Wow Launches "Furry Fitness Challenge" 05.19.11
129 Are you aware of all the benefits of a doggie day and overnight camp? Heidi Ganahl provides her reasons. 04.20.11
130 Are you considering flying with your pet? Heidi Ganahl has all the tips to make it as safe a trip as possible. 04.06.11
131 Heidi gives her tips to Bark Magazine Online about how to keep your pet safe this spring 03.24.11
132 interviews Heidi Ganahl for her tips for preparing your pet for a new baby 03.22.11
133 Can you spot the difference between dog training myths and facts? Camp Bow Wow has got all the details. 03.18.11
134 Camp Bow Wow lends a paw to relief efforts in Japan 03.15.11
135 Considering adding a new furry friend to the family? 03.07.11
136 Have you considered taking your dog to work with you? Check out Heidi Ganahl's tips for the most effective way to bring Fido into the office 03.01.11
137 Camp Bow Wow's "Furry Fitness Challenge" is mentioned in the Wall Street Journal 02.22.11
138 Waterway Guide interviews Heidi Ganahl for her tips on how to safely take Fido out for your next boating trip 02.21.11
139 ABC Sacramento interviews Camp Bow Wow about the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation 02.14.11
140 Heidi Ganahl is on Business Insider's Deal Radar 02.07.11
141 Do you need tips on how to brush your dogs teeth? 02.05.11
142 Fox Small Business Center highlights Heidi's story of loss to love 02.04.11
143 Heidi Ganahl gives her advice of things not to do when becoming an entrepreneur 01.31.11
144 Looking for tips on cold weather pet safety? Heidi Ganahl has got the advice 01.22.11
145 Do you want to add your furry friend to your wedding party? 01.20.11
146 Small Business Naked gets personal with Heidi 01.17.11
147 Do you know how to safely drive with your dog? 01.15.11
148 Heidi Ganahl shares her New Year's "business" resolution with Wall Street Journal Online 01.08.11
149 Camp Bow Wow has the purr-fect iPhone app for animal lovers 01.05.11
150 Want to start your own Home Buddies by Spring? 01.05.11
151 Have you set a New Year's resolution for your pet? 01.04.11
152 Keep Your Pet Safe And Happy This Holiday Season 12.17.10
153 Camp Bow Wow named to Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list for 2011 12.14.10
154 Camp Bow Wow Featured in Business News Daily - 8 Low-Cost Franchise Opportunities for 2011 12.09.10
155 Heidi Ganahl Speaks to Students About Entrepreneurship - Profiled in DSC InMotion 12.06.10
156 On Our Way Home Project moves into second phase 11.10.10
157 Business News Daily Profiles Heidi Ganahl 11.04.10
158 Camp Bow Wow makes the list of top 25 women-owned businesses 10.18.10
159 Camp Bow Wow's success is highlighted in 10.17.10
160 Heidi Ganahl gives her expert advice for helping your kids overcome their fear of pets 10.15.10
161 Want tips on how to keep your pet safe this Halloween? 10.12.10
162 Learn how to Build a Financially Savvy Franchisee 10.01.10
163 Camp Bow Wow helps the People Affected by the Four Mile Fire 09.21.10
164 Camp Bow Wow lends a paw to dogs in need. 09.10.10
165 Camp Bow Wow makes the Inc. 500 list 08.27.10
166 Yahoo! features an article about the new "On Our Way Home Project" 08.09.10
167 Forbes publishes an press release on Camp Bow Wow 08.09.10
168 Daily Finance highlights Camp Bow Wow's new project 08.09.10
169 The Huffington Post features "On Our Way Home Project" in an article 08.04.10
170 USA Today highlights Camp Bow Wow 08.03.10
171 Heidi Ganahl adds her expert advice on pet care in a Martha Stewart Living article 08.02.10
172 Heidi Ganahl is interviewed by The Career Clinic 07.27.10
173 Heidi Ganahl is highlighted in The Careeer Clinic's blog 07.27.10
174 The Stevie Awards interviews Heidi Ganahl, one year after winning "Best Overall Company" 07.23.10
175 Camp Bow Wow is highlighted on MSNBC's "Your Business" 07.12.10
176 Camp Bow Wow CEO- Heidi Ganahl- Featured on Today Show 06.09.10
177 Top Dog Heidi's on AOL: Camp Bow Wow: The Accidental $40 Million Franchise 05.24.10
178 Heidi Ganahl on Joan Rivers' "How'd You Get so Rich?" 05.24.10
