The Home Buddies Cam is the world’s first aim and play IP mobile Camera allowing you to see & hear your pets play with their toys, open the fridge or sneak on the couch while you’re away from home.  There’s no other camera like this in today’s marketplace. The Home Buddies Cam is very easy to install and you can view it from anywhere.

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  • Easy to install – simply plug it into your router or modem and the software will automatically find and install your camera!
  • See AND hear your pets – Most cameras only see a visual. The Home Buddies Cam allows you to see AND hear your pets in your home.
  • Record, capture & print – See your pets doing something hilarious? Hit record or capture an image and share it with your friends and family! You can print the image or send it in an email to share!
  • Wireless connectivity – Set up the camera anywhere in your home! No wires to keep you restricted to your computer room.
  • Infrared technology – See your pets play even in the complete dark!
  • Access from any computer – You can access your cameras from anywhere in the world that has internet access
  • Secure – Using a camera ID and password, you will be the only person able to view the camera in your own home.
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“I would be lost without my new Home Buddies Cam! Not only is it easy to use and set up, I can now watch my fur-kids and spy on their antics when I’m not at home – priceless!”

Megan Allen, Home Buddies Cam User


EASY INSTALLATION with just two simple steps!

  1. Simply plug the Home Buddies Cam into your home router or modem .
  2. Using a PC from anywhere in the world, log onto www.myhomebuddiescam.com
    and enter your camera ID and password
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