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We WOOF our Campers! Check out our featured Campers at Kemah. These pups love to play all day in our fun, safe and social environment, and receive lots of love and attention from our Certified Camp Counselors® whether they’re in for day care or boarding.




Rex is an empathetic snuggle-bear and loves absolutely everyone! He's easil one of the most important 'people' in your life. He's 85lbs of pure love, momma's boy, playfulness and cuteness. Rex is a 1 year old boxer/lab who was born 1 of 3 pups on Janruary 14, 2017. He is part of a 'Toy Story' family since his mom and dad go by their last names in the military; Woody and Buzz. He has a 4 year old sister named Andy, who is a collie mix whom he loves to love on and annoy constantly. Rex loves being a lap dog, chewing on bully sticks, antlers, frisbees, squeaky toys, water bottles, and going on car rides to Camp!

rex camper of the month.jpg