179 Heidi Ganahl- Camp Bow Wow and Home Buddies- on Animal Radio 05.21.10
180 Camp Bow Wow CEO on Talk Zone Radio 05.21.10
181 Camp Bow Wow opening new location in Highland Heights 05.21.10
182 Hear Camp Bow Wow founder, Heidi Ganahl on My Buddy Butch radio show 05.21.10
183 Heidi Ganahl is interviewed on Bill Handel's radio show 05.21.10
184 Camp Bow Wow "Top 25 Franchise Business Folks You Should Follow on Twitter" 05.21.10
185 Heidi Ganahl - Finding the Right Canine Companion for Your Family 05.21.10
186 Read Heidi Ganahl's Tips on How to Keep Your Pet Healthy in the Summer Heat 05.21.10
187 Our own Guide Dog, Renuka Salinger, blogs about the oil spill 05.21.10
188 Camp Bow Wow Mentioned by Petopia in Weekly Update. 05.11.10
189 Camp Bow Wow's Oil Rescue Effort Noted Denver Post! 05.09.10
190 How to Make Shelter Dogs Adoptable: Camp Bow Wow Crew and CEO on Fox and Friends 05.01.10
191 Heidi Ganahl: Guest Blogger on Petopia.TV! Choosing The Best Dog For Your Family 04.23.10
192 Wall Street Journal Ranked Camp Bow Wow as One of The 50 Fastest Growing Women Led Companies 04.22.10
193 Heidi Ganahl on CNBC's "The Big Idea" with Donny Deutsch 03.23.10
194 Ladies Who Launch Features Heidi Ganahl: Heidi Discusses the Camp Bow Wow brand. 10.26.09
195 Camp Bow Wow Loves Pit Bulls: Hear Heidi speak to Tracie Hotchner of Dog Talk 10.17.09
196 Camp Bow Wow Barks 100- Franchise Update's "Winner's Circle for Sept.10, 2009 09.10.09
197 Top Dog Hedi Ganahl is interviewed by the Dr. Mac show on 08/02/09 08.08.09
198 June, 2009: Camp Bow Wow Named to List of Top 100 Woman Owned Companies in Colorado! 06.01.09
199 June 1, 2009: Camp Bow Wow Named Top 50 Colorado Companies to Watch! 06.01.09
200 Camp Bow Wow - Ranked -105 Fastest-Growing Franchises in North America! 01.14.09
201 CEO & Founder of Camp Bow Wow Heidi Ganahl Wins Prestigious Stevie Award for Best Entrepreneur 11.19.08
202 Heidi Ganahl on's List of Top 50 "Leading Ladies" in Business. 11.01.08
203 Camp Bow Wow Rated 50 Fastest-Growing Women-Owned/Led Businesses 11.01.08
204 Camp Bow Wow's Heidi Ganahl is on's weekly radio show, "Dog Talk" #97. 10.28.08
205 More Magazine Mentions Camp Bow Wow CEO Heidi Ganahl 07.01.08
206 CBW CEO Heidi Makes Cover Story in the Spring 2008 Doggie Aficiando Magazine 04.01.08
207 The Denver Post Refrences Camp Bow Wow "TLC lavished on pets with home sitters, fancy kennels." 11.21.07
208 Boulder County Business Report freatures Camp Bow Wow CEO in "How to do it Right." 10.26.07
209 The Denver Post features Top Dog Heidi in: "A fairy tale ends with happy tails." 10.01.07
210 Heidi Ganahl on PINK's Business section in "A Hairy Business." 01.28.07
211 "Dog Sitting Grows Up."- The Rocky Mountain News Article About Camp Bow Wow 01.20.07
212 Heidi Ganahl guest writes, "Playing Nice In a Dog-Eat-Dog World" on 11.13.06
213 Writes About Camp Bow Wow in "Every dog has its day (camp)". 04.08.06
214 USA Today Spotlights Camp Bow Wow as A Franchise in An Unusual Location 08.08.05
215 Camp Bow Wow® highlighted CNN's Money 07.14.05
216 Camp Bow Wow Featured in the San Francisco Examiner 03.03.05
217 Camp Bow Wow featured in USA Today Article 02.01.05
218 Camp Bow Wow Featured in Article From DOGGONE 01.01.05
219 New York Times Features Camp Bow Wow in "Preferring the End of a Leash to being Chained to a Desk." 11.29.99

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The Pet Industry is booming! Check out as Camp Bow Wow is highlighted on MSNBC's "Your Business"

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Be sure to check out our own Top Dog's interview on "The Big Idea" with Donny Deutsche.

Check out the Camp Bow Wow crew on the May 1st Fox and Friends! Plus our Top Dog appears on the After Show as well!

AOL highlights the story of how Heidi Ganahl turned her dream into a successful $40 million franchise!

USA Today's article showcases Camp Bow Wow's new "On Our Way Home Project"

Yahoo!'s article features Camp Bow Wow's new Project.

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