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Dog Grooming

Bathing your dog is a hassle, so let us do the dirty work and you can pick up a clean dog after their stay at Camp!

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    Is Scruffy looking a little more scruffy than usual? Camp Bow Wow® offers Liberty dog grooming in addition to our day care and boarding services so you can relax knowing your pup can be bathed and groomed in an environment they already feel safe and comfortable.

    Our best-in-show grooming will leave your dog looking and smelling great, so schedule a grooming service after your pup’s next day of day care or boarding stay and pick up a clean and fresh-smelling pooch!

    Required Vaccinations at Camp Bow Wow Liberty

    All dogs must be current on Rabies, Bordetella and Distemper and have received the Canine Influenza vaccination.

    Bordetella Requirements

    • Method - Oral - Required every 6 months
    • Method - Injection or Intranasal - Required every 12 months

    Why Does My Dog Need To Get The Canine Influenza Vaccination?

    The safety and health of all our Campers is our top priority.  While a major outbreak of canine influenza has not yet occurred in the Kansas City Metro area, there have been reported cases of canine influenza in 46 of the 50 states (see link below).  We understand that some pet parents may feel it's not necessary to vaccinate for canine influenza since there have not been any major outbreaks in our area.  However, we would rather error on the side of caution in order to provide as healthy of an environment as possible for all of the Campers who come to play or stay with us.  It's important to remember that Camp Bow Wow has locations nationwide and Campers can come to play and stay with us from all over the country while visiting our area.

    Canine Influenza Outbreak Map

  • Service Price
    Fresh & Clean Bath 
    Small/Medium - Up to 50 lbs $25
    Large/X-Large - Over 50 lbs $30
    Fresh & Clean Bath includes; Choice of Scented Shampoo, blow dry, brush, ear cleaning, nail trim, refreshing spritz, and bandana
    Full Service Grooming - Drop Off & Pick Up
    Small - Up to 20 Lbs $40
    Medium - 21-50 lbs $45
    Large - 51-75 lbs $50
    X-Large 76+ lbs $55
    Full Service Grooming includes; Full Cut, Bath (choice of scented shampoo), blueberry facial, blow dry, brush, ear cleaning, ear hair trim, nail trim, pad trim, paw protective cream, anal glands, refreshing spritz and bandana

    Add Day Camp (up to 6 hours of play time) to any Grooming or Bath Service - (must have passed the interview process and be current on the following vaccinations - Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella and Canine Influenza (H3N2 & H3N8)

    Additional Services Per Dog
    Ear Cleaning $5
    Blueberry Facial - Remove tear stains and gently exfoliate skin $8
    Teeth Cleaning $8
    Nail Trim (All Sizes) $10
    Pad Trim $10
    Anal Glad Expression (outer glands only) $10
    Brush/Dematting $15
    Face, Feet & Fanny Trim $15
    Full Furminator Process (includes Fresh & Clean Bath with Furminator Shampoo, Blowout and Brushout $65

